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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 22 October 2011
These are excellent drives in general. The prices have shot up lately (late October 2011) due to shortages in manufacturing capacity. If you can wait a month or two, do so. The drive is a bit noisy when loading a large number of files, or scanning the entire disk for a backup. Most of the time it's silent during normal use. The reliability of these has been great in the past, I expect this to be no different.

Note that different sellers are packaging these differently. Drives are extremely fragile and must be packaged well. Mine arrived and it appeared to have been packaged by wild apes. It was in an unsealed bubble envelope, placed in a paperboard box with one inflated and one deflated air cushion. It was rattling around loose and had damaged sectors on the first power up. The good news? These have a five-year guarantee that I will almost certainly be needing. I'll just keep on making regular backups.

215 power cycles and only three months, and it's dead. Returning it to Shop4USB for a replacement. My second one (Sold by and packaged by Amazon) is still going strong. Highly recommended drive, just watch how it is packaged for shipping.
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This hard disk was an upgrade to my son's several year old gaming rig. The PC was pretty state of the art when we bought it, but is now increasingly becoming out of date. The original hard disk (also a Western Digital) was 250GB which felt huge when we bought it, but is really not enough these days.

The first thing to point out about this hard disk is that it is an OEM model, so you only get the disk and no cables or fitting kit etc. For a SATA power and data cable you could try this which I also bought and which worked perfectly: Wired--Up 1 SATA Power Adapter Cable and 1 SATA Data Cable

The PC in which I fitted the disk only has a SATA 1 (150 MB/sec) controller, so I was a little concerned that I might not benefit from the full potential of the drive. My basic test of start up and shut down speeds showed a pretty dramatic improvement though!

Start-up (on a reasonably new installation of Windows 7, from power on including POST checks to usable desktop) - 1 minute 32 seconds.
Shutdown - 15 seconds.

Start-up (new install of Windows 7, from power on including POST checks to usable desktop) - 50 seconds.
Shutdown - 6 seconds.

As you can see, the start-up and shutdown speeds have both improved quite noticeably. Games now load considerably faster too.

I should also comment on the packaging. I bought this drive directly from Amazon, not through the Marketplace and the packaging was fine. The drive was in a genuine hard disk transport box, that was then packed a second box with enough brown paper packed in to prevent the box moving around. - no problems at all in my opinion.

Overall: - 5 stars - A worthwhile upgrade on even a SATA 1 motherboard. The disk is not just bigger than the one it replaced, but is much faster and is quiet too.
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on 5 March 2011
I'm a photographer so need lots of fast storage space so I got 2 (more) of these to replace a couple of smaller working drives, and guess what ... they do just what they advertise (and despite being larger seem to be quicker than my old WD caviar black drives, extra cache perhaps?).
... so what else is there to say except WD are the only disk manufacturer I trust these days (I always stay away from "green power" drives though, heard a few horrors about them).

If you are after quick, fairly big and fast HDD's then these are the mommas ... and at this price a pretty sweet deal.
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on 2 February 2013
If you're looking for a high-performance WD drive and don't care about power requirements, then this is their best offering. It's faster than the WD Green and obviously better for average users than the specialised Blue or Red. That means it's great for storing files and most games on because it will offer enough performance to speed through those tasks without being wallet-shrivellingly expensive like a high-capacity SSD or a 10,000 RPM HDD.

That said, if you're going with the usual SSD-as-boot-drive, HDD-as-slave-drive method, you should be aware that since it powers down if you don't use it for a while, then it will take a second or two to spin back up to speed. This by itself wouldn't be a problem, but for two things:

1) It's quite noisy. My old HDD was made by Samsung and since that was the only drive in the computer, it was always powered on and spinning but it couldn't be heard above the whooshing of the fans. If your computer is already noisy this won't be so much of an issue but if you're going for a silent PC then get a solid state drive. That's a no-brainer.

2) The spin-up time actually causes some programs to crash. I'm not sure why this is but if I start a program from the SSD that needs to access files on the HDD, the spin-up time is usually enough to cause the program to freeze and require a manual shut-down. 2 times out of ten the freeze is temporary and it will continue after a short pause but mostly it crashes. HOWEVER, this doesn't seem to apply to programs that are installed on the HDD, only ones that need to access data from it. Speedfan is the most obvious example, because it needs the temperature sensor. Another would be GIMP, though strangely not Photoshop. VLC player and iTunes are also not affected.

I've only knocked one star off between those two faults, because this is a very quick hard drive and the faults are only minor annoyances that I doubt are exclusive to this drive. There might be faster, more expensive options or more energy efficient drives but I'm really happy with this and would easily buy it again.
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on 3 March 2013
I've used WD drives for a long time, and now have two of these WD black vesions in my machine. They are good value, quick at what they do and I've never had a failure from a WD HDD. They are very quiet and easily mounted into any case. Would not hesitate to buy a WD Caviar black again. Biggest cache going, reliable and plenty of capacity.
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on 26 March 2016
My review of “Western Digital Black - 3.5 inch 1TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive - OEM”

I purchased this hard drive at full price back in 2012, I am happy to report that it is still alive and well and going strong after over 3 years of use, not too bad for a spin drive huh?

Is it easy to install?
I installed this on the day it arrived and it has not moved from its place as a mini backup drive yet, I say mini as I now have 8TB drives too and compared to those this is small in capacity. Anyway back to topic, this fitted really well into my computer and as it comes with screws it was a case of just a simple assembly and plugging in the power and sata cables et voila!

Quality of make:
After so many years of use I can honestly say this is a great quality drive, it is still going strong and I am hoping that it will last another good few years before giving up.

How noisy is it?
For lower seek this is not too loud as spin drives go, but for

64MB cache:
Can’t say I really noticed any difference in speed because of the 64MB cache in this compared to my older drives with only half that amount but it must amount to something right?

Massive capacity:
Lol… not anymore but once it was.

Overall 5/5: quality drive, a bit on the expensive side but lasts long.
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on 6 July 2013
Product arrived well in time, no damage, basic OEM packaging, anti-static bag, surrounded by air bags.


SATA cables are pretty cheap, and if like me you build systems regularly, you have a surplus of them.
If not and you are building the system just for yourself, if you buy a mother board 99% of the time they are supplied with a SATA 6gb/s and 3gb/s cable. Use the 6gb/s on your HDD and 3gb/s on your optical drive.

This hard drive is nice and quiet and runs very fast. Its so fast infact, I loaded the OS onto it instead of onto the SDD to make use of all the memory on the SDD for games!

Very nice price for this product too, was a bit hard to come by this black HDD though, mainly green and blue on the market.
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on 3 August 2010
I bought three of these for a raid solution and they work brilliantly. Even on their own they are the fastest 7200rpm drives I have have used to date. Only surpassed by the 10000 rpm Raptor or Veloci-raptor drives from WD.

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on 4 December 2011
swapped out a caviar green for the caviar black - yes it's faster but not a lot it added one point to the windows experience score , taking it from 7.4 to 7.5
it is coupled with a 256Gb SSD which of course does all the serious work. and the i7 processor & gen 3 board. On the whole it is a good drive and Western are a reliable piece of kit.I could not recommend it as the best choice for the operating systems but it is great for storage of music films etc. giving fast read write times.
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on 8 January 2014
This has been running in my PC for some time now. The previous Seagate had problems so bought this WD drive to replace it. noticeable improvement in access time and problems gone. The speed improvement may be due to the cache size. I buy the Black drives as I prefer speed to power saving. I bought a USB 3 caddy for the Seagate so, in a way, I am still using it. I would certainly buy another and recommend it.
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