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4.7 out of 5 stars521
4.7 out of 5 stars
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I wanted to start off by saying I was surprised just how good `The Blind Side' is, I knew this had a lot of hype and Bullock won the Oscar for her role (most deservedly as well), but I wasn't expecting to enjoy this as much as I did.

This is based on a true story and follows a young black guy, called Big Mike (or Michael Oher), who comes from a rough area and becomes homeless after his mother has drug problems. He attends a Christian school and when he's spotted roaming the streets he is taken in by a rich white family who help him through school and give him a home and some stability in his life. He subsequently gets a football scholarship and attends university before hitting the big time.

This has plenty of scenes that raised a smile or laugh, although this is in no way a comedy film, and the best way to describe this would be as truly heart-warming. It is genuinely a feel good movie and whilst there are certain moments that seem grim for Michael, overall this is a very upbeat and positive story.

The relationship between Michael and Leigh Ann (his `new' mother) is wonderful to see and you also see how helping Michael also has a positive effect on her and the whole family in turn. Kathy Bates makes an appearance as his tutor and as always she is delightful to watch, but to be honest everyone plays their roles superbly, which makes this a joy to watch.

All in all, this is a great film and offers up a decent story (all the better for being real) that leaves you feeling buoyed up and positive. It is directed well, acted well and is one I would happily watch again.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 14 August 2010
Brilliantly cast, incredible true-life story. So glad they didn't make this a slush-fest, which they could have done. Really couldn't fault this film at all. I loved Sandra's character - strong, to-the-point, yet had her secretive softer side. Super ending too.
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on 29 December 2010
No movie has ever made me cry - except this one. The Blindside is the true story of Michael Oher, a homeless African-American 17 year old. He has moved from foster home to foster home, and finally found himself staying with a friend who drafted him into a private school, where he met SJ, son of Leigh Anne Leigh Anne Tuohy who takes him in.

Sandra Bullocks's performance in this film is definitely the best from her entire career. Sandra Bullock was going to turn down the offer to do the film, but after meeting Mrs. Tuohy she didn't want to see anybody else do the role, and good job too as the role left her with an Oscar.

The film is charming, inspiring and a real tear jerker. The first time you watch the film you do feel by the end that you've been sat on the sofa for the past 3 days, as it is a long movie and there is so much information to take it. Despite this though, it's one of those films you can go back to over and over again.
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on 21 February 2010
Sandra Bullock's performance, as Leigh Ann Touhy, a well-to-do mum with a heart of gold and strong Christian values, is outstanding.

She takes in Big Mike, or as he prefers, Michael, played by Quinton Aaron. Michael is a friend of her son, SJ, played by Jae Head. He is homeless, having been removed from his drug addict mother, and his entire possessions fit in one small plastic bag. Michael is black, a gentle giant, has a low IQ, and is an underachiever at school, but scores 98% for protective instincts.

He has to drastically improve his academics, helped by understanding teachers, and his tutor Miss Sue (Kathy Bates), before he is even allowed to start to develop his great promise at sports. Once he is able to relate his protective instincts to his fellow team mates he makes a formidable player, being wooed by university coaches across the country.

This is a truly heartwarming story, all the more so as it is based on a true story. This is definitely a movie to restore your faith in human nature.
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.'Sandra Bullock' wins, some would say an overdue 'oscar' for her performance in this 'really good movie'
I did actually feel that 'Quinton Aaron's role as 'Michael Oher' was an amazing portrayel was well worthy of the
award he received and the nominations in various categories at that time.

There is no question that 'Sandra Bullock' a genuine talent, and yet. not all her 'role' choices have done her justice.
In recent times i re-watched and enjoyed 'The Proposal' ( couldn't stop laughing ) on the strength of her role in that film i bought and watched 'All about Steve' back then and was hugely dissapointed, it was a real 'turkey'
This film is based on a true story -
In this film 'Leigh' ( sandra bullock ) takes pity on 'Michael' ( Quinton aaron ) when she see's him wandering the street with nowhere to go and without asking her family invites him into her home for the night.
'Michael' had recently been given a place in a local school after a 'coach' at the school had seen him sink several balls into the basketball net, the 'coach' see's potential.
'Leigh' and her family quickly take 'Michael' into their hearts ignoring the racial jibes.
They set out not only to be-friend 'Mchael'' they set out to help him become all that he can be, both with his education and obvious flare for sport.
This is far and away one of the best movies I had seen in 2010, should 'Sandra Bullock' have won 'best actress' ? ?.. it was certainly a great performance from her.
In my view the film itself was almost certainly worthy of both acclaim and probably should have won 'Best Film' of that year.
The film is certainly worth a re-visit.......enjoyed it as much this time as I had first time around.
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on 14 February 2011
This is a movie that has no guns, no car chases and no sex but is a must have as it is just one of those heart warming movies that you need to see to make life worth living. FANTASTIC
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on 30 December 2010
I once read a review in the paper about this movie claiming that it was boring and too far-fetched to be believable. I felt like ringing the paper and pointing out to the journalist who wrote the review that if they had done their research they would know that it is based a true story.

As a sucker for any kind of emotionally moving true story I went to see this at the cinema as soon as it was released. In a way I would agree with the journalist, that in parts you may think "like anybody would do that", but then you remember that they did. A persons life was completely turned around simply due to the kindness of another.

It is the little things which make the movie and the story it is portraying so remarkable. My all time favourite part of the movie is the following exchange between Leigh Anne (Bullock) and Michael (Aaron) when she shows him what is to be his room:

Michael: I've never had one before.
Leigh Anne: A room to yourself?
Michael: A bed.

In my opinion, that short exchange encompasses the movie...emotionally moving both with tears and smiles.

I can't even put into words how amazing this movie is.
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on 15 August 2010
I absolutely loved this film from start to finish. I cried happy/sad tears through most of it but it was so inspirational how can you not love it. I didn't actually know anything about it before I watched it so had no idea it was based on a real story which made it all the more poignant. If you're feeling a bit sorry for yourself watch this!!
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on 24 September 2010
This film had such an impact on me the story is amazing watched twice in one weekend. From my Mum age 70 to my girls aged 12 we all loved it and was gripped from the first few minutes. Even if you don't understand america football as I don't it still has a lot of meaning to it and Sandra Bullock is brilliant.

worth watching and not just once.
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on 6 March 2013
Excellent movie. definitely should be on your "films to see" list. From start to finish, is an excellent movie. See it!
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