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3.4 out of 5 stars67
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 7 June 2010
June 2013 (update) -

Ok so I purchsed this in 2010, but that's no excuse !

Contacted SportsSat as I'd lost the software to update/download other courses (changed laptop) - no response to emails/no contact number/Website is useless.

Avoid, there's plenty of other suppliers providing a quality service. Also, please note this product/GPS software is from SportsSat not supplied by Snooper so Snooper dont provide support!!



I've been looking at Golf GPS systems for a while and have done loads of research (bit of a geek really!!). Anyway what attracted me to the Snooper Shotsaver S320 was that there are NO Yearly subscriptions and NO course download charges. You buy it and that's you paid!

I'm always wary that the systems that charge a yearly subscription or charge to download course's can change their pricing at anytime and you'd get fleeced.

As for the S320 it's self, it's great. The screen is really clear, the touch screen is easy to use and gives you all the info you need to improve your game. My friend has a Golflogix (it's what made me think of buying a golf GPS), and I have to say I prefer the colour screen to his black and white numbered screen. The S320 is light and a great size for your hand, so if your looking for a Golf GPS you wont be disappointed, get yourself one now (or as a present for your loved one) and you'll/they'll be over the moon.

How does it work - You switch it on, connect it to your PC/Laptop and when it shows USB storage item on the S320 screen, press the touch screen. Register the G320, then download the software, then choose as many of the course as you want to update your G320, it takes about 20secs to update 10 course's - all done.

When you arrive at your course, switch it on, select the course your playing, press start game. It's that simple! I've also used the distance feature which is when you want to know how far you hit a particular club. You hit the shot, press menu and record distance, choose club, then when you reach your ball press end record. It builds up a database of your distances (Min, Max, Average), so continues to help you the more you enter. After each hole (or as I do), walking to the green hit end hole and your ready for the next hole when you get to the tee.

Go on you know you want one !! :D
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on 20 September 2010
The short review!
Very accurate
Very easy to use
Exceptional value for money

The long review
I have been using the S320 Shotsaver for most of the season and felt that it would be worth sharing my experience. I play off 5 and play at least 4 times a week, a couple of times at my home club and then at a number of different clubs depending on competitions and society events. I think over the course of the season I've played at over 30 different courses. As you can imagine, I take my golf very seriously! I don't have a fortune to spend on equipment so I always spend a lot of time researching new equipment before making a purchase. I have a number of friends using different GPS units and laser range finders so got to see many of them in action. I also did a good deal of research on-line. On the face of it the Shotsaver seemed to offer very good value compared to the competition. It was about £100 cheaper and there are no subscription fees. So after completing my research I decided to take the plung and buy one. It took a little while to set up as you have to install a bit of software on your PC so you can download the courses you want to play. I probably played around for about an hour the first time, but once you get the hang of it, it takes no longer than a couple of minutes. The device stores up to 100 courses anyway, so if you know which courses you're going to play you can download them in one sitting and you don't need to do it again unless you want to download something new. All the courses I wanted to play this summer were ready to download, including a resort in Turkey I went to, so the early signs were very impressive! The most important thing of course is whether the thing is actually any good on the golf course. The first thing I did was take it on my home golf course and I kept checking it against the course markers. Everything was spot on apart from on the 7th where there was a 7yard difference at the 150 marker. It seemed strange so I discussed it with the greenkeeper. After checking the marker we realised that after it had been moved several times of the last couple of years, it was now in completely the wrong place - so panic over, 100% accuracy right around the course. It was interesting to learn by the way how inaccurate many on-course markers are, so beware, your GPS device is likely to be much more accurate than the on-course markers! So a near flawless performance on my home course and now over 3 months later I can report that it has hardly put a foot wrong wherever I have played. It has certainly kept pace with any other GPS unit I have seen - many of which are substantially more expensive and often you have to pay for course downloads too. The on-screen graphics are bright and clear, sometimes in very bright conditions I had to cup my hand around the display to create some shade so that I could read it, but no different to when using my mobile phone. At one point I thought I had a problem with the battery life but I learnt that there is a power saving option which you can set that switches the screens backlight off after 20 or 30 seconds, like you find with you mobile phone. This extends the battery life significantly so that you can easily get 2 rounds out of it. I also purchased a battery-back up case for it which gives me at least another round if not 2, which is useful if I forget to charge it. All in all I think it is a really great unit, well thought out, simple to use but very effective. I would highly recommend it to anybody. I've just seen that they are releasing a laser range finder too and again it looks competitively priced - I'm going to give that a go too!"
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on 7 August 2010
I looked at all the options before buying this model. The main thing was the golf courses which are pretty universal and the fact that they are all free with no subscripton. The yardages are very accurate at both courses I play regularly and the readout is clear. Downloading new courses is very easy and quick. The mounting bracked is perfect for a Powakaddy. There is a facility for putting in scores and automatically calculation points. I thought this would be very useful but my failing eyesight means I have to fish out my reading specs at every tee so I tend to just mark the card as usual.
The only real downside is that it is quite difficult to read in bright sunlight. I have the brightness up full and still have to hood the screen to create a shadow and consequently make it very obvious that I am taking a reading. One tip is not to take the yardage as soon as you stop walking as it takes a few seconds to settle down.
The difference in my game is that I tend to take slightly more club to the greens. The course yardages are to the front of the greens and I am now more aware of the distance to the backs of greens.
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on 2 September 2010
I've been using this product for over a month now - tried and tested on around a dozen courses. I've found it to be accurate against the on course markers.
The main benefit of this product is the lack of subscription charges and update costs.
Once you've bought this product, that's it - no hidden extras.
Bright clear graphics, in all weather.
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on 4 September 2010
I am of the age when this type of equiment can be scary but the Snooper Shotsaver S320 has so far proved easy to use. I have not yet explored its full potential and maybe I will never find the need but it will certainly perform all the functions I will have need for on a golf course and off it. My only slight complaint is that the screen can become difiicult to see in bright sunlight, Obviously having "the brightest screen available" does not solve this problem.

I have been extremely pleased with my purchase from Amazon(Car phone Warehouse)both in terms of quality and extras included in the deal. I have been unable to find this equipment anywhere at a better price and it was delivered within 3 days free of postage.
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on 26 August 2010
I purchased this product on line and was very pleased with the speed of delivery and the product.
First time out it worked well over 18 holes (4 hours approx)
Next time out I was playing 2 rounds and the screen kept closing dowm after about 27 holes.
I was using the device on full power and continual backlight.
I spoke to the seller and they replaced the unit with a new one.

On this replacement I changed the settings to 30 second back light and 2 minute power save to try to save the battery.
This solved the low battery problem, but the unit tended to switch back to the start up mode after 11 or 12 holes, and although resetting was easy, I was not happy as I wanted to be concentrating on my game rather than messing about with the unit.
I was very happy with the product but not the messing around so I returned the unit and received a full refund.
I would definitly buy this product again if it didn't shut down as described
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on 6 September 2010
I purchased a Snooper shotsaver some time ago and am extremely happy with it. I play at many different courses in Ladies Opens and find it saves a lot of time - not having to pace from distance posts - as I take one look and the distance is there for me. All I have to do then is hit the club correctly !!!!
It not only gives the distances to front, middle and back of the green but also to hazards on the way- sometimes hidden. Very useful.

What an amazing difference it gives to a round of golf.

I also have sat nav on my Snooper which is ideal as it gets me to the golf course and round it !!
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on 17 July 2010
Fine product, easy to use and download courses (for free!!) Only criticism is despite being a bright screen it is difficult to read in bright sunlight. It appears to be very accurate. Good value for money.
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on 26 November 2012
This looked the best buy on the market with the pre-loaded courses saving you the cost of having to download them. It had accurately measured my home course except for a few minor mistakes. The screen is hard to see when sunny but thats not been too much of a problem this season. It was delivered as described and initialy i was impressed enough to recommend it to my brother who promptly bought one. I wish now I hadn't bothered as my G.P.S now turns itself off on a regular basis(twice on each hole roughly). You then have to start from scratch again as when you turn it back on it goes back to the start of the round. The most annoying aspect of this is that my G.P.S was just a few days out of the years guarantee. It Cost me £170 so i was expecting to enjoy a few years of having the benefits of using it. Unfortunately this wasn't the case. So I'm very dissapointed to say the least.
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on 20 April 2011
I've had my S320 for a little over a week now, and in that time I've played 5 rounds with it.
It comes loaded with over 4,000 courses! - no downloading! the courses are right there in that tiny unit!
I selected a dozen or so to save to my 'favourites' for convenience sake, but it was very simple to load in any course, almost instantly.
I had read a number of reviews prior to buying the S320, which were mainly very complimentary. However, a few complained about having difficulty in reading the screen in bright sunlight. In truth, it is a little more difficult, but all the important information is still very clear, and easy to read. By the time I'd played a round or two with it, I'd become familiar with the screen layout, and have no problems with the smaller fonts at all. (I'm 63 btw, so my eyes aren't as sharp as they used to be)
Another gripe was that the unit doesn't automatically move on to the next hole. Well, I don't see this as a problem, more of a bonus, because it reminds you to enter your score into the device, and then merely hit the 'Hole out' button... Simples!
Keeping score in a 4-ball stableford is an absolute breeze now, since you can enter as many of your pals' names (with their h/caps) into the machine as you like. Prior to teeing off, you can select players from your list. When entering scores, you are presented with a page with the four players names for you to tap in their scores. At the end of the round all the totals are there - strokes; points & H/Caps, leaving more time to enjoy your post round drinkies :)
I'm particularly pleased with the devices' ability to record my club distances - this has had an immediate beneficial effect to my game, since I now know for sure that I have the right club in my hand.
There are other devices out there that have more features - many of these features are either superfluous or banned, so don't fall into the trap of buying something unnecessarily complicated.
The S320 is very, very easy to come to grips with - "Instructions? we don' need no steenking instructions!"
You've gotta get one!
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