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4.4 out of 5 stars602
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 13 December 2009
This film has divided fans, I think, as to whether they preferred Twilight, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, or prefer Chris Weitz on board as a new director. Personally, I think Twilight was better and wished they had kept the same director.

There are lots of things to enjoy in this movie. Kristen Stewart is on top form and is growing into a fine actress; Taylor surprised me as a very good Jacob; and Pattinson, of course, is as gorgeous and charismatic as ever (except for his clothes, perhaps - he is dressed like a fusty college prof at times, so I am convinced whoever designed his wardrobe was on Team Jacob! I much preferred his black T-shirts and James Deans jeans in Twilight). Also, if you are fan of the books you will be pleased as it is more loyal to the book 'New Moon' on a scene by scene basis. The soundtrack is good and there are some great scenes, such as the magical underwater scene, and the action scenes in Italy at the end.

However, I think Hardwicke did a better job at capturing the aching, love-lust crazed nature of Bella & Edward's love affair. I disagree with reviewers who say Bella is selfish or pathetic for moping about after Edward goes - the whole point of their love is that, like a modern day Romeo and Juliet, it's all-consuming and they can't live without each other. I liked the intense idealism of their love for each other and I feel it's the breathing heart of the books. That said, in Twilight, every scene between Bella/Edward was so mesmerising - the music and direction and camera angles all sought to squeeze out every drop of the sizzling magic between them. I don't think I've ever seen such amazing on-screen chemistry and I didn't feel the scenes in this film were as strong. I know Edward has a smaller role but some of the love scenes in New Moon (the novel) are the strongest in the series. The scenes at the end where Edward explains his love/reason for leaving seemed very rushed compared to the moving and rather beautiful scenes in the book. Other scenes also felt slightly rushed eg when Edward is walking Bella down the school corridor and tells her she's everything to him - such big, important lines, which almost seemed thrown away; Hardwicke would have had them standing still, with her classic, gorgeous close-ups of their faces, and she would have made those lines really resonate. I do wish they'd also kept in Bella's Lullaby and that exquisite score from Twilight, which I liked so much I bought on CD. I did find the classical music score a little cheesy in places, especially when Bella/Edward are reunited.

The new director previously directed American Pie and I think he's good at high school comedy as some of the best scenes were the comic ones - the night where Bella goes to see a movie is deliciously funny. However, he didn't seem, to me, to be a great director for a sweeping love story.

If you're on Team Jacob, however, you will adore this movie. The friendship between them gets massive screen-time and there is a great chemistry between Taylor/Kristen.

I personally feel that capturing a book on screen isn't just about being 100% loyal to it - it's about capturing the spirit, the mood, the feel of it. I preferred the feel and intensity of Twilight and this film wasn't totally there for me. I'd like to see Hardwicke come back on board for Breaking Dawn.
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on 23 November 2012
The first Twilight film was something of a surprise; not as bad as I feared it would be because I actually found myself enjoying both the story and the films style so I was kind of looking forward to New Moon. The misty look of Twilight for me was perfect; it gave it the feel of something from a dream and something that you didn't need to take too seriously, there was a sense of fun, the soundtrack was incredible and I thought the cast was very good with some threat elements that offered more than just a love story. Twilight was open to those with an open mind to begin with but I think New Moon in part suffers from a departure from many elements of Twilight. Those who have read the material, like myself, will enjoy a faithful adaptation that does have some fair moments that lift it but for everyone else you may be wondering what all the fuss is about especially if you sort of liked the first one.

First is that the picture loses the mist and has a more colourful picture which for me doesn't do the Cullen's any favours who now look more abnormal than they did previously; abnormal in the sense that surely someone would notice just how odd they are. Second is that most of the humour and fun factor is lost due to the nature of the story. Yes Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner enjoy good moments together but at the heart of it we're talking about a character who is hopelessly depressed throughout which isn't an easy thing to sit through especially since for most of the film not much happens. I didn't mind some of it but for me it went on for far too long. Third is that the special effects are very weak and obvious at times which I consider to be unacceptable, the Wolves in particular suffer although are not a complete write off. The fourth and crucial thing that lets New Moon down however is that two of the main characters do something to make themselves pretty unlikeable. In the story Edward cruelly abandons Bella without leaving any trace of him in her life which practically destroys her whilst Bella turns her back on Jacob and abandons him after he picks up the pieces and helps her heal to run off and save the man who caused it all in the first place. I know this is a series about the irrational and intoxicating process of falling in love and fans of the novel will approve of its faithfulness but for everyone else this is asking a little too much.

New Moon is redeemed by a great sequence in Italy where the menacing elite vampire group, the Volturi are introduced with a short but memorable appearance by Michael Sheen and Dakota Fanning. The Volturi offer for the first time a real sense of threat to the characters and change the dynamic of the story even in such a short amount of screentime but it does set up the sequels. For me New Moon is the weakest of the series and isn't the easiest of films to sit through considering that generally not much happens, the downcast feel of the story doesn't generate much fun or humour and essentially the main characters lose a lot of sympathy with everyone who aren't fanatics. The best way to sum up New Moon fairly is to say that this is strictly one for the fans who will get the character dynamics and will sympathise more than those who haven't.
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on 19 March 2011
Bella Swan, a regular 17 year old is in love with Edward Cullen, a 17 year old vampire, who has been around for over a hundred years, she is desperate to become immortal but Edward refuses to change her.

On the occasion of her 18th Birthday Bella reluctantly attended a party arranged for her by Edwards adopted sister Alice at the Cullen's residence. Bella did not want to celebrate the occasion as she felt that she was growing older than Edward everyday but the charming Alice could be very persistent. Everything went well until Bella suffered a small paper-cut. The smell of human blood was too much for Jasper (Alice's partner) and Edward immediately perceived the danger. In the ensuing struggle Bella ended up even more badly hurt and the party was over.

Edward was so traumatised by the incident that he felt Bella would be safer if she never saw him again. For months Bella lived in a state of anguish, she withdrew from life and caused her father Charlie great concern. Eventually she turned to her old friend Jacob for support. Jacob was delighted to help and to have Bellas company as he was obviously very much in love with her. Bella benefited from Jacobs company and gradually started to live her life again. Suddenly Jacob stopped taking her calls. Eventually Bella works out her best friend's new secret and once again her life becomes entwined in the bizarre world of the supernatural.

Kristen Stewart again portrayed Bella but I found her performance weak and lacked depth. Robert Pattinson delivers a charming performance as Edward Cullen. His English public school background allows him to carry off the character that is slightly old fashioned perfectly. Unfortunately, because of the storyline, there is not so much of Edward as in Twilight which is a disappointment to all Team Edward fans. The majority of the time he appears it is only through Bellas imagination.

Taylor Lautner plays Jacob Black. The 17 year old spent a lot of time body-building before this film. The Director, Chris Weitz, had contemplated changing the actor for this part as in the story Jacob changes physically a lot in a very short space of time. Lautner rose to the challenge and the film is richer because of this. I was truly amazed at his performance, he makes your heart bleed for the teenage angst of Jacob and delivers his part beautifully and his body is also a delight! I was not particularly impressed with his acting skills in Twilight but I think he really carried this film and I think we could see great things from him in the future.

I am not the greatest fan of special effects and the werewolves in this film were no exception. The phasing was presented really well and was very exciting to watch. However the shots of the wolves coming out of the forest were dreadful and very unrealistic. However I did enjoy all the fight scenes as they were excellent and not gory. They were dramatic enough without being graphic.

The way the movie is filmed does use unusual camera angles and slow motion footage to simulate the speed and strength of the vampires. I think that this works particularly well and helped portray the supernatural aspects. There is also dramatic use of camera motion to give the idea of speed and weight which was very effective. All of these aspects of production combined to give this film a really novel feel and it is quite different in atmosphere to Twilight.

This is not a film that will gain much critical acclaim as the storyline is basic and the special effects are mediocre most of the time. However it is really enjoyable to watch and will delight all fans of the Twilight Saga due to its honest representation of the storyline.
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on 29 September 2010
Bella nearly gets attacked by the vampire in the Cullen family (the one who looks like he was sucking a lemon throughtout the last film) because Bella cuts her finger, oddly this scene is followed by the most intimate scene in the whole of the two films between Bella and Carlisle (who i think is a dish) when he tends to her finger, oddly there is real chemistry here very good acting. So Edward leaves Bella, surprise surprise. Not completely though because annoyingly he keeps appearing to her in spirit when she acts recklessy, woo go Bella. Yep Edward loves Bella so much he's left her to the remaining vampire who's out for vengance what a nice loving chap he is. Lucky, Jacob's around and he is much more fun than Edward. In fact Jacob has more fun in his little finger nail than Edward has in his whole body and we can all breath be it a small sigh of relief from the teenage angst of gloom. Bella, being a bit slow, comes to learn that Jacob is a werewolf! yeah she'll pass her A levels if its the last thing she does be it she maybe 90 and a bit wrinkly by then unless Edward takes a bite. Jacob and his friends, again like the vampires does not fit sterotype. They don't have to wait for a full moon to change, changing any time they like. The actor who plays Jacob is a far superior actor to Robert and i see a lot of promise here. The the story looses the plot a bit as they bring in the storyline of the head vampires, and Edward fearing Bella dead goes of to ask to die, (his such a merry soul this one). Bella comes to the rescue though rebuffing Jacob (in a thanks very much now but my boyfriends back see ya) and prevents him from commiting a cardinal sin of walking out in daylight infront of people and revealing who he really is, someone who sparkles more on the outside than in! Then comes a fight between Edward protecting Bella, but they learn that Bella is to become a vampire someday through Whatsherfaces visions. Now comes the continuity problem. Earlier in the film, Suckalemonface uses his powers on Bella to convince her to come to the get together they are having for her birthday, but here the lead vampires are now saying that Bella is special because no one can use their powers on her? Anyway, alls well in paradise again, Bella goes home with Edward, and Edward and Jacob have a sulky stand off, but of course Bella chooses the dullard Edward because he's more her type Jacob's too much excitement for one chapter for Bella she might actually start to warm up a little and thats not cool with vampires!
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on 17 August 2010
I was very surprised to find that I enjoyed the first movie, so checking this one out was clearly a must. Happily, it's handled at a slightly faster rate than Twilight, and this means more events and more teenage angst. Shortly after a frightening accident, Bella's soul-mate Edward does the unthinkable and splits up with her, leaving her devastated. However she finds something to enjoy about life again in friend Jacob's company, giving hope to his romantic feelings for her. However all is not well in the area - vampires are killing, their ancient enemies the werewolves are rallying their numbers, and Bella's taken an unhealthy interest in high-risk sports...
It's an excellently handled movie. The romance moments are given full Hollywood clout and have strong impact, aided by very committed performances from the central trio. The action is enjoyable and fairly violent, and the tension is masterfully handled, especially a trip to Rome and a tense and sadistic meeting with the vampire power-brokers the Vulturi. Lautner is given much more screen time thanks to his more important role this time out, and he gives a star-making turn. Pattinson breathes pure charisma, and Kristen Stewart is very convincing as emotionally conflicted and desperate Bella. There are some slightly shonky CGI effects with the werewolves, but they're not noticeable enough to damage the viewing enjoyment, and the action is nicely exciting.
As a film it's very enjoyable, and as a sequel it manages to raise the game, the tension and the romance all in one outing, nicely setting up a sequel with some surprising moments and plot hints. Very enjoyable.
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on 24 May 2010
What was once nothing more than an average American mother's dream has now created so much of a fan base, all you need to do is mention anything to do with Twilight and worldwide you'll have teenage girls screaming! Teenage girls and now their mothers (and even some dads), as the phenomenon continues to reach new heights within our lives.
Just as Twilight before it New Moon has caused one hell of a stir. It continues telling the more than slightly complicated love affair of Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and good, vegetarian vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). After a disastrous 18th Brithday (not only did a vampire try to drink her blood but she's also now a year older than Edward! Well, not technically, but still), Edward decides that for Bella's own good he and his family must leave Forks (and that means leaving Bella!). So she's left totally broken - no one knows quite what to make of it. But then she discovers a way of feeling close once more, even if she can't be physically close to him - through hallucinations caused by a rush of danger. She begins to seek out any possible ways she can see him, hear him. And so begins her friendship with Jacob Black, who, with Bella's help, builds two motorcycles - one for each of them. When Jake becomes a werewolf (a gene passed down through their Quileute tribe to protect their community against Vampires!) and Victoria starts showing her so-damn-hard-to-catch face around again, the trouble and the danger that built itself in Twilight is back again to haunt Bella and all her life involves.
Then Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) returns to Forks after having a vision (Alice sees the future - though her visions are `subjective') of Bella cliff-diving and believes Bella to be suicidal. Edward's `sister' is shocked to find that Bella is actually alive. But Edward thinks she's dead still, and Edward being his dramatic self decides he's not going to live without his Bella. With all the dilemmas standing in their way, the big, dramatic question of the film is WILL ALICE AND BELLA SAVE EDWARD?! Because if they don't, Bella will lose everything.
The film is a very different style to Twilight (whereas Twilight had more of a raw, independent feel to it New Moon is more of a polished and Hollywood feel) Chris Weitz and the whole crew have done an excellent job. Old Twi-hards and new comers alike are sure to fall even deeper for Stephanie Meyer's story.
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on 6 May 2010
I think you need to review two things here. The 2 CD Edition - which I think is worth every penny. So much extra material that I really enjoyed watching with lots of interviews and production clips, deleted scenes etc. If you into that kind of thing then get the 2 Disc edition you won't be disappointed (not like the last Harry Potter - the extra CD was just pants!)

The film itself has grown on me lots. When I first saw it in the cinema I wasn't too sure. Twilight was so good and watching New Moon the first time I was a bit disappointed. It just hasn't got that edge that Twilight has and I wasn't convinced about Rob P in it... he seemed just wooden, liveless and there was nothing of that sparkle from the first film. But then watching it again it started to grow on me. Especially Jacob as a character - I was so impressed with Taylor Lautner. His transformation was just brilliant and exactly what I would have wanted Jacob to be! The scene when he jumps into her room through the window - so cool! And how he looked so different suddenly after his 'transformation' - all grown up, tough and angry (and VERY sexy). Found it a bit of a shame the rest of the wolve pack didn't get more screen time.

About the music. I didn't buy the soundtrack but there are some really good tracks on it from some interesting bands. But I didn't have that moment I had in Twilight when MUSE came on with Black Hole (genius!). I found the music score a bit too sweetly and too Hollywood. Especially in the last scene in the woods and when Edwards breaks up with her. It got to the point where it annoyed me a bit actually.

Looking forward to Eclipse now - the trailers look great!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 30 March 2010
This is the second film based on the books by Stephanie Meyer - New Moon - and it is definitely the Team Jacob film with Edward and the Cullen's appearing significantly less in this film than in the previous ones.

Continuing on where the first film ended follows the romantic entanglements of Bella Swan with vampire Edward Cullen. This film features more of Bella's relationship with local boy and childhood friend Jacob Black.

Once again I have to confess that I came to the film without reading the book, in fact I watched Twilight and New Moon back to back in the hopes that it would help me understand what was going on. I have just finished Twilight and am about to start New Moon (the book) - Twilight having filled in so many gaps which the first film left me with I hope the New Moon will do the same.

For example: I don't understand is why Jasper would kick off at a drop of blood when at the end of the first film pints were gushing from a severed artery and it had no effect what so ever - but I'm new to this series and from what I see I'm sure that someone from the great fan community will be able to explain the why.

This is one of those times when it is extremely important you read the book in order to understand the characters and their backgrounds. So much is left out that for those, like me, who came to the series with no knowledge of the background the films can seem disjointed. Once the books have been consumed the whole story becomes clearer, therefore, I recommend to anyone who has not already read the books that you do so - it makes the films much, much clearer.

I have to admit that I'm with the people who are questioning the change of Director between films - and it wasn't just the association with Twilight as I always question a change of director in a series of films. One thing Chris Weitz did was bring out the best in Kirsten Stewart (Bella) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob). Miss Stewart finally came across as something other than the vacuous, sulky teenage brat and was able to portray the deeper desire and obsession with Edward that was missing from the first film. Unfortunately for Mr Lautner his part in the first film was minimal and did not show off his great acting talent.

Michael Sheen is superbly (and charmingly) creepy as the head of the elite Italian vampire family.

I thank the people at Amazon for getting this out to me for Saturday before the official release at midnight on Sunday; I've spent the last 36 hours watching the film, film with commentary (how about commentary from the actors next time - note to Mr Weitz: keep your hands off other people's burgers)

This was a great follow up to Twilight and I look forward to reading the next book and watching the next film.

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Language options - English only
Subtitles - English only
Running Time - 127 minutes
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on 28 April 2010
I really have nice moments each time that I see New Moon. However I think that there is missing a lot of the emotion that you can find in the book or even in the Twilight movie.
The way the camera photographed the characters in the first movie was just Magic... and I miss it a lot in the second one, you don't feel so much intensity. It's a pity (except when they kissed: Robert Pattinson is really good at showing the tie between desire and pain). Maybe it was missing a woman view for the direction :), as well as for Edward's clothes... His wardrobe is so oldfashioned in New Moon! I know he is more than 100 years old but, yuk...
He was so hot in Twilight!

One more thing that I miss very much in the movie is Edward's overprotective aspect. I love that in the book: when he feels that Bella is in danger he puts himself between the "danger" and her all the time... It's not so much evident in the movie, he often stays back to Bella (which doesn't sound very protective, while it's one of his major characteristics in the book).

On the other side, New Moon make me like Jacob a little, when I really thought that it was impossible. Chris Weitz is probably Team Jacob, for sure :) He is really sympathic and cool and clever, while he is very irritating and clumsy in the book until...
And of course, actions scenes are really awesome, even if I would have preferred to see a stonger Edward !

Well, I think I need to watch it again to be sure... :)
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on 11 September 2012
I watched New Moon with my girlfriend just today and wow, i gotta say i was pretty blown away even more than the first. This is only my 2nd review but i think i am getting pretty good at it. So.. the movie, the whole setting was totally different to the other movie as a lot more happens, the tone of the film is more humorous in parts, whilst the rest of the movie is very upsetting, (not giving away anything of course) You really see Kristen Stewarts acting chops in this gorgeous film. Now that they have millions to spend on the next movies and this one they have improved on everything. I thought the acting was very well portrayed and they stayed so true to the book, even more than Twilight if i am being honest. I though Chris Weitz did a great job, people should not have doubted him. Kristen Stewart was heart breaking in this performance, she was just perfect, i almost felt her pain. Again well done Kristen, you are the one to watch. The wolf pack cast fit the bill perfectly too, i think Taylor Lautner did a pretty swell job as the bad-ass Jacob Black. He is one ripped dude. Overall this film was stunning for me, i think critics are way too harsh on this great and fun series, i can relate a lot to it in some ways, with relationships and all. I fully recommend this amazing film and the rest of the series, top actors in this franchise, cannot applaud enough. Go buy New Moon and fall in love with the fans!
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