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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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Sixth and final season of Island mystery series Lost.

NB: This is not a very good jumping on point for new viewers.

Viewers who have been with the show all the way will find all seventeen episodes of the final season here [the final episode is a double length one, but is only counted as one episode] in a dvd box set that contains five discs. Plus some versions of it have an extra sixth disc with a few more extras.

Languages and subtitles are as follows:

English, Italian, Spanish.

Subtitles: English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Portugese, Dutch.

Those who saw the fifth season will recall it ended with a bang. A very big one. Designed to ensure that the Island was destroyed and Oceanic flight 815 never crashed.

As those who know their quantum physics - or who saw the 2009 Star Trek movie will know, meddling with time lines produces one result

Spoiler follows, but it's a spoiler you'd find on the back of the box in the blurb for part one anyhow...]

They flashed back. They flashed forward. And now they flash sideways. Into a world where the Island was destroyed in the 1970's, and the plane never crashed.

But at the same time, those who survived the end of season five - and other characters who were elsewhere on the Island, have to soldier on. Because a long standing threat is about to make itself known. The truth as to why the characters were brought to the island will come out. And they will have to fight for their future. And that of the rest of the world....

This close to the end, you will expect answers.

And some do come.

But you will probably spend a lot of time wondering where the season is going, as some things do seem to change from week to week.
What answers you get may seem anti climactic after so long.
And certain elements are left up to the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

the flash sideways are very clever and contain many delightful nods to things gone by from earlier seasons. But what they build to, just like the rest of the events in the finale, is something that will split opinion.

If you're looking for final answers to absolutely every question the show raised, you will be disappointed.


If you think it was all about the characters rather than the questions, this is a fine ending. Because whilst they were lost figuratively and literally, by the end they are not. Which might leave you with a lump in your throat.

But either way, anyone who has come this far with the show will want to see it to the end. Just be prepared for the fact that it's a season which divides opinion.

The extras on the dvd are slightly light compared to earlier seasons as well.

Discs one to four have a commentary on one single episode each.

Disc five has:

New man in charge: twelve minutes of footage that was cut from the final episode for timing reasons, and which is basically an epilogue to the show. This is required viewing, because it does answer [definitively] three questions. The third being one that every fan will have asked post the final episode.

There's a thirty six minute long making of documentary about the season. Which is also about how those involved reacted to it coming to an end. You might just get something in your eye whilst watching it.

Other features are a bit cursory:

Hero's journey runs for just under ten minutes and considers the actions of certain chaacters across the course of the show.

See you in another life brotha is the same length and is a brief making of feature about the flash sideways.

There are four on location features, all running about six minutes or so each, and about the making of an individual episode. These are short but watchable.

There's the usual season blooper reel. Some of which are quite funny.

The aforementioned sixth disc has two more on location features.

A short one called Sayid V Dogen, about a making of a fight scene in one episode.

Chicken hunt, which runs for four minutes and is about flash sideways Hurley's life there, and is pretty good.

But well worth a watch is Lost live: clips from a concert of music from the show, done with readings by cast members. Good reading, good writing, and great music makes you wish you could see the whole thing.
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on 31 January 2015
Okay a lot of people don't understand the ending to lost, so I'm going to explain it as simple as I possibly can. All the (Island Story) was REAL it 100% happened, okay so now we are clear on that, lets move on. The (Flash-Sideways) were a "Purgatory" world or in better terms (Heaven) and what ever happens in that world like for example (Sawyer) being a cop, (Hurley) has good luck ect is just what they have made, its like a world they have created for themselves until they finally MOVE ON. Now its not until everyone has finally died that they move on together in that church, that could have been 30 years plus depending on when they died, for example (Jack) died on the island at the end of season six, he then entered the (Flash-Sideways) world waiting for the rest to Pass Away so they can move on. Kate could have died 30 years after Jack did, so really the people in the (Purgatory) world could have been waiting a long long time. In the end they all move on together, the people who were not in the church has no (Redemption) or had unfinished business that's why they could not move on YET.

Now when they touched each other they had a (FLASH) that made them remember their best time in the past, and that happens to be the time they spent on the island. They remember each other and then realise they are in a Purgatory world. But yes everything that happened on the ISLAND did in fact happen it was all REAL,
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on 11 July 2011
I have been riveted to this show. I loved series 1-5 and have been looking forward to finally watching season 6 for some time.

I was left with very mixed feelings. The good - the acting from all the cast, especially the main characters is fantastic. The music, costume, props,setting, filming and editing can be beautiful and makes you lost in every moment (excuse the pun!). And I liked the fact that the whole series kept the viewers guessing. You never quite knew what was coming next and who to trust; just like the characters themselves.

We have had flashbacks and flashforwards in previous series but this had the flash sideways - a sort of paralel world although you are kept guessing about the reality of every situation.

But... although moving I was left with so many unanswered questions. Some they attempted to explain, although you do get a sense that the writers made it up as they went along and didn't really have a clear sense of direction at the start. It explores many of the big questions about life; religion, humanity, Science, fate, destiny etc etc but it does really leave it up to you to make your own conclusions. I quite liked this but was frustrated to find that some characters were not included in this resolution of sorts, perhaps the actors did not want to return?

It is worth watching the documentaries on the DVD's - some helpful guides from the producers which help to explain some of their choices.
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When we last saw the "Lost" gang, they had set off a nuclear bomb so the timeline would be reset. Well, obviously things don't go so smoothly, or the series would have ended LAST season.

And it serves as the springboard for "Lost: The Complete Sixth And Final Season," which serves as a brilliantly brain-twisting finale for this unspeakably weird series. JJ Abrams doesn't quite manage to wrap up all the countless plot threads he's introduced, but he does manage to provide a semi-satisfying finale for the vast "Lost" saga and its many characters.

In the aftermath of the nuclear bomb, the survivors find themselves being taken captive by a mysterious man (Hiroyuki Sanada) at an ancient temple. At the same time, the Man in Black begins seducing people over to his side, while Jacob's ghost works to get a replacement for his position on the island. And Charles Widmore has finally arrived on the island for reasons of his own, dragging a reluctant Desmond with him.

In another timeline (one where the island is underwater and nobody ever went there), the plane lands safely in L.A. But the fates of the people who were on that flight are still drawn together inexorably -- even though their pasts have been radically different. The history and secrets of the island are revealed, as well as why the people aboard Flight 815 were drawn into the island. And for the evil Man in Black to be stopped, one of the survivors will have to do something unbelievable.

"Lost" has never been like other network TV shows, but the final season goes all out on the strange stuff -- we've got flashbacks to centuries (even millennia!) ago, two separate timelines, a large number of deaths, and the revelation that basically the entire series has been a yin-yang battle between light and darkness. The biggest problem: Not all the plot threads are neatly tied off, and not all questions are answered (why are the numbers BAD?).

And the finale is a rather mixed bag -- it's not entirely satisfying, but things end on a haunting, philosophical note. Disappointing as a sci-fi story, but very powerful as a personal story.

And the writers spare no emotion, wrenching out some truly powerful moments that mingle tragedy and pure beauty, such as the heartwrenching "Ab Aeterno" (in which we find out about Richard's past) or the painfully sad finale of "The Candidate." And hanging over every episode is the haunted feeling that something terrible is about to happen ("'Cause if you don't... todos nos vamos al infierno") and that it will be epic.

I still find Matthew Fox's Jack annoying (I laughed out loud when Dogen started pummeling him) but Terry Quinn is brilliant as the "evil Locke/Man in Black," a genial villain with icy eyes; Michael Emerson's creepy Ben is fleshed out to perfection; Josh Holloway's hatred, sorrow and pain are explored; and Yunjin Kim and Daniel Dae Kim are ideal when their characters finally reunite. And Jorge Garcia is, as always, the show's heart.

There's also some brilliant performances from the supporting cast -- Nestor Carbonell will break your HEART, Hiroyuki Sanada has a brief but excellent role, and Mark Pellegrino is eerie and a little sad.

"Lost: The Complete Final Season" does not answer all the questions raised, and the finale is too oblique, but it does conjure up a brilliantly complex, powerful final arc for this unique TV show.
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on 18 October 2011
If you've got to this point in the Lost journey you MUST SEE this last series. I had to resist watching it all at once. It is one of the most entertaining programmes Ive watched in the last ten years. Im just sad its all over. Expect lots of answers however I would like to talk to the writers about the ending!!
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on 16 October 2010
It's difficult to know where to start with this review. Which is a bit ironic, because it is obvious the people behind Lost had no idea in how to bring it to an end.

Clearly the whole Lost saga was being made up as they went along, by writers who might have been relying on one too many smokey substances to fuel their creative juices. "Smoke clouds? Polar bears? The Others? Time travel? Hell, yeah! Wow! Chuck it in there! Who cares?"

Then, somebody told them after Season 3 it would be ending with Season 6. They had three years to put a bit of effort in for their loyal fans, who they'd been assuring all along that they whole thing was mapped out and would come to a satisfying conclusion, with all the mysteries explained.

But the truth was they had so many plot strands going it was like a giant bowl of spaghetti, overcooked by far too many chefs into a jumbled, tasteless mess. How the hell was anybody going to unravel THAT so it made any sense?

Their solution was - ignore half of it, like it never existed in the first place, and pull the rest of it together with a ghastly, schamltzy, cliched ending that a lot of us predicted a few episodes into Season 1. But, naive and deluded fools that we all are, we thought the writers would be far too clever to insult us by serving up such obvious, corny old guff.

If you really liked Lost and have invested hours of time getting to that last episode of Season 5, take my advice (and several hundred other 1-star reviewers on both sides of the Atlantic)... DO NOT WASTE ANY OF YOUR PRECIOUS LIFE WATCHING SERIES 6. It is the feeblest lame duck to ever waddle out of the Holywood 'dream factory'... and bearing in mind the many stink bombs that have been unleashed by the useless young 'creatives' over the past 25 years, that's REALLY going some.

No doubt the production team are all high-fiving it in their agreeable Hollywood homes, lighting cigars and chortling all the way to the bank. Hey, you and me are just the nerds who swallowed their risible guff. They got their money, the studios got its ad revenue, they finished the damn thing off. Who the hell cares that it was a sickly, schmaltzy, insulting, truly dreadful copout? Sod 'em!

Here I am, trying to use mere words to convey the appalling drivel that Season 6 is, and how it negates virtually everything that was built up over the previous 5 series, rendering most of it meaningless.

I now realise I'm just too disappointed and fed up to continue.
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on 8 January 2011
To be fair, part of the reason Lost started off as being so intriguing was that there was so much mystery involved. Polar bears, the black smoke, the foot statue and so on. An then as the series went on, they had to explain everything. I saw an interview with Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) where he said it was only meant to last about three seasons and the writers had an ending for it. But then ABC rolled in and said "we've got good ratings, write a few more seasons". So they had to keep it going, introducing new characters, the concept of a time travelling, disappearing island, a nuclear bomb, the oceanic six that got off the island but then came back and all that jazz.

Then season six; they had to wrap it up somehow. And I can't think of another way they'd do it. So considering they had to explain all that and conclude six years of mystery, they did an okay job of it. The whole parallel universe/alternate reality thing is a little far-fetched but so was the rest of the series. I won't give the ending away, but it does make sense and is quite clever if you look at it from the right angle.
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on 22 September 2010
Several years ago I was given a boxed set of this television series and watched with intense fascination the first series in two sittings. The sudden red hieroglyphs, the howling smoke, the ladder-in-hatch! This was compelling. And then a press release from the producers said that they had negotiated three final, but shorter, series which would lead to a highly anticipated and shocking finale. I was pleased to read this because I'd become tired of the many such shows were the writers and producers were creating series arcs without any forward planning - thereby leading to conclusions which weakened the integrity of the entire franchise. We might refer to 24, Battlestar Galactica and Alias as examples of this. To know that the producers actually had plotted the story of Lost from the beginning was quite a relief.

Doubts began to emerge when Locke was replaced by a double. These doubts were compounded when it turned out that the 'smoke' was just a disgruntled gentleman! And in series 6 the 'alternative reality' plot provided very little interest for me. A lot of it didn't seem to make sense and it was certainly devoid of drama or suspense. The scenes on the island seemed to be poorly planned and they was no direction. 'Never mind,' I thought, the highly anticipated and shocking finale will somehow manage to pull it all together. This finale was hyped somewhat. I watched it and guess what? It was TERRIBLE. At this point I realised that the producers were actually lying. They NEVER knew what the story was about. This made me feel a little betrayed, if I am honest.
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on 29 December 2014
Answers are finally revealed and the odd question is left unknown. I thoroughly enjoyed the series on a whole, and, I must confess, from season 4 to season 6 the episodes were just brilliant. Maybe it is a series that needs to be seen several episodes at once.My only criticism is for the packaging, as there was no episode guide, like there had been for the the previous 5 seasons.
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When I reviewed season 5 of Lost, I stated that how well the show runners of Lost answered the big questions of the show would ultimate determine how I felt about season 6 and the show overall. The show finished airing in May and it is now August. Honestly, I still don't know how I feel about things.

Before we go further, I will issue my standard spoiler warning. I will be discussing season 6 assuming you have seen the previous 5 seasons of the show. If you haven't and you don't want to know what happens, stop now. I will try to spoil as little of season 6 as I can.

Season 6 finds all our characters on the Island in the same year again. Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) has just killed Jacob much to the delight of the Smoke Monster who is masquerading as John Locke (Terry O'Quinn). Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) and Sun (Yunjin Kim) are trying to find each other. Sawyer (Josh Holloway) thinks he may have found a way to leave the island for good, something he is anxious to do now that Juliette (Elizabeth Mitchell) has died. And in a dramatic change, it's actually Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) who thinks the survivors of Flight 815 might have a destiny on the island.

Meanwhile, we are also treated to the lives of our heroes in Los Angeles. Yep, in the first few moments of the season, they start an alternative timeline in which Flight 815 didn't crash and no one landed on the island. How our characters continue connecting in this alternative world and what their lives are like is actually quite interesting.

All this leads to an epic battle. Who will win?

Or, maybe the bigger question is, what are the sides? Much like the rest of the show, we are treated to one side of things and plenty of action and twists, but I never felt like we truly learned what any of it meant. Yes, we got some answers. The answers we get were interesting and logical in the world of Lost.

But there were way too many big questions left unanswered. For me, the biggest questions remains, what is the island? Related is, why is it so special? You know, minor things like that. I felt like they were dancing around those answers in the final few episodes, but they never really told us.

On the other hand, the characters were as compelling as always. Love them or hate them (or sometimes love and hate them at the same time), I have really built a connection with these characters over the course of the six seasons the show was on the air. I wanted them to live happily ever after, and I felt so much of what they were going through. I left the final episode with a great sense of emotional closure even as my mind was screaming over all the questions that they never addressed. They managed to bring back many of the former cast members, especially in the final episode, and I loved seeing them again.

And the acting is once again wonderful. This cast can act. The plot may call for them to do some pretty wacky things as the show digs further into a science fiction world, but I bought every minute of it. The performances, more than anything else, had me glued to my TV week after week, shocked when the show ended already.

But here's the thing. For a story to truly work, you need both good characters and good story. While this show had great characters, the story was a mishmash of stuff that ultimately didn't resolve well. When the producers negotiated an end date for the show with ABC, I expected them to wrap up storylines and give us a satisfying conclusion. Instead, they just stopped telling a story and gave us an emotional resolution. So this season turned out to be disappointing story wise but emotionally satisfying.

These sets have always included great extras, and season six is no exception. In addition to the show, we get deleted scenes, bloopers, four audio commentaries and behind the scenes featurettes on creating the final season and examining the characters against definitions of being a hero. Finally, there's a new 11 minute short story that explores life on the island after the end of the series. And that's all I will say to avoid further spoilers.

And so there you have it. I loved the ride that is Lost and enjoyed my time with the characters. However, I feel like the storytellers got so wrapped up in those characters they forgot the need to wrap up the story with season 6. As a result, I don't know if I need to go back and visit these friends in the future.
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