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4.7 out of 5 stars2,423
4.7 out of 5 stars
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1,632 of 1,705 people found the following review helpful
on 5 January 2010
But I mean it in a good way! This is, without any shadow of a doubt, the most intensive workout DVD I've ever tried (and I have a good few, including Davina, Nell McAndrew, The Firm etc etc...) Jillian and her two helpers (one advanced, one 'normal') take you through three 20 minute workouts - Levels 1, 2 and 3. Each workout is made up of three circuits which comprise of 3 minutes of weights, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of ab work.

Like me, you may well be thinking this sounds reasonable, quick and easy. It isn't! Even Level 1 is an intensive workout - lots of jumping jacks, squats, bum kicks etc., and Jillian doesn't let up for a second, constantly keeping you moving. I found I had to use lighter weights than I would for a Davina workout; the exercises are so quick and intense that I couldn't keep up with my usual ones. The exercises have a real 'military' feel and change quickly, and you are given plenty of instruction and encouragement. The music isn't great, but then you probably won't have the energy to think much about it while you're doing this workout!

Levels 2 and 3 contain harder exercises (such as burpees, mountain climbs, jumping jacks from the plank position). I've got a passable fitness level, but on finishing Level 2 I was in a collapsed screaming heap on the floor, thoroughly worked out! Jillian screams at some point in Level 2 "I want you to feel like you're gonna DIE!" - and if you're anything like me, you will! On the plus side, if you can do Level 2, I don't think you'll find Level 3 too much of a difference in intensity, unless you have weak abs as this section pushes them to the limit.

This is a fantastic workout to try if you're looking to push yourself hard, but it is NOT for the faint hearted. Jillian and her helpers are very toned, but also quite bulky - to avoid this it might be a good idea to alternate this DVD with some less intense workouts (as I intend to do!) But the fact remains - there is absolutely no doubt that if you did this DVD every day, even doing just one of the three levels per day, you would lose weight and get results very quickly.
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380 of 400 people found the following review helpful
This is the Jillian Michaels fitness routine to help you shift some weight during a 30 day period. I started following her programme on 1st January 2015, when I weighed exactly 14.75 stone. It was a New Year's Resolution to get myself back into shape.
The DVD includes 3 different 20 minute workout routines, Level 1 (a gentle getting started routine), Level 2 (a moderate level, slightly more challenging), and Level 3 (you'll need to be reasonably fit to keep up with this one). Jillian has two assistants helping her, who give you much easier options for some of the more exacting physical moves.
Level 1 includes arm thrusts back and forth, arm windmills, jumping jacks (not too many of them), knee bends and circles, push ups (with an easier option), squat and press with hand weights, skipping (without ropes), sit ups, reverse crunches, dumb bell pulls, static crunches with bicep curls, and so on and so forth. There's a relaxing cool down routine at the end of the 20 minutes.
I followed Level 1 on a daily basis, at more or less 6.00 p.m. each day, throughout the whole of January. To be honest, I found it exhausting in the first week or so, but by the fourth week, I was coping pretty easily. My weight dropped to 13.75 stone.
Level 2 takes things up a gear. A lot of the exercises in Level 1 are repeated, but speeded up a bit. This routine includes backwards arm windmills, jumping jacks, high kicks, neck circles, push ups with walking back, half squat rowing with hand weights, walk out push ups, running on the spot, static lunges, and so on and so forth. There's a useful cool down routine at the conclusion of the twenty minutes.
I followed Level 2 on a daily basis throughout the whole of February, again at roughly 6.00 p.m. each day. It was quite hard going for the first 10 days or so, but then it started to become much more manageable. My weight dropped to 12.8 stone.
Level 3 is even more of a challenge, but actually very effective if you persevere, and that does take the determination to see things through to the end! Some of the exercises are the same as previously, but accelerated still further. The routine includes the double jump rope (no rope required), high kicks, butt kicks, knee circles, walking plank moves (with a much easier option for you), squat thrusts (fairly nasty!), sumo squats, sit ups, and so on and so forth. There's another cool down routine at the end of the 20 minutes.
I followed Level 3 throughout the whole of March. It was a bit of an ordeal for the first week, but gradually my body strengthened, and the routine was quite manageable by the end of the month. My weight dropped to 12 stone dead.
I combined a disciplined approach to this workout regime, with a very careful diet for 3 months. I had Special K for breakfast pretty much each and every morning, drank lots of bottled water, had all sorts of soups for lunch (along with vitamin tablets), and lots of salads, fish and chicken dishes for dinner. I strictly forbid myself from eating any food after 6.00 p.m. - no exceptions. That was hard to do. I had a really unflattering photo of myself stuck to the fridge door, showing me when I weighed nearly 15 stone, and I found that a highly effective deterrent to any binge eating.
At the start of 2006, aged 38, I reached a weight of 15 stone, my heaviest weight ever, my doctor told me that I had very high blood pressure, put me onto Ramipril tablets, and advised me to lose some weight. I basically followed the diet described above for 6 months, and went to a gym 3 times a week. I dropped right down to 11.5 stone and people started asking me if I was eating properly!
However, during the next 8 years, I slowly but surely put most of the lost weight back on, and last year I ending up nearly dying from diabetes ketoacidosis, spending a week in hospital to recover. This emergency in my life prompted my second major diet and exercise regime at the start of this year, and having got back down to 12 stone, I've managed to stay there so far...
The backing music for this DVD is a little bit annoying and repetitive. After about the first week of training, I turned the volume off and just listened to my own music collection on my iPod.
This keep fit DVD really works, but only if you use discipline and stick with it. I had a very big personal incentive to do so, because I'd spent a week in hospital getting over diabetes ketoacidosis, and frankly all I could think about during my hospital stay was that I might never see my 12 year old daughter graduate from a University, or fulfil her dream of being a paediatrician, or get married, or have children...
All in all, I can highly recommend this DVD, even though I think that the "30 day shred" timetable is perhaps on the optimistic side, which is why I spread it out over a full 90 day period. If you're already fit enough to run two or three miles without stopping, you could probably do this "30 day shred" within a month. Conversely, if running one mile would be difficult for you, and two miles impossible, I think that you'd need to work at this shred routine for longer than 30 days, just like I did.
Finally, if you think that the routines on this DVD might be a bit too demanding for you, I can highly recommend the Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD, which I've been using over the last month or so, and which I've found is great for an all-round cardio workout and general body toning - Jillian Michael - Yoga Meltdown [DVD].
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this review.
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175 of 209 people found the following review helpful
on 14 December 2013
Bought this DVD for my wife. With the diet and the workout, she's lost 11lb in 5 weeks. So proud of her.
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on 25 November 2015
Jillian, who I'd never heard of until a recommendation from a soon-to-be ex-friend, becomes your personal trainer. She's friendly, feisty and obviously knows her exercises, and I find myself fighting to finish the workout because I believe what she says. She promises you if you complete one of these workouts every single day and have a healthy, balanced diet then you can lose up to 20 pounds of fat in a month. We all know it's a bold claim to make, and I know it's a bold claim to believe.

I'm on day two now and everything aches. Everything just aches. Her workouts are raw, intense and remind me of a crazy-type of fat-loss boot camp that I would avoid at all costs. I've never felt so exhausted after finishing a set of exercises; my breath has been clawing at my throat, my legs have been on fire, my heart has been thundering up a storm, and I've been pretty certain I'm going to die before I even progress from workout 1.

There are three levels of workouts, but I haven't dared watched the others yet. I'm stuck on level one for the next ten days, then I'll start level two for another ten days, then level three. The strange thing is, though, I wasn't this tired when I used to spend up to two hours in the gym every day!

Twenty minutes of pure exercise doesn't sound like long, but I will warn you now if you try this DVD you will be counting down the minutes and begging for time to tick faster. That said, I'm still going to struggle through the circuits tomorrow, and hopefully (If I haven't died of exhaustion!) I'll update this review in 14 days, then 28 days and let you know if it worked for me.
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on 27 November 2015
i love Metafit, it's a tough and only half an hour long. However when going 3 times a week it soon made a dent in my finances. So I looked for an alternative and came across Jillian Michaels. I'd never heard of her before and read all the reviews with interest. So I ordered this, 7 Day Shred, Killer Abs and Killer Buns & Thighs. Quite an outlay when trying to save some cash but I figured I'd get bored very quickly doing the same DVD and wanted some variety.
WOW is all I can say. She really puts you through your paces if you are prepared to work hard. The sweat pours off me in this DVD in particular. I love level 2 more so than level 3, I don't know why but it just feels tougher. I use a different DVD each time I do a workout, usually 2 or 3 times a week and have yet to get bored. I've lost an inch from my waist and thighs while using these for a few months and I'm ashamed to say not watching my diet one iota. It's helped with my running too, I feel fitter. The scales aren't moving but I can feel it in my clothes. Definitely a worthwhile investment if you have the motivation to do them!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 14 October 2013
A couple of days into level two and this is tough... In a good way! I haven't lost weight (due to bad diet) but I can feel my muscles firming up and can see some definition on my abs. I've been doing 4-5 days a week as 6 days a week seems a bit ambitious to fit into normal life. Determined to make 30 days!
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426 of 541 people found the following review helpful
on 29 September 2012
I was very nervous about this... However I am 5ft2 and did weigh 16.9 stone!!! Not a healthy size and needed to "shred" the fat!

I had learnt about the programme via a community health group I joined several months ago however the class was 1hr a week and was seeing results, as well as eating less crap! I decided that to have more impact with weight-loss I needed to do more and knew I had 20 mins at the very least once a day, even though I do need another 20 to recover its a positive recovery period and feel every ache and pain as that step closer to losing weight and inches!

Jillian for me is very motivational direct, to the point (see her on biggest loser Us!!) and for some like me who has used every trick and excuse in the book for the reason not to exercise or that I am big boned, or too unfit to exercise etc I need someone who is harsh, not fluffy and just speaks facts!!

This is not easy, had a very low fitness level and still sweat a hell of a lot with Level 2, but I am getting better, stronger and more importantly slimmer!! I do not stick to the strict diet but do think more about what I eat, especially before and after!!

As you can do this in your house it is OK not to complete the 20 mins whilst you get used to it, no one is looking, its OK to fall over or lose your balance... no one is watching your in the comfort of your own home and you WILL pick it up and get stronger... little dramatic maybe but I am down to 14 st 6 lbs in 2 months.... MEGA!!! It has been a very long time since I have lost weight, felt better and less concious but also keep it off an actually enjoy my 20mins of brutal torture with Jillian...

I can not recommend this DVD enough and looking forward to mastering it and then looking at other Jillian DVD's to mix it up!

I would advise you may need a mat and I used tin of beans to start and then invested in pretty pink dumbbells so I could gradually mix it up & enjoy my new strength!!

I would advise if you have 20mins a day for one week and cut out the crisps / chocolate / sweets etc and drink water you will see a difference, maybe not on the scales but you will feel it in your clothes!!

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on 27 November 2015
Very good workout dvd. I don't have much weight to lose (I lost the weight by quitting sugar.......not even the Insanity workout shifted the weight when I was still eating sugar......just tipping you off there......once I totally quit sugar the weight literally dropped off me without doing any extra exercise at all) but I want to tone up and lose maybe another couple of inches from my waist. This DVD is a perfect time (20 minutes is very manageable without being overwhelming) and the workout itself is hard, but not so hard that you want to die or quit. Definitely recommend it.
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on 24 November 2015
Fantastic DVD when I stick to it, I felt healthier, toned up & lost around 2lbs a week. But more than weight loss was the noticeable difference in my waist & hip size.

Great DVD that pushes you using a variety of cardio & strength exercises that alternate so that it isn't too exhausting , but challenging at the same time. Also not cheesy like some fitness DVDS out there.
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18 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on 29 July 2015
I've owned this dvd for 4 years and felt I need to write a review. It took me numerous crash diets (including a master cleanse) and 4 years of doing Level 1 in sporadic (usually annual) bursts to finally use this dvd properly. I am so glad I didn't give up on it. In January of this year, something made me wake up and do the dvd. I completed Level 1 in 12 days, moved onto Level 2, and then slowly completed Level 3. I really appreciate Jillian's tone and humour throughout, as I find there's nothing more soul destroying than a sickly, patronising instructor. My diet has been roughly 5:2, with numerous cheats and binges, and I didn't stick to the dvd religiously. I fell off the wagon numerous times, but what's important is Jillian encouraged me get back on. Initially intimidated by the levels, I now appreciate the different areas they target - Level 2, for example, gave me ab definition for the first time in my life, Level 3 sliced inches off my inner thighs, and I often went back to Level 1 for those booty-sculpting side lunges.

I managed to lose a stone and drop a dress size with this dvd. With absolutely rubbish discipline, I still gained collarbones, slimmed arms, toned legs and ab definition, imagine what it can do for you. I have since bought BFBM, 6 Week Six Pack, and Yoga Meltdown and am approaching these with a new mindset. I am determined, I'm taking better care of myself and I am enjoying these workouts! I'll always go back to 30DS because hey, I can always use a good chest fly in my life.
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