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on 22 November 2009
I have owned a PURE Chronos iDock Series II for about three weeks now and am generally happy with it. When deciding which product to buy, I compared the sounds of the Series I (the Series II was markedly better) a much cheaper system and a Sony rival. I thought this the best but it is certainly not a living room sound system; the quality is fine for the bedroom but not good enough for elsewhere.

To set it up, plug in and press the "standby" button (not mentioned in the instructions!) and that's it. The clock, date and DAB radio automatically set themselves up. Once done, there is an extensive and user friendly menu of personal settings. My favourites have been being able to choose different alarm times, settings (i.e. wake up to iPod or a choice radio stations or buzz) and volumes for weekdays and weekends, adjusting the backlight intensity and the sleep modes. I also like the light dimming itself at night thanks to a light sensitive cell, though I would like it to be even dimmer. The iPod is easy to switch to, charges itself and comes back on wherever you last left off. There is a remote supplied should you need it. A real plus is, that if there is a power cut, the Chronos II remembers all your settings.

Those are the good points but I have had troubles too - the first of which I would like feedback on, please. When the device is on standby, but without an iPod docked, the plug emits a soft but most annoying rattling whine - when the radio is on, or the iPod is attached, the problem disappears. PURE were good enough to send me another plug but there was no change. Has anyone else suffered this problem please? A design improvement I would like to see are the buttons either lit or being given a textured surface as, at night, one has little idea which button to press. Lastly, and as has been mentioned elsewhere, when the alarm comes on at its preset volume, one cannot turn it up or down without having to switch off and on again.

So, would I recommend you buy this for the money asked? Well yes, but only just!

UPDATE. I took the unit back to John Lewis where I purchased it. They were very helpful and tried many different units with different plugs. All the PURE plugs used made the same noise but a generic 9 volt adapter was silent. Obviously a fault needing to be corrected.
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on 8 January 2010
First thing to note about this unit is the great sound quality especially with spoken word and moreover given that this is just, essentially an alarm clock, its almost (but not quite) as good as my Pure Evoke. No more tinny, crackling screetch in the mornings for me. Many things, however, have been written about the sound quality of these units and I think if your after an out an out music pod dock then this probably isn't going to meet your needs. This is not in the same league as say a B&W Zeppelin or a Fatman Itube (both amazing).

The alarm settings are simple to use and navigate - quite amazingly you can have an alarm for the weekends and one for weekdays.

I have found to date that all functions are similarly easy to navigate and really quite intuitive.

I particularly like the sleep functions (chosse between 15 minutes and upwards in 15 min intervals).

The DAB reception has been great and I live in a particularly cruddy area where I can't even recieve regular TV signals.

In summary, great little unit with decent sound quality and easy to use.
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on 28 December 2009
Having read the reviews it was with some mixed feelings that I ordered it. I did this as I wanted it to fit a specific place in my kitchen. However it has excelled my expectations.The sound is excellent as is the sound from the iPod.We have even used it in our large lounge and it is great in there too. Very easy to set up and use.
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on 12 April 2010
I wasn't sure about buying another radio from PURE. I returned the PURE AVANTI Flow Table-top Digital Music System I bought last year because it was complicated, didn't work with my iPhone and generally didn't meet my expectations see my review on that here:"

The Chronos iDock is a completely different animal. It's really simple to use. Basically, just switch it on and it will find DAB stations & set the clock automatically. Programming presets is straight forward and switching channels and functions works just like you'd expect. So easy in fact that I haven't had to take the instructions out of the box yet. Even the FM stations have RDS so you can see the name of the station you're listening to. The aerial is a short cord which I haven't even bothered to unwind - the reception is fine as it is.

The iPhone function works well - with no interference even when I get a message or incoming call. You can control volume & skip/ffwd tracks from the remote. You need to use the iPhone itself to choose playlists and browse aretists/tracks etc.

There are 2 things that really impressed though (1) the auto-adjusting display changes brightness depending on the ambient lighting in the room. It's uncanny, turn the lights out and you can see it adjusting. It seems to get the level just right every time. I'm using it in the kitchen but it goes dim enough in complete darkness for a bedroom and yet it adjusts to be bright enough to see from across the room in bright daylight. (2) the sound level. Some reviewers have said it's not loud enough for a kitchen but don't believe them. It is a small radio but unless you want to drown out everything with teenage chest banging volume then it's easily loud enough - even for a dining kitchen like mine. It's louder than the stereo radio/CD player it has replaced.

If you want a small DAB radio and somewhere to charge/play your iPhone for a kitchen or bedroom it's perfect.
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The Series II iDock just has one real problem, which stops me from giving it a glowing five star review. When ours is on, it emits a constant 'hum' from the speakers (not from the power adaptor) which remains constant no matter what volume you set the device at. We returned ours to John Lewis, got another model, and found that it did exactly the same thing. Looking around on the internet, it seems that it's an occasional problem with this model and the only way to get it fixed is to send it back to Pure and get it fixed, which can take six weeks. For a so-called 'premium' product this was a real let-down.

It's a massive shame because everything else is really going for the iDock. Four different alarm settings (so you can have different alarms on weekdays and weekends), really simple iPod and iPhone docking, DAB radio that just sets itself up instantly and works like a dream, sound quality that would be really excellent if it weren't for the humming... It seems that many other reviewers haven't had the humming problem we've had, so I guess it might be luck of the draw, but after having been persuaded to spend a bit more than I'd planned on a mini hi-fi, the irritating hum was a serious disappointment.
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on 26 March 2010
I bought one of these at Christmas to replace a bedside alarm clock radio. It does this job excellently. A good feature is that it sets its own time from the radio, so you never need to set it. There is an alarm for weekdays and one for weekends (and another that I haven't used). When the radio comes on in the morning it starts quietly and becomes louder - a nice gentle way to wake up. The screen brightness adjusts to the ambient light as well. The sleep function is great, I can set it to 45 mins of classical stuff last thing and then it will wake me to the Today programme. These stations need to be set as presets to do this. It has great sound quality using DAB and I have no complaints on this score. Others have mentioned the problem finding the unlit buttons in the dark - it would be nice to have some subtle lighting as they are all flush and quite small. There is a bug in that it sometimes freezes and none of the buttons work until the large central knob has been pressed or some other combination( I tend to press a few things until it works, so I am not completely certain what starts it off again). This is a minor intermittent thing and now that I know that it is a bug (and possibly going to be fixed with a firmware update), it does not bother me. The iDock comes with a number of clip in plastic surrounds to tailor the ipod connector to various ipod models. My daughter has an ipod nano 5, with video, for which there wasn't a supplied plastic surround. The ipod sits snugly on the bare connector and this works fine, but some might like it to look neatly tailored. The Pure website says that the iDock is compatible with the nano 5, but I don't know if this means that they now ship a suitable plastic surround, or just that the nano will 'plug and play' on the iDock connector. All in all, I am very pleased with it as it wakes me up on time in the morning and sounds great.
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on 21 October 2009
The setup was easy. I just had to press the standby button and it set the time, found all the DAB stations, and was ready to go.

The auto-dimming feature works great and really does dim the clock enough. What a relief!

It really is iPhone compatible. Phone worked fine, received calls and texts while docked, and also was charged as well. No interference at all from the GSM radio in the phone.

The sound is as I expected and here in London we get all the DAB stations with no trouble - I didn't even bother to unwind the antenna.

I am not sure about the UI with respect to setting alarms. There are a number of buttons to press but luckily you can set up 4 alarms, each one being either every day, week day or weekend. I won't repeat the rest of the manual here.

My only concern so far is that the main knob seems slightly flimsy. Not sure about that yet.
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on 20 March 2012

- Incredibly simple. Turning it on automatically tunes the radio, and sets date, time etc
- The controls are intuitive and I didnt have to read the instructions
- If you do need the instruction book, it is well laid out and easy to understand
- The display is clear, easy to read and customisable to show things such as scrolling text, & signal details for DAB or song, album etc for iPod.
- 4 alarms! This is so useful. You can set four separate alarms in advance, each fully customisable.
- Auto light sensor dims display depending on the light in the room so it will go dimmer at night and brighter during the day. This can be set manually too if preferred.
- All buttons, headphone socket, and aux socket are on the front of the radio for easy access, this is particularly useful if you want to use this radio at the bedside.
- iPod / phone dock is very easy to use, even with cases on your device.
- Signal strength is outstanding. I live in the sticks and struggle to get any stations but this picks up every one clearly.
- Great sound quality. Much better than I expected for such a cheap, small device.
- Comes with useful credit card sized remote.


- A lot of users mention a buzz from the adapter but I dont have this on either of my two Chronos II so must be lucky.
- After a years ownership the rubber feet have come off so when I push the buttons the radio moves around. This can be easily rectified though.


I was given this as a gift, and having always had to buy DABs with a retractable aerial to get any hope of a signal, I nearly didnt bother unpacking this radio, but im so glad I did. The four alarms alone have given me hours of extra sleep over the year. I used to have to set my alarm for 6am to take my medication, then reset it a further two times until getting up time, each time the faffing about nearly always woke me up. Now I just preset them all, set them for daily and Bobs your uncle!

I recently had to purchase a Dab radio alarm for my Mum and so nearly got her the Pure Contour 100Di Dock for iPod/iPhone/iPad with DAB Digital/FM Radio because it has the ability to dock an iPad aswell as an iPod/phone. However on the 100Di, all the buttons and sockets are on the rear of the radio, which for a bedside radio is useless. The Pure Chronos II is so simple to use, all the buttons and sockets are easily accessible, and the sound quality is great. I cannot imagine it would be possible to find a DAB radio with a similar specification to this one in this price range that comes anywhere near this in function, useability, or durability. Mine is still going strong after over a year. I recently purchased another for my Mum I loved it so much. If mine broke tomorrow, as much as I love gadgets and toys, and trying new things, I would not hesitate to replace it with another Pure Chronos II. I cant give a product higher recommendation than that!
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on 15 January 2010
Good points -
it seems compatible with my 4th Generation Nano, AND my wife's new 5th Generation Nano. They are charged and you can use the remote to play/pause,go back and forward, etc.
Unlike my previous alarm it retains all the settings (stations, alarm times, etc) when disconnected.
It's got upto 4 separate alarm times - which suits our lifestyle well as I often need to be up several hours earlier than my wife.
Needs improvement -
the sound is good, but I don't think it's as good as my Pure Evoke. The treble is a bit muffled even when adjusted.
You can only choose the "sleep" function in lots of 15-30-45-90 minutes. I would have preferred this to be a bit more flexible.
I got this for Christmas 2009, and it didn't come with a 5th Generation nano dock. Fortunately my wife's new nano did - and it fits perfectly - but its white! So I have a white dock on top of the a black Chronos. Also to use a 4th and 5th generation nano we have to keep changing docks (although this is Apple's fault - thanks Steve for putting the connector on the other side!!)
Most annoying - although there is a big 10 minute "snooze" button on the top of the unit - to fully turn off the alarm you either hit the "alarm" or "standby" button. Both of these are quite small, unlit and, in the dark and half asleep, very difficult to find. I usually spend half a minute each morning trying to turn the alarm off. Surely Pure could make this "alarm-off" feature a little more obvious for those of us who don't want to wake the whole house at 5am.
Overall it's a good machine, but if you were on a budget there are probably as good for less.
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on 6 April 2012
1 star might seem harsh, but the annoying hum through the speakers makes the iDock II unfit for purpose in my eyes.

The feature set is good, and from the short time I tested the unit without this issue I think I would happily give a 4 or 5. A nice form factor, and auto set-up. In fact in a living space the constant hum might not be an issue at all, but in a quiet bedroom it was annoying enough for me to return the unit.

I've had two identical devices as I assumed it was a fault, but Pure's technical support tested them and stated it as being the "on-board electronics sounding over the RF system... an unavoidable issue with this product, and deemed acceptable"
It wasn't acceptable to my ears and to be honest still don't know whether it really is an issue in all devices or just a certain batch. I enquired about their being two major versions of firmware which weren't interchangeable, (devices on v1.1 cannot upgrade to v2.1), as that implied to me there might be two versions of the hardware, but got no response.

Disappointing having read very positive reviews and being very pleased with our older Chronos CD, which makes no unwanted noise through the speakers; I can only assume Pure have made the electronics cheaper since we purchased that a few years ago.
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