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4.2 out of 5 stars734
4.2 out of 5 stars
Size: GYM BARColour: ZChange
Price:£13.75+ £1.99 shipping
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on 18 August 2011
I bought this as it has some good reviews for the price! It arrived fine with no problems, and was very easy to assemble - just 4 screws and you even get a rather weak mini-spanner to tighten the nuts with. However, having assembled the unit, I was horrified to find it didn't fit any of the doors in my flat :(

The long black plastic bar that "sits" on the horizontal door frame top was just too thick to sit safely on my door frame, and there's no way I could have even inserted the metal safety clip to keep it in place, as the thickness of my door frame edgeing is only about 1cm deep.

If you are going to use this then make sure the top of your door frame is I'd say an inch thick.

I think someone else has posted the dimensions elsewhere in a review on here, but save yourself a lot of trouble and make sure you have a suitably thick door frame BEFORE you order!. I have had to return mine, obviously unused - as it won't fit on any of my door frames!

Maybe "Amazon" should include minimum door frame requirements in their product description to avoid returns, or maybe it's just me who has the wrong type of door frame edgeing...
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on 3 April 2013
I bought this to do pull-ups however my walls are slightly skewed which means I cannot use it for its intended purpose. It hooks onto one frame slightly but feels very risky, I managed 2 before it slipped and brought half of the paintwork with it. I'm 6'2 and my full stretch reaches the bar from having my knees on the ground, anyone taller may struggle. My solution to use this properly will be to screw a piece of wood into the door frame to give more support for the top pivot but that's not ideal.

The product itself is not the Iron Gym brand which is definitely misleading. I would probably opt for the cheaper one because of this, that being said it feels decent quality. The top bar is horrible cheap plastic but I assume that's so it doesn't wreck your door frame. The metal bars feel good, time will tell how the foam grips fare, I'm guessing they'll tear with extensive use however.

My current use for it is as a push-up aid. It really does offer excellent support for this. The range of motion it allows is ideal, I'd take this over standard hand to the floor push-ups any day of the week. They feel so much more natural using this equipment.

Perhaps my 3* review is a little harsh as I've not really used it properly due to my own household circumstances. From the few pullups that I managed the actual metal framework felt sturdy. Just make sure you have a suitable door frame before buying, i.e. one with a definite solid ridge on the hinge side. I also knocked my rating down due to being slightly misled about the brand of product that I was buying, not that it matters too much, I just don't like it when companies do that.

Overall I think this product is worth buying for the press up function alone, they really do feel excellent. If you have a door frame that will suit it then buying this is a no brainer, just be warned that it might not work as intended.

Edit: I've drilled a wooden support into my door frame and this thing works great. I've upped my review from 3 to 4 stars, felt a little mean leaving it as middle of the range.
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on 26 August 2009
At first I didnt know if I was going to go for the iron gym or the P90X but decided on this for its simplicity and cost and I am not disappointed.

I recieved my iron gym about 2 hours ago and decided to put it straight to the test as part of my back work out.

Building 5/5
Putting it together was very straight forward and probably took the best part of 5/10 minutes. The spanner that comes with it is very basic but it does the job.

Backs 5/5
The wide grip was not as wide as I would have liked but it was good enough to really work my lats, I used the other two grips one set a piece until I finished my set of 6 and was very pleased with the workout. I was able to move slowly and controlled and the iron gym left no marks on my wall. Im not a small guy I weight in at 210lb there was no fear of falling.

Dips 0/5
I'm not convinced by the dips as the range of movement is limited, personally I think that is just trying too hard to make the sale. If dips is your thing I would suggest looking at an additional products to go with this one.

Press ups 3/5
Okay you can do press ups on here and the range of movement was good if you are a beginner, however intermediate and above may prefer to do some clapping press ups to build explosive power.

Abs 5/5 (hanging) 3/5 (seated)
The sit up function is good if you are top half heavy or a beginner but I prefer to work my abs by doing hanging leg raises when it is on the door and then mix them up with traditional crunches, however there is a wide variety of movements you can do depending on space as you can work a wider range of movement.

The Guide 2/5
The guide that comes with it is basic, if you aready have intermediate experience of training and eating for performance they you will not learn anything new. However if you are new then the guide will help set up a basic foundation based on its example menu and food types.

Overall 4/5
I would say this is a great product for what you pay for its going to do what it is suppose to; give you a great workout as part of a bigger plan. I would say this product is great for maintaining and build lean mass but if you are looking for that spartan look you may want to invest in some dumb bells too.

Eat well and train safe

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on 14 January 2010
I recently bought the Iron Gym by JML. I saw many reviews and I thought I should put my own opinion about the product. The structure of IG is OK, aluminium and light. What you must check is the dimensions of your door and the thickness of the frame! The height of my door is almost 2,00 metres, meaning that the bar of the IG is coming down to 1.80m. You must bent your knees to do your exercises and if you are taller than I am (1.80m) you should consider it twice... The other thing is the width of the door. My door is 61cm wide and the width of the IG bars is 92cm. The bars are facing the side walls, so it is not possible to have your hands wide open. Now, the tricky part has to do with the door frame. The IG's plastic bar that stands on the frame is 45cm wide, 4cm tall and 2,3cm deep. So, in the usual frames, which are not more than 1,5cm thick seems insecure. The IG comes with a hook to hold the plastic bar (the plastic bar is OK), but the hook is ridiculously thin, definitely not made to hold your body. I am lucky because my frames are deep (5cm) and I can put the IG without any fear. The three stars are there because the IG, as a product is OK and stands easily my 70kgs, but the firm doesn't say anything about its dimensions (the hook is not mentioned either). Certainly, the other guy, who mentioned the bar with the screws is right, but if you don't own a house you have to compromise. Also, the IG is OK for push ups but use the coffee table against your sofa to do your dips.
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on 8 September 2012
First of all, I found the JML Iron Gym Upper Body Workout Bar to be robust and very easy to assemble. When the pull up bar is in place, it feels sturdy and secure.

There's no measurements provided here
Google wayofthedave jml pullup bar, for pictures with measurements

Pros and Cons:


Decent value for money.
Can be used for push ups as well as pull ups.
Feels robust.
Feels sturdy and secure when in position.
Easy to assemble.
Easy to attach / remove from the door frame.
Can handle up to to 300 lbs / 136kg of user weight.


Uncomfortable foam grips.
No product dimensions mentioned.
Fairly misleading "Fits most standard door frames".
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on 1 December 2010
What will it do for you? Buy this piece of equipment if you want to strengthen your upper body and stomach muscles. More specifically, you will be able to work your biceps (front of arms), triceps (back of arms), latissimus dorsi (the back muscle that give you that V-shape), pectorals (chest muscles), and abdominals (stomach muscles). Note I would not expect this piece of equipment to work any of your leg muscles if used conventionally. Of course there's a lot of accessory muscles that might get a little work-out too, such as your forearm muscles because you're gripping a lot, and parts of your shoulder, but the major muscles that will get worked the most are listed above.

How do you use it? You do a lot of the exercises hanging. Therefore, if you're not into hanging on to things, skip this piece of equipment entirely. The first big exercise you can do on it is the chin-up, where you're pulling yourself up to the bar and then lowering. This will work you biceps and lats the most.

You can vary the grip. Know that using a palms up grip is best, simply because you'll be putting your biceps in the most mechanically efficient position for them to contract, and so you'll able to pull up more times than if you used a palms-down grip. Try it- you won't be able to do as many chins with your palms down, or in a middle position. In fact, the palms down grip will work your biceps a lot less, so if you want bigger biceps, use a palms up grip! Switch grips for variety if you want- I'm just sayin' what's more productive and what works what the best.

The next big exercise is the dip. The dip will work your triceps and your chest muscles the most. Your front deltoid will get a fair workout as well. However, because the exercise is called a "dip", and setting this thing on the floor to do dips doesn't allow you to "dip" down very far, don't expect to get much of a workout doing a dip with the Iron Gym.

Next is the push up. You put the bar on the floor and do push-ups with it- which will work the triceps, as well as the chest. This is a good, productive exercise, and the Iron Gym makes it harder than a regular floor push-up because you are up off the floor and can lower yourself lower- which gives your chest a good stretch as well as making the push-ups harder.

Lastly is the sit-ups. You can put this bar on the floor to anchor your feet to help stabilize your body better to do a sit-up. Contrary to popular belief, if you are doing a sit-up with maximal effort (doing them until you can't do another one), EMG studies have shown that your ENTIRE ab muscle is contracting. Sooo, know that you're not working the "upper abs" more than the "lower abs" when using this device to do a sit-up- rather your whole abdominal rectus muscle is getting worked and stronger.

Okay, so that's the major exercises you can do, although I guess you could pick it up and make up a few of you own moves if you wanted to. A few details. Some people have had trouble with this thing fitting in their doorway. My advice is to just try it- if it doesn't work, ship it back to Amazon for a refund and call it a day. If you're an engineer, look at some of the other reviews that have given precise dimensions, get out your protractor, and measure away to be sure it will work. That's just too much work for me...

Will this get you stronger? Yep- but only so much. Anyone reading the strength training research knows that once you can do more than around 20 reps in a row, you're going to be building muscle ENDURANCE more than muscle STRENGTH. That's the major beef I have with these kinds of pieces of exercise equipment- there's no way to easily make the exercise harder as you get stronger. And if you can't make the exercise progressively harder, the muscle isn't stimulated to get bigger and stronger as time goes on- unlike exercise machines with a weight stack that enable you to gradually increase the weight to constantly challenge the muscle. Trust me, the guy in the video didn't get arms like that by just doing chin after chin using just his own body weight. Perhaps he had a small child grab his legs as he did the chins, or had his girlfriend sit on his back as he did pushups...

Overall this is not a bad piece of equipment, you just have to know its limitations- like how strong it will get you, and what muscles it works. A few tips. If you can't pull yourself up and do a single chin-up (have your wife or girlfriend try one for fun), just use a chair to stand on to get you to the top position, and then slowly lower yourself to the floor while hanging on to the bar- then repeat until you can't do any more. You'll find that after a week or two of doing chins like this (just the lowering part), you'll soon be able to do a full regular chin-up where you pull yourself up to the top position no problem. This works because you're about 50% stronger lowering something than you are lifting it. And for those who have a shoulder problem (or want to avoid one)- I suggest the rotator cuff exercises outlined in Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff.
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on 26 January 2011
I was a bit unsure over whether to buy this item considering some other reviews it got. However I received it very quickly, came with all the parts, was in mint condition and is fantastic value for money. It also came with a little hex screw thing that helped you tie the head of the medium bolts and the long bolts. Also a handy safety wedge which you hammer to the top of the door, very small thing however if your going to use this all round your house it's not entirely convenient. My main concern WAS the dimensions, I couldn't find the ones I needed anywhere so I did them myself.

Thickness of rectangular bar holding onto the door tab = 2 cm exactly
Length from the longest point = 90 cm

Great bit of kit seriously recommended.
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on 12 May 2014
I bought this item because it seemed to have fairly positive reviews, and it looked like the most "legitimate" of all the similar products on Amazon, as was reflected by its slightly higher price tag.

However, I was disappointed to discover that this product was just as shoddy as I feared, if not more so.

The box it came in was battered and looked far from "new", and several of the metal rings inside were actually rusty. The assembly instructions were poor and didn't seem to account for some of the parts. The washers didn't fit the screws at all, so I instead used these small metal rings; it was unclear from the instructions which was actually intended.

But the worst part of the product by far - and the thing which actually rendered it completely unusable, was the main bar. This was actually split into 2 smaller bars which are supposed to join and twist together. However, when assembled in this way the screw-holes which you're supposed to use to attach the other parts don't line up with each other. When I eventually managed to get it all together (with the help of some elbow grease), the bar was extremely unstable at the join and when I put any weight on it, it bent dramatically as if it was about to come apart.

I have sent this product back and I will buy one from a real shop instead.
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on 8 July 2015
This is not the advertised product, as mentioned by other reviewers, but evidently a cheap imitation (no JML branding visible). I was willing to give it go to avoid the hassle of returning it. I would estimate a total continuous usage of one month since purchase and the plastic bar at the top of the product photograph has shredded around the screw under my weight of 80Kg. I might question the more positive reviewers' usage in this regard.

You can see the product I received on Iron Gym's counterfeit webpage:
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on 21 July 2014
I purchased the "JML Iron Total Gym Upper Body Workout Bar". Firstly, this is not a JML product, the product is a fraud and the seller is not honest. The contents of the box is of poor quality and is not a JML genuine product. The part of the product which cantilevers off the door frame has an imprinted text that says "Door Gym" (probably the name given by the manufacturers of this copied product). I have owned the original JML Iron Gym in the past, and this is definitly not genuine. There is no JML logo to be found anywhere on the product, the box, the booklet inside nor the makeshift copied mini DVD.

The mini DVD that comes with this product did not load on my DVD player, so I attempted to load it on my laptop. The DVD immediately was flagged up by my anti-virus software as containing a 'malicious trojan', something that steals bank details, passwords and other information that you access through the computer. Furthermore, the DVD is a copied DVD, not genuine. In my view, this is criminal activity on behalf of the seller, and I may be taking consumer legal action against "Pure Source Nutrition" as they have named themselves.

Back to the actual product. As this product is not genuine, I would not risk the injury/potential of paralysis when I am hanging from this cheaply made bar with my 200lbs of bodyweight. I am very disappointed as this is an issue of health and safety. The foam handles are already flimsy and peeling off and I have not bothered to assemble this joke of a pullup bar as it cannot be trusted.

All in all, very disappointed with the seller and this bar. will be notified promptly.
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