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VINE VOICEon 26 February 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There has been a lot of debate as to whether the expensive HDMI cables make any difference to picture/audio quality compared to the cheaper alternatives, and whether the fact that it's digital means that the issue of cable quality is redundant.

I would suspect that the truth lies somewhere between the two arguments. However, this should not put you off opting for the cheaper end of the scale.

I was able to test this cable with my laptop and my PS3 connected to my 2 year old HD TV, and compare this with a much more expensive cable I have (that was bundled with the TV). The difference between the two was... well none as far as I can tell. Video quality appeared to be exactly the same, and there was no audible difference in the sound quality. I'm not a video or audiophile and I'm sure there are those out there who may say they can tell the difference, but for your average consumer there will be no difference at all, other than a saving of £70 or more.

Another point to note is that at 2 metres, the cable length is sensible but bear in mind that these cables are rigid and difficult to bend so make sure the distance between devices is 1.5 metres or less. I wouldn't count on it reaching between two devices which are 2 metres apart.
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VINE VOICEon 22 January 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The whole idea of using HDMI as a replacement for VGA and SCART is to obtain a picture of a much, much higher quality. Now this is particularly important if for instance you have a big-screen TV which fully supports 1080p (although 720p and 1080i will still require a HDMI or Component lead of some sort) and will also be of interest to you if you happen to have a 5.1 surround sound system, since the HDMI cable carries that sound signal, too.

Amazon have released this HDMI cable to be -from what I can tell after a few week's use- high build quality AND affordable, which is a mix a lot of companies get wrong (I'm looking at you, Belkin). So how does this cable rate against others? Point in case: I got this cable to use with my PS3 to plug into my 37" LG 1080p TV. Now before this, I was happily using a 5m HDMI cheap-as-you-can-get cable which I found on ebay. No massive gripes with it, although I must say the connections on either end were downright poor; they just looked tacky. I put up with this and the odd flickering I'd get when I'd switch modes on the TV from HDMI to Component for the Xbox. However, after replacing the old 5m cable with this AmazonBasics 2m HDMI lead, I saw a dramatic change in the quality of the cable itself. The connections were very good, and what I like most about it is the whole lead is braided with a protective shielding and is overall very sturdy and could take a lot of punishment. It really does feel very high-end.

The picture quality I can't confess got much better: it was already pretty good, but I will say it DOES look sharper and the colours definitely DO look more vibrant than the older lead. And I'm having little to no problems flicking between HDMI and Component any more, which is a big plus (saves me having to reset the display settings on the Xbox and PS3 every time).

So overall, a very good product from Amazon, very high quality lead and very much affordable. I'd buy this again anyday over the stupidly expensive (and needlessly so in my opinion) Belkin Platinum range of cables. For what you get, including nice little caps for either end of the lead to protect them when not in use and a better overall experience than rubbish ebay-flogged offerings, it's an absolute steal.

Note: There is much debate about whether getting those £50+ cables are really worth it when you've got massive TVs (50" and upwards). My personal experience with the AmazonBasics cable on both my personal 37" and testing on a 50" Samsung Plasma, the picture looks absolutely stunning on both. I'll leave that thought with you; just whatever you do, don't by a cheapo one like I did the first time, they're really not worth it, whatever screen size you have...
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on 13 April 2011
I needed an HDMI cable to connect my new Panasonic PVR to my TV and after reading a number of good reviews settled on this one and duly connected it up. I found the Panasonic was unable to find and tune in to any multiplexed freeview channels apart from those on channel 28 and my TV lost all channels as well. Thinking that this was a problem with the new PVR, I phoned the Panasonic help line. The lady on the other end suggested I unplug the HDMI cable because if they were not sufficiently shielded they can cause interference with reception and tuning. It sounded rather dubious to me - after all, from what I had read, an HDMI cable is an HDMI cable, despite what they say in the high street stores where they try to sell you hugely expensive ones. Anyway, I did as the lady suggested and the TV channels became available again and the PVR promptly found and tuned in all freeview channels. Still dubious as the the HDMI being the cause, I reconnected it and tried to access the freeview channels. Both the TV and PVR announced that the there was no signal. I returned the cable and replaced it with a Panasonic one for a couple of pounds more. It arrived today and everything worked perfectly. It just goes to show - maybe not all HDMI cables are the same.
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on 7 December 2010
I read reviews on Amazon and decided to buy this cable for a blue-ray appliance. It works well. The fabric of the lead is very strong and you need an area to house it. It doesn't bend very well. It was packaged in a box and easy to open. It works as well as the expensive cables. I was able to buy 2 for less than the price of one cable from other stores and still had change! I was pleased I took the chance and ordered this cable.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having bought some `branded' HDMI leads in the past I was keen to try this new offering from Amazon which is sold under their `Amazon Basics' name. The specifications look good as it is made to the latest 1.3b standard (to work better with 1080p equipment and give better colour depth to the picture), and opening the box reveals a well constructed two metre long lead which wouldn't look out of place even when connected to very expensive equipment. In fact if it wasn't for the little Amazon Basics badges you wouldn't be able to tell it apart from a much more expensive HDMI lead. The outer covering of the cable is a woven style sheath, and the actual connectors are gold plated too. In fact the only snag I could think of is that the connectors themselves are housed in moulded plastic rather than metal casings.
In practice the lead performs as well as any of my other leads as I couldn't find any defects in the resultant images. Using BluRay the picture was vibrant and had good colour, including good black tones. With other equipment connected I was also pleased with the results and I have to say that Amazon should have a winner with this product. I know that you can buy some cheaper HDMI leads, but this one seems to justify the comparatively small difference in price with it's excellent construction, and I think that all but the `label snobs' will be happy with their purchase of this lead.
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There's a bit of a battle raging between the die hard flat earthers of hi-fi and the newer generation of the techno savvy. One group claims that nothing under 50 quid is worth a sniff and that the £300 they spent on their black viper NASA designed super cobalt plated cable has lifted their tellyvisual feasting to near nirvana status while the barbarians are claiming that it's all digital and whether you spend £1 or a thousand makes no difference.
Confused? Me too, so being nosey, I thought I'd give this basics a try and compare it with the £60 Monster cable lead I use. Could I spot a difference? Oh yes I could. Colours were slightly brighter, black deeper and everything just seemed 'fuller'. Point proven huh? Well.... I figured a blind test, (well not literally of course as that would be pointless now wouldn't it), where the cables were swapped and I didn't know which was which. Oh dear, erm, @*$*! Yup you've guessed it, I not only couldn't tell which was which but the picture looked exactly the flippin' same!
There are certain hi-fi mags out there proclaiming loudly that Amazon's 'cheapo' cables are not up to scratch and refusing to give anyone except their 'preferred' manufacturers a fair and unbiased review. Twaddle! This cable is as good as anything else out there. The 'expert' tests are the results of personal opinion and the psychological effect of hype, pricing and 'favoured brand' bias, (tell me my quarter pounder and cheese was £30 and made of hand fed Kobe beef and I'll tell you I can taste the difference, tell me it's £1.99 from you know where & It'll just taste like any other to me),. Snobbery and elitism have always been important to hi-fi geeks and they've transported that over to the whole AV arena. There's also the whole 'emperors new clothes' scenario too where they would be embarrassed to admit they couldn't see the difference.
Don't take my word for it, try a blind test, you'll be surprised by the results.
The one point in favour of spending a couple of quid more on this quad basics version than the other, cheaper, Amazon version is it is more rugged and likely to last longer.
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on 22 December 2010
This is an excellent cable for the price. very well built and very tough! no chance of breaking this in a hurry. Picture quality is excellent, as it is a digital cable it doesent matter if you buy a cheap HDMI cable or an expensive one the picture quality will be the same as a digital signal is either on or off unlike analogue which degrades depending on the strength of signal. This cable is 'quad shielded' which means its basically got 4 layers around the inner cable protecting it from electrical interference and it also makes the cable thicker and much tougher meaning its less likely to snap or break. The only downside to this cable is that it is hard to bend due to the cable being thicker, if you need to squeeze it into a tight corner just get the dual shielded one as thats more flexible. In conclusion you are paying for a high quality cable at a bargain price here don't hesitate!
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on 11 December 2013
Bought this for my Tv after having a new Virgin Media Tivo HD Box installed because the picture just didn't seem right. Swapped for this and a BIG improvement, contrast is better controlled, shadow detail is better and coulor is more natural and deeper, it's as if the cheaper £1 virgin cable could not handle all the data and left the picture only sub HD. For £3.99 it's well worth the upgrade for your VM HD or Sky HD box, the way I see it, if you pay for your TV to be HD, you may as well get what your paying for and at less than £4, what's stopping you?

By the way I am fully aware of HDMI being digital (I work in Electrical retail) so it should either be on or off, however unless my eyes fail me, this little strand of wire really brings my TV to life where the other did not.
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on 2 December 2010
Many people state that, when it comes to digital signals, it either works or doesn't work. This is simply not true. I had a very cheap (£2) 2m HDMI cable that I used with my PS3 and LCD TV at 720p with no issues. However, when I bought a new TV and used the same cable at 1080p, I got sparkles and drop outs. This Amazon Basics cable looks extremely good quality and works perfectly with no visible artifacts at 1080p on a 56" screen. Highly recommended.
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on 21 April 2010
Product was considerably cheaper than all its rivals at time of purchase, quality is flawless and shall be returning to amazon baiscs next time I need one.
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