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4.3 out of 5 stars2,734
4.3 out of 5 stars
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2,012 of 2,047 people found the following review helpful
on 9 November 2010
This product totally works, my son is only 22 mths old, but 5 days later it had completely changed his waking times from 4am to 6am! And 9 days in, he's now consistently waking up between 6.15 - 6.30am. Below is how I did it -

My 22 mth old son has always been a bit of a challenging sleeper, but recently it was just getting ridiculous. 4am starts told me that something needed to be done (not least of all because my husband was away, so I was doing all the early morning starts!) Anyway, I invested in a groclock after a friend recommended one. I have to say, I was a bit dubious, my son is only 22 mths old, and I wondered if he'd actually understand what was going on.

The first day I got it, we read the accompanying book a couple of times, then I spent 3 x 5min sessions with him running through the demo mode, so we saw the sun wink (bye bye Mr Sun!) and turn into the star (Night night! Sleeping time! - we pretended to go to sleep) then into the sun again (Morning Mr Sun! Get up! Get up! - we leapt up and danced around). We did this until it seemed like he understood what was going on. I ambitiously set the sun to come up at 6am, and waited to see how it would go.

Anyway, needless to say, day 1 he woke up at 4am, I went into his room, sat with him, and just kept saying, no, sleeping time, we need to wait until the sun gets up (I'd put some toys in his cot for him to play with, and I encouraged him to do so). After an hour of this, he was beginning to lose the plot, so I subtly changed the clock to the sun, and waited for him to notice. When he did, I made a HUGE fuss of him - yes, yes clever boy, it IS the sun. Let's get up!!

Day 2, woke up at 4.10am. This time I gave it a bit longer before I went in to sit in his room, then again encouraged him to read his books, play with his cars etc. I talked to him about having to wait for Mr Sun, and didn't stay in the whole time, went in, reassured, then went out. At no time did I get him out of his cot, I just encouraged him to wait for the sun.

Day 3, woke up at 5.40am. This time, because it was only 20 mins until he had to get up, I didn't go in at all, just talked to him from outside the door about having to wait for the sun.

Day 4, woke up at 4.55am. I was a bit discouraged, felt like we were going backwards, but this time I didn't go in, just called out to reassure him, and encourage him to play with his cars, read his books, and wait for the sun. Again, I constantly reassured him if he called out or cried, but I didn't go in.

Day 5, woke up at 5.45am, and played until the sun came up

Day 6, woke up AFTER THE SUN!! 6.01am!!

Day 7, woke up at 6.35am

Day 8, woke up at 6.16am (I then took the plunge and changed the wakeup time from 6.00am to 6.15am)

Day 9, woke up at 5.40am, but didn't cry, then put himself back to sleep until 6.20am. He has NEVER put himself back to sleep before.

My top tips for success are

1) Decide you really want to do this before you start. You'll need an iron will to keep going even when bubs is protesting.

2) Once you really decide you want to do it, do NOT get the child out of bed until 'Mr Sun' comes up. I found it was ok to go in and sit with them, encourage them to play in their bed / cot, reassure them etc. If the child really starts to lose it, I would press the button to bring on the sun for the first day, or the second at a real push, but try not to let them see you doing it, otherwise they'll associate you with the sun - and it's key they understand the sun comes out independently of Mummy or Daddy coming into their room! Similarly, try not to go in if you can possibly help it.

3) Set the wake up time as their regular wake up time for the first day, then move it by 15 mins each day until you get to your desired time. I didn't do this, and think it would probably have helped.

4) Think about what you do with your child when they wake up. I thought about it and realised that we were letting him watch telly (mainly because we were so wiped!!), but actually this was reinforcing the early waking, as he was leaping out of bed, so excited about watching Peppa Pig! By not allowing him to watch telly until I was preparing dinner, I removed this association. So now, it's a cup of milk and independent play until 7am, when he has breakfast.

5) Spend a bit of time each day for the first week running through the demo mode with very exaggerated actions and enthusiasm (e.g. loud snores for sleeping, big leaps for getting up). Make it fun. And do it until your child understands. Reinforce it whenever you're reading any book, most kids books have pictures of suns or stars somewhere in them - point at it, and say what is this? Child will say 'sun, stars' etc - say, yes, it's the sun, star - what does that mean? Child - wake up, sleep. You - yes, that's RIGHT. Clever boy/girl - when we see the SUN we WAKE UP!, when we see the STAR we SLEEP.

6) Be consistent - be consistent, be consistent. Don't do it unless you're going to see it through, as your child will absolutely test you to see if you're serious. So this is why it helps to set the wakeup time close to their actual wakeup time to begin with - it's much easier to reinforce if you don't have to deal with an hour of protesting to begin with!
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19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on 30 December 2011
I cannot recommend this light highly enough. We bought it for our daughter last Christmas when she was nearly 3, and I am sure it has given us all hundreds of hours extra sleep over the last year. It took a few nights for her to get used to it (running commentary on the first night!), and we have had the occasional morning when she's come in at 5am insisting it must be broken because it is obviously "wakey-up time". And admitedly she is an owl and not a lark. But I reckon on 29 mornings out of 30, she stays in bed until the sun comes on her clock. Even on Christmas morning. And her body clock is probably now set to wake up at the right time as a result.

In terms of setting it, it's not the most straightforward but to be frank it's no more complicated than the average mobile. We use the "nap" setting to give us all an extra half an hour in bed at weekends :-) which works nicely! She can set the clock herself now (once I have set up the default times) - I didn't show her this so presumably there has been some experimenting at some point! It has a key lock if necessary, which she finds very frustrating :-)

It is fairly bright - similar in intensity to the gro-egg thermometer if you have one. We have them both on a bookcase at the other end of the bed, the light doesn't bother her at all. Most children prefer it not to be pitch black anyway.

Hope the clock helps you as much as it helps us!
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120 of 132 people found the following review helpful
on 2 June 2015
Every once in a while the human race manages to discover or invent something that changes the future forever. From the caveman's discovery of fire, through the invention of the wheel, and more recently the invention of the silicon chip, lives were changed for the better and the generations that followed flowered in the wake of greatness. The Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer is one such landmark advancement. This seemingly simple device took just two weeks to train my 23 month old twins to stay in bed and not wake Daddy up at 5am every day. They now happily lay in bed, chatting, playing peekaboo and waiting for the sunshine to show up. For the last week, I've not had to get up before 7.15am. Yep, seven fifteen. This is the best thing I have ever bought. And for £20 too! If I'd known what a difference this would make to my life I would happily have paid ten times that. When my kids have grown up and no longer need this clock, I'm going to build a shrine around it and give thanks to it every day.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 11 November 2015
My 3 year old daughter had suddenly started waking up around 5am and we couldn't get her back to sleep. This is because she had no means of knowing the time and if ok to get up. This ended up with her being in a very bad mood all day and very ratty with little energy.

We were told to try out a Day & Night clock and thank goodness we did!

The Gro Clock Sleep Trainer has been a miracle and after only 1 night improved our daughter's sleep pattern. She was very excited to have a special clock and she loves having the ability to know if it is time to get up. The clock is easy to use, plug it in and set the current time. You then set the time you want your child to get up. When it is time for your child to go to bed you read them the story which comes with the clock, this is fantastic as helps your child understand why sleep is important. My daughter Holly loved this as there is an animal called Holly Horse :) Whilst reading the story it tells you to press the button which changes the clock from a yellow smiling sunshine to a blue sleeping star. When the set time you programmed for your child to get up comes round the sleeping blue star slowly changes into the smiling yellow sunshine.

What is very clever too with the sleeping star is around it are smaller stars. These disappear through the night so if your child wakes up in the night they can see how many small stars are left, if there are a lot then they understand to go back to sleep as a long time before it is time to get up. If say only 1 little star is there they know it is nearly time to get up. My daughter loves this and keeps telling me she woke up and saw lots of the stars to went back to sleep. This shows how well young children can relate to this clock.

This is worth every single penny, it has been amazing for us and is a fun way to teach your child a sense of when it is ok to wake up. I can see a difference straight away with how better my daughters mood is and she wakes up much better and has a lot more energy.
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on 23 November 2015
This clock is freaking uh-ma-zing!!! It almost seems too good to be true but it works for us. I'm actually scared the write this review in case we get jinxed.

Our 2 year old girl generally wakes nearer to 6am-6:20am and attention cries from around 5am onwards most days and recently went through a phase of waking 5am-5:30am for what seemed like a month or so. We even got a special treat of a couple of 4:30am's the weekend the clocks went back.
My friend mentioned this product to me so I ordered it straight away and it arrived super quick (this seller must understand the need for this product).

It also comes with a sweet little book which we read every night. The first night we used it my little girl pointed the the picture of the clock by the pig in the book and then pointed to her clock on her bedside table so I knew she understood. Our bedtime mantra is "stay in bed until the sun".

From the day we started using this clock our girl has woken, 6:40am then 6:45am then 7am, then 7:20am and one morning an all time record 7:45am!!!
She does wake around 5-5:30am and cry for a couple of minutes but she goes quiet and sleeps on.

The settings took a while to get the hang of but the most important bit is to set it every night. Just click the down button and the sun's face will show with the wee star inside it (that's the night setting) then when you click the left button the sun winks and goes to sleep and then the stars come out and the screen turns blue.

Whoever designed this clock at the Gro Company needs a promotion and a large pay rise.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 25 March 2015
Great product. We bought this for our 3 year old to help her know when it is ok to get up. The night light is good, not too bright and it's simple to use. She loves it. It also plugs into the mains.
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on 4 February 2013
It appears to have magical powers as just the act of ordering it made a previously extremely restless 2 year old sleep through the night ! Or perhaps that was just a coincidence ! In all seriousnes this is a great clock my son (2yrs 4 months) has a habit of wakling up ridiculously early in the mornings and we were at our wits end over Christmas having to get up at 5 am regularly as he was just screaming and wakingup his sisters. We bought this clock and whilst it hasn't completely stopped him waking up at least now if i say to him "Is the sun up yet?" he says "no" and then goes back to sleep, it has taken a bit of training and we aren't completely out of the woods but it has helped greatly and he loves it. He says night night to the sun every night and once the sun does come up in the morning he is bouncing up and down in his cot shouting "Sun up Mummy, Sun up. Come and get me" until I go and get him. On a more practical note it is a little bit complicated to first set up but nothing a thorough read through of the instructions first wouldn't sort out. It does give off quite a bit of light so if you previously had a pitch dark bedroom this might be an issue, but I would recommend this to anyone who has an early riser, it has definitely made our lives easier
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29 of 35 people found the following review helpful
on 28 August 2014
My 3 year old has not woken us up in the middle of the night since we got it. (Had it about 2 months) If she wakes up now she knows it's not morning time and settles herself back to sleep without shouting for me and crying. She has also always been an early riser (5am ish) I set the clock for 6 and she has slept through every night. Wish I had purchased this a long time ago! I will now be moving it forwards by 15 mins or so every couple of weeks. I also used a reward chart and stickers which I purchased from Amazon which I think is a big factor in the success as each morning she comes running in my bedroom shouting 'the clock is yellow I have won a sticker' great purchase
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on 15 November 2012
I've known about this product for a while and had considered it but then the really early mornings always seemed to settle that was until the clocks changed this autumn and a regular 5.30am start began. One morning my decision was made when pleading with my almost 3yr old to go back to bed because it wasn't morning yet he asked how he was supposed to know since it was always dark now, fair point I'm sure you'll agree so along came the clock. He was very excited about it and I found it very straight forward to set up using the instruction book. The story that goes with it is a nice touch and we still, 3 weeks in, have great fun putting the sun to sleep. It has certainly worked for us and although sometimes he is up before the sun I don't get disturbed until it comes up which usually causes a rousing yell.

Like other reviewers I feel that it could be improved by added the clock face and hands to it in someway so that it could become a learning tool in the future. The brightness has never been an issue for us having a newer model with fully adjustable settings and I also got it on offer with free delivery so I couldn't be happier. The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is due to the fact that you only have the digital clock option.
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253 of 307 people found the following review helpful
on 24 August 2009
I bought this a few weeks ago for my 3 year old son who kept getting up ridiculously early, whatever time he had gone to bed. As he has been growing out of daytime sleeps he was getting really tired and bad tempered in the day.
The price nearly put me off but the clock seemed a good design and I decided to give it a try over the holidays. It has worked perfectly. He has enjoyed setting it in the evenings (watching the sun close its eyes and change into the moon) and comes into our room at 7.30am with a beaming smile every morning telling us that the sun has come up. He has always had a night light in his bedroom and this doubles up as that, plus you can alter the brightness.
Setting it up initially was quite straightforward and if you unplug it to move it or to take away on holiday, it retains the settings. The fact that it can also be set to display digital time and has an audio alarm if required means that it will go on to be useful as he gets older.
In summary we are all getting more sleep and are a much happier household!
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