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on 20 October 2009
I would have LOVED to have this phone 10 years ago!

I got a SonyEriccson C905 about 9 months ago, but working in the Oil/Construction/Foundry industry, the fancy phone was getting murdered. So I went for a tough-type phone. I've never had problems with Samsung, so that was my choice.

It's like the Jason Bourne of phones. You can leave it on a brick wall in the rain, 30 feet up, and don't worry if it gets knocked off. Just get someone to call it, and the mud starts ringing. Dig your phone out, and it's perfect. Wash it off, and it keeps on going. After about 9 months, I'm getting the odd scratch on the screen, but it's been hammered with sand, rocks, you name it. The casing is scratchproof, the buttons are fine, Even the exposed camera lens is not marked in the slightest, and i've never covered it with anything. that's the externals sorted. Durability 10/10.

Downsides? The PC interface software is a bit sketchy, it loses USB connection when uploading or downloading my shots. Not all the time, but enough to be a bit irritating, and not as good an interface as Sony's PC Suite. PC Connectivity 7/10

The only other downside? Hearing my phone ring when machinery or stuff is going on, that can be difficult. And so to be safe, sometimes I'll set it to Sound Off/Vibrate On. If it's not actually in my pants, I can't feel it all the time. I'm told it's because the case is so SO TOUGH the shell won't transmit the vibration very well. So Ring Vol/ Vibrate mode 5/10.

Internals? The interface is dead easy, like the anti-motorola of phones. Pick up and play. The screen isn't beautiful, it seems a bit basic, but the colours are bright, photos look brilliant, and it's got everything I need, including internet access, as good as any other phone i've used. Get a memory card, (SD, fits behind battery) and you're sorted. The sound is great, never get anyone at the other end saying "Can't hear a must be your end" The torch now seems totally essential, is blinding, and obviously lasts as long as the battery is charged, i.e days and days (the battery life is brilliant), and i even use the compass, especially when i'm in a city i've not been to, very useful in Prague new town or Barca. So, Features 10/10.

Basically if you treat your phone like it's not a precious jewel, but still want all the stuff you need this side of an i-Phone, this is the phone to get. As i said at the top... Bulletproof! It may not look pretty, but neither does a Land Rover Defender.
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VINE VOICEon 16 August 2009
I've lived with my B2100 for a couple of months now. Interestingly my work phone is a Blackberry Bold ... whilst the Samsung's functional design is more 1990's Nokia by comparison, I have become strangely attached to the little quad band pocket rocket ... and indeed prefer using it to anything else.

First up, this is a seriously tough phone. Most of the exterior is constructed from urethane and has a very pleasant tactile feel. The handset does not require any precious handling and indeed I think even the most casual user would be challenged to make any marks on the phone under normal use (of course if you want to challenge its IP54 military certification that's up to you ...). It's also relatively compact and WAY smaller than the current offerings from Sonim and Durrocom.

Full marks for construction. I've dropped mine on hotel floors, covered it in mud, made calls (and listened to its radio) in pouring rain. No problems.

Using the handset is also a bit of a breeze. Most pleasingly its audio quality is sublime. Both the ear speaker and external speaker providing crystal clear sound (well done Samsung!). Chunky buttons on the side of the unit also facilitate easy volume toggle during calls and a third activates the unit's xeon bulb torch - which is incredibly bright - its now scary how many times its came in handy.

Phone and SMS aside, the remaining technical features are surprisingly ok. It has MMS, send/receives my personal email ok, takes microSD cards up to 8Gb and is a great little radio / music player.

The battery is also worth a special mention - a full 10 days of charge under normal use with me (5-6 calls / 2-3 SMS per day).

Downsides? Well I feel I'm being REALLY picky but would have liked a higher res screen with more resistance to direct sunlight (although the latter is overcome by creating a mono custom colour scheme). The camera is VGA, although this does not actually bother me and the image quality is surprisingly good.

In summary I think Samsung have done a great job ... its a WAY better phone than the Sonim's XP3 (or indeed other tough mobiles out at the moment). It's also newer and cheaper than Samsung's higher spec'd B2700 (which I've actually been put off buying as the B2100 has pretty much everything I need).

This little guy sits on the EXTERIOR of my rucksack during a daily cycle commute and hasn't complained. It won't score highly on the phone-snob-review sites and quite honestly ...

I don't care (I'm keeping mine!)
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on 7 February 2010
Bought this one month ago for work and leisure. Very pleased so far. Does everything I need it to and more. Calender reminder alarms very useful. The Samsung PC Studio software,(download from Samsung Website), is very useful to connect the phone to your PC, so you can type in phone numbers, set appointments, write texts, etc. without having to use phone keys, and backup to PC. Radio uses headphones as aerial and has very good quality sound.
Annoying that it connects to internet when middle button pressed in idle mode with no apparent way to change this setting. Manual very basic (download from Samsung Website), only telling you what the phone I capable of, without examples of how to do it and leaving much to the imagination for the novice. This is also the case with PC Studio. I needed to download settings from the Samsung website to enable Internet, email and MMS to work, although very easy, there was no mention of this in documentation. Camera basic but usable, but video very bad quality.
Once mastered though, a very good solid useful phone.
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on 17 March 2011
I needed a solid phone 'cos i constantly drop, submerge and bash my phones around. I had the old version of this (the M110) which i loved and never stopped working until I lost it. This ones even better. I dont use half the functionality but reception is brilliant even on my pants network, and you can always make a call of send a text even when its absoloutely sodden, been dropped, covered in mud etc.
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on 6 November 2010
I bought this phone due to having an outdoors lifestyle and unfortunately my last phone met its demise after being dropped into a latte, so I thought a 'rugged' phone might be the way forwards!

I really like the look and feel of this phone, but for me it's sadly let down by its poor small screen and hard to read text, the screen seems to have reverted to the quality of much older phones and any images are grainy and pixelated. Even if Samusung had made the text bolder it would have made a difference! As I use a phone for mainly texting and my eyesight is not what it used to be, I was very disappointed. I absolutely love the phone otherwise, it is light and nice to hold but I've reluctantly had to look elsewhere for a phone with a larger screen.

I've ended up with a Nokia 3720, not as attractive or robust as the Samsung but it's screen is 100% better!
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on 19 December 2009
This phone is ideal for people who spend time outdoors, either working or enjoying outdoor activities.
Tested the waterproof claim by throwing the phone into a swimming pool (only about 1m deep) found no problems and even sent a text message and took a photograph underwater.
I work in dirty, damp & cramped conditions and often end up leaning on the phone in my top pocket - no damage so far to the screen. Dropped it several times from my hands (again around 1m) no evidence of damage.
Not the best camera in the world but then that's not really what this phone is all about.
For the person who mainly uses the phone for making calls and sending texts this phone is more than adequate.
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on 10 February 2010
I bought this phone to replace my ancient (in mobile terms) Nokia 5140i. I wanted a splashproof phone with built in torch and mp3 player.

I was very comfortable with my old Nokia's user interface and was wary of switching brands, but I've found the transition to Samsung's UI quite straightforward - just a few differences to get used to but these are compensated for by many improvements from my old phone.

I've copied files from my PC with no problems, mainly dragging them across in Windows Explorer rather than using the Samsung software. If you have an extra memory card installed it opens as a separate drive which is neat.

The USB socket cover does seem a bit vulnerable, as another reviewer mentioned: with headphones connected it sticks out at 45 degrees, so if the phone is in your pocket it can get snagged. Also if you're a nail-biter you'll have trouble opening it - I get around that by using the edge of the USB connector to tease it open.

Call quality is good, and music sounds great on it, so all in all I'm very happy with my purchase.
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on 4 October 2009
Love the robust nature of this phone. It's tough, has the water resistance (although I've not yet tested it) that I feel I need being an outdoory kinda person.
I've had the phone just a few days and am still finding my way around the menus, most is easy to follow but sending txt to multiple people seems a bit hit and miss.
Torch fab, best ever, Camera not too bad, but lets face it this is a phone for people who like thier gadgets simple and rough-ty tough-ty.
The one annoying thing is that the middle selector button immediately connects you to the WAP application and there is no way (I have 3 friends who also have this phone) that we have found to change this option.

If you are the sort of person that drops your phone, leaves it in the garden in the rain, takes it hillwalking, skiing or any damp place, and are the type of person who generally abuses technology then GO FOR IT.
Get a micro SD card though, or you will fill the memory pretty quick by bluetoothing over those fave ringtones! Not much choice came with my phone.

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on 1 September 2012
WOW ! I bought the Samsung B2100 as I needed a tough phone that could take rough handling. As a Vehicle AC Engineer, I'm usually found under a car, lorry or tractor and my phone has to cope with it. The Samsung has been fine and although a little dated, I'm happy so far. The battery life is amazing, usually one overnight charge a week is plenty and the buttons are large enough for my ageing digits.
Last night I finished work and threw my work clothes in the washer, boil wash as they were a bit oily. Yes you guessed it, I left the phone in the phone pocket, (new cargo pants, not used to them yet, more pockets than a snooker table), Didn't miss the phone until this morning and after searching the house and van, (yes, I did try ringing it), went back through events from the last use. Which led me to the washing, now fluttering happily in the breeze on the washing line. My heart sank as I felt the phone pocket, and there it was, smelling nicely of Lenor, but not showing any sign of life. As it had been through a 3hr boil wash and a 1600 spin, I was expecting the worst. So, imagine my delight when I switched it on and it was working PERFECTLY !
Now recharged and dried out it is as good as ever. Well done Mr Samsung.
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on 28 January 2011
I bought this phone for my father as a Christmas present.
He was looking for a new one as his existing phone was battered and bruised and on it`s last legs.
As his last phone was a Samsung, the format was familiar to him therefore he knew how to use it and didn`t require the usual long winded technological lecturing sessions. It`s easy to use for anyone anyway.
The bonus buy on this also was the torch function, instead of carrying a light on his keyring which he uses regular and don`t last very long, this has proved a godsend which comes on at the touch of a dedicated button (no fiddling through menus) it`s bright as hell too.
Very tough compared to standard phones and being waterproof as well should last him quite a while this time.....
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