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4.7 out of 5 stars486
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 28 August 2009
Fantastic - I decided to get this for my 14 month old daughter last week - she was asleep when i got it and she was given it once I had uploaded her name, favourite colour, animal and food, so we have a song about a pink monkey that eats chocolate! and a few tunes she knows - she was delighted with it. She has mastered the controls on the paws - even though she turns violet on and off every so often. The bedtime tunes are very soothing and can be set for 2,5 and 10 minutes, violet's collar light doesn't flash whilst in this mode.

Violet is also nice and soft and cuddly.

Violet is a very polite puppy too, she says please,thank you and may I

I'm sure violet will become a firm favourite - certainly makes my little sweetie smile lots
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on 22 May 2010
This is an excellent toy, I would highly recommend it, easy to use for little fingers and lot's of fun, your little one will be singing along with the puppy and learn new words.
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on 8 December 2013
A family friend gave my daughter this for her 1st birthday. She loves it. There is a night time setting with gentle music on a timer that I put on every night after story time. It settles her to sleep. The personalised messages and songs always brings a smile to her face. She's now 16 months and still adores it.
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on 25 November 2015
This has to be one of the best toys I've ever brought for my daughter; in respect of value and entertainment! It is lovely and grows with your baby through to when they are a child! I got my daughter hers after seeing a friend's child with one. My daughter was only a few months old when I brought it but she loved the flashing lights. I updated it to her stages of development as she grew, changing the songs and what her preferences were etc. She is 4 now and she still loves it! Batteries have now run out and she is begging for me to get new ones lol! Definitely a toy worth buying!!
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on 25 September 2013
We already had the My Pal Scout (green version) for my son and although it was never a favourite it was quite fun and he liked playing with it occasionally. Violet however is a big hit with my daughter (currently 19 months), she loves singing and dancing along to the play time songs (some are pre-prgrammed and can't be changed but you can then select a certain number of other ones from the Leap Frog website including the Wheels on the Bus, Incy Wincy Spider, Happy and you Know it etc). I was a bit disappointed given that you can program it with the child's name that Happy Birthday is just an instrumental, as it was a birthday present we were hoping that it could sing her name but it doesn't.

You can program in the child's favourite animal, food and colour and it will sing a little song about those; it also sings a song spelling out the child's name which is OK as long as the correct name/spelling is on Leap Frog's list. Both of my children's names are there however my own (Vicky) is not, not in any form of the word, only Victoria which is not my name. This didn't cause us a problem as it's not for me but be sure to check that the child's name you want is on the list before you give it to them (I'm not sure if there's any way to check from Leap Frog's website or not?). The installation is a bit clunky, and the customisations are quite limited but for the price you can't really complain (except perhaps for the name issue but then it's impossible for them to list all names, especially more unusual ones).

The best feature for us is the bedtime music (again you can chose which songs are on the toy from the website), you can select it to play lullabies for either 2, 5 or 10 minutes and it will say something like 'snuggle up' or 'goodnight' with the child's name before it starts. The only thing that would make this feature better would be if there could be a switch (perhaps next to the volume control/off switch) that would allow parents to disable all the other features when used for night time as my daughter has on occasion rolled over onto it and set it off singing daytime songs or wanting to play games...not very helpful for settling her to sleep!!

The batteries seem to last really well too, we've been using Violet every night, and some days too for at least 15-20 at a time for several months now and they're still going strong.

Admittedly there are other toys out there that do just the bedtime part but for a lovable cuddly (and apart from the bit in it's back for the batteries it is very squishy and soft) toy that plays games, sings songs AND does lullabies at a reasonable price you can't go too far wrong.
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on 29 May 2013
This is the second of the My Puppy Pals I have bought, after the one I got for my daughter was a huge hit with her cousin as well.

On the plus side: The dog is a nice size for a 1-year old to cuddle, the buttons in the paws and tummy are easy to press so she can operate it herself. It keeps my daughter occupied especially on car journeys when she normally gets bored. We use the singing paw for play time, while the lullaby music was a lifeline when we stayed away recently.

On the negative side: The name database is not huge. My daughter's name was in the databse, and we were offered two pronunciations. Only they were both the same, incorrect, pronunciation in either a male or female voice. It does not "learn your name" so if your child has an uncommon name which is not in the database, you have to use it in the name-off mode.

The selection of songs is very limited, especially the sing-along songs which are the bit my daughter likes best. You can have up to 5 songs loaded at a time, and I think there are fewer than a dozen to choose from. "Happy and you know it" has two verses, "clap your paws" and "wag your tail" - would have been better sticking with things children could actually do! Old Macdonald has only one verse, "puppy", although to my nephew it sounded like "nothing" and he got quite upset at Old Macdonald having nothing on his farm.

Most annoyingly, LeapFrog seem to have followed VTech and others down the path of thinking that "offkey" equals "childishly charming".

Don't let the negatives put you off - this is really an excellent toy and I am very glad that we bought it. It is one of my daughter's favourites, and it has quite a long useful period as she has had it from a year while her cousin is 2 1/2 and still loves it. In terms of children's toys, that is quite a good lifespan. It is quite battery-hungry but that seems par for the course for toys.
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on 18 August 2011
I normally buy my 18-month-old wooden and fabric toys, and try to steer clear of cheap plastic stuff, or electronic things. After reading the reviews on Violet however, I found myself clicking "add to basket". It arrived and as was a present for my daughter's birthday I immediately plugged it in and was amazed at how easy it was to choose the different songs for violet to play. There's a great selection and you can also put your little one's name into the songs, by clicking it off an extensive list.

My daughter and I love everything about this toy. The bedtime mode, the different songs, the fact it's easy to work by simply squeezing the different paws, the look and feel, the volume is just right, the fact you can put your child's favourite animal/food/colour into the songs and despite being electronic is extremely robust! My daughter loves to sit violet on her beanbag, press the music paw and dance round the living room to the tunes. It is adorable!

The ONLY possible gripe I have is that when you choose your child's name, as it comes off a pre-recorded list, it's in an american accent but the rest of the song is in an english accent?! So it goes something like "me... and my frienddddd... POAPEE" (my daughter's name is Poppy), which is a little irritating, and also that if your child has an unusual name it may not even be on the list! But that is not enough to take off a star from my rating. Extremely reasonable price too! I have bought 3 more as gifts! All in all, a fantastic toy!
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on 1 December 2011
I decided to buy this toy for my two and a half year old for christmas after my mother in law told me she was going to be buying the scout version for my youngest son (he will be 6 months at christmas) My oldest son is behind developmentally and so i have bought a lot of toys aimed at younger children for him and this was by far the best in my opinion. My son is only just finding his sense of self and i love the fact that the puppy can be personlised to inclue your childs name. I have bought him twinkle twinkle little violet to match and i know for a fact he will love them both. On a practical side the toy is easy to set up and even comes with batteries which is a godsend as they always seem in short supply in our house come christmas day. I would definatly recommend, it is a fantastic toy, very cute looking and lovely and soft, i had great fun setting her up with my sons name and his favorite things and choosing his little playlist from a very long selection (which is all christmas songs for now). If you are buying your infant or toddler one toy this christmas i would have to recommend this one and when you see the price tag it is even better, (i also bought my son a toffee the pony after he expressed a desire for one and it came with a much heftier price tag) but violet is defianly worth every penny, i'd have paid a lot more for this toy i cannot praise it enough my children are going to love them.
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on 21 November 2012
We bought this our newborn baby, and it is one of the best presents we ever bought her. It has different functions, you press one paw for games, another paw for daytime/fun music, another paw for night time soothing, the other paw is an off button, and then if you press Violet's tummy she talks more about feeling happy/sad/needing a cuddle etc.

Our daughter has always been utterly delighted at the music we downloaded onto violet from (Leap Frog's website),from early on she would give a beaming smile at the up beat tunes. At times when she suffered colic, or any other sleep difficulties, we found the night time soothing music to be very useful for distracting and calming her.

Until recently we have had to press all the buttons for our daughter, but now, she is realising that she can press them herself, so the toy now has a whole new meaning for her, and I can imagine that she will love this dog for many more years to come.

Good value as a present, as your friends will love personalising it, when you hear the dog say your childs name for the first time, it is soooo sweet!

Volume is adjustable which is brilliant too.
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on 26 June 2010
First thing I noticed when I started taking the pup out the box was how soft it was. The name tag on the dog lights up red constantly making it really attractive to look at. Downloading my niece's name was easy as well as downloading her favourite food and pet etc.

The website you download these updates from is really easy to use and has a good simple interface.

When the pup speaks it incorporates your baby's name into the preset conversations and it does catch the attention of the said baby - in this case, my niece, Olivia. The dog has a nice funny, almost cartoonish, bark every so often and is not at all annoying and is at a good volume level.

If it was three times the price you would probably not complain of your purchase, but at the price it is you will be very happy with it and your baby will love it for years to come.
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