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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 June 2009
I contacted Sonocaddie to ask if they would map my local course before committing to purchase my V300. They asked for course details and a scorecard and three weeks later, my course was available to download, all free of charge. My purchase included lifetime birdie membership (UK) which means my initial purchase cost is all I will pay, no annual subscriptions or course creation fees. The units hole overview is excellent, giving the user a feel for how the course is laid out graphically and the scorecard facility is handy too with stats available. The distance checker is OK, but I doubt if I would use the shot track recording, it would have been better to have integrated this with the scorecard. Overall, highly recommended, check your course availability first but you can either map it yourself (easy) or ask them to do it for you.
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on 4 June 2009
I did a lot of research into these types of products as well as the range finder laser types before purchasing this item.

I found it easy to use; I liked the colour screen and the ease of operation.
Good value for money coming in cheaper than the colour version of the Sky Caddie and a comparitive price to the black and white version of the Sky Caddie model.

I could not access the site initially to download the courses I wanted but that was the fault of my PC's firewall system and not the accompanying software. I did have to contact the customer service people to resolve it but they were most helpful and prompt with their replies. I suppose it did help that there was a five hour time difference between here and the States. I sent my queries off after lunchtime and received my replies the same day !!
They were extremely anxious that the product did what it said on their website...

Another reason for purchase was that my home course is on the software database and when downloaded is very accurate in all its detail. The Sonocaddie website allows you to browse and search for courses and that is why I knew my course was listed there. Excellent software.

There is a facility to edit landmarks on each hole and I have added some water hazards and bunkers that I particularly wanted to know the distances to.
It also has a ' MARK ' feature that allows you to measure how far you hit each club and have spent many a happy hour on the practice ground finding out how far I hit each club compared to how far I THOUGHT I hit them !

All in all a good purchase and I am completely satisfied. I cannot say it will lower MY handicap but what I am finding is that I am either pin high or past the flag more often now that previously which can only be a bonus. YOU, the poor golfer still have to hit the shots and that only means hard work on the practice ground !!

Yours Sincerely, a satisfied five handicap golfer ( formerly one handicap )....
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on 5 October 2009
I really rate the Sonocaddie v300. I've tried a Skycaddie SG5 and settled on the v300. I play off 13.

Good Points
1. The colour screen is clear and bright so I can read the course map without my glasses.
2. Fits easily in my pocket and the ergonomics are good.
3. You can check your local course is available to download before you buy.
4. When I registered on line I was granted downloads to all UK courses for free, I'm not sure why!
5. The ongoing subscription fees are very reasonable compared with other brands.
6. Loading the desktop software and downloading courses was a breeze.
7. My local course layout was accurate enough.
8. My favourite feature is the ability to customise the course layout. This allows me to determine which features to map and where the front and back of the green are. My home course changes all the time - moving bunkers, planting trees, relocating Tees etc.
9. I can map a course not available for download which is great as I play some obscure courses during the year.
10. I really like being able to record my score, track my shots and my movements if I so desire.
11. A whole round with the backlight and track log on uses half the battery.
12. I'd never realised some of our greens are 40 yards deep and others less than 20.
13. There are plenty of buttons for specific functions which speeds up use once you remember which button does what.

Bad Points
1. The hole layouts are generic so in map view some holes appear to have features which don't actually exist, a bit of artistic licence.
2. The points chosen for front and back of the green are not exactly where I would want them (It is easy to re-record these positions).
3. Unlike the Skycaddie SG5 when you play from the side or back of a green the v300 does not change the orientation of the green. Not really as problem as the centre is always clearly marked.

* Download your regular course and rename it to something different so you can save your changes and they won't be accidentally overwritten.
* Course are listed alphabetically so put A in front of regular courses to show them at the top of the list.
* Mark your normal Tee Box in the lowest position so as you walk up to your drive the yardage back to the Tee is always shown.
* Take care to mark lay-up points to avoid over hitting on dogleg holes.
* You need to apply consistent rules such as always marking the front of a bunker, the carry over water etc
* I mark the front and back of the green from the point of view of playing them.

Overall great fun, I've used the v300 several times and it has saved me strokes. I hate paying good money to play a new course and have the round ruined by poorly judged approach shots. The v300 is good but not perfect on a new course for the first time. However if you mark a few extra features in your first round they will make subsequent rounds even better.

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on 22 March 2010
I spent a fair bit of time over choosing the Sonocaddie, my first foray into golf gps systems.

Lots of positive points about the Sonocaddie, as mentioned in the other reviews, particularly the cheap or, for the UK courses, free subscription.

But I just need to redress the balance slightly by highlighting some negatives that aren't obvious from the product description or the reviews:

1) The course are mapped only from satellite photos, and only tend to include bunkers and some (not all) water hazards. The hole overviews are very generic, and the examples I've seen make no mention of out of bounds, aiming points, layup distances etc.
A particularly bad example of this was playing the well known Oxfordshire Course recently. The feature hole is the par 5 number 17, with a big fairway to the right of a huge lake, and a smaller fairway as an option to go left. Yet on the hole overview no mention is made of the left fairway at all.
2) Accuracy - Claims about 7 to 10 yards, and from my laser measurements on level ground (slope makes a difference) I would say this is true, the error measurement gets up to (but not more than) 10 yards.
Some reviews elesewhere claim gps is within 3 yards accuracy, so for the better golfer I would maybe suggest checking out (maybe borrow a mates system) some other devices and see if they can improve on this accuracy figure.
3) 3D - For some reason the course overviews are described as 3D. In no sense is this the case. The pictures are completely 2D.
4) Specific measurement. I had hoped it would be possible to position crosshairs on the screen to identify distances to specific targets, particularly useful for layups. No, you can't.
5) Editing. To be really useful and reliable you need to edit the courses - pretty easy - as you walk round them, adding landmarks etc. Yet I would have thought the PC software would enable you to do a more comprehensive editing job at home with some 'painting' options to add plantations, no go areas, buildings etc. But no, you can't. You can't even draw a new course and add it from the pc. The Sonocaddie online site seems very good so I hope this functionality could be added in the future.
Of course this need to check and add features, even to well known courses, limits the usefulness the first time you play a new course.

Conclusion: My prejudice about gps before buying this system was that it was great for holiday golf, but not accurate enough for serious play. I would tend to stick by this assessment. I enjoy using the Sonocaddie, and I will carry on doing so, but I will always carry a laser as well for accurate measurements.
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on 2 March 2009
I had never used a GPS device for golf before, so was a little reticent about the technology and also whether I was breaching the corinthian traditions of the amateur game. By the end of my round I was re-assured on both counts!
The device is remarkably easy to use. it comes out of the box partly charged, connects easily with the PC and I downloaded my home course Camberley Heath within seconds. I like the fact there is a USB charger and conventional 3-pin plug.

it is a very easy to use and intuitive device. The coloured display is excellent and clear to see, and zooming on on the green was easy, The feature to measure how long my shots were was useful, particularly on the few occasions when my tee-shot was straight enough to find, never mind measure!
I also like the score-card facility and the fact that it stores previous scores.

I think for any level of golfer this is a very useful device. It saves scratching around on the fairway trying to to find a sprinkler head or local landmark to gauge or guess distance by. It removes yet another excuse from my repertoire when I mis-hit! It actually made my round even more enjoyable.
its easier to use than the most basic of mobile phones, I'd recommend it to any golfer of any level. Would be a great Father's Day present for anyone short of ideas!
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on 9 July 2009
Having now used my Sonocaddie for well over 15 rounds and on at leased 8 different courses I can truly say I am very with pleased it. Of course it does not improve you golf (you still have to hit the ball)but it speeds up your game and the yardages are very accurate.I have always been able to obtain at lease 8 satellite signals in Sun,Cloud and Rain.The only fault I have found with it is that one course (Haying island) a river across the fairway was not marked but Hey! none of us are perfect . Get used to everyone you play with asking the yardage!!!
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on 11 July 2009
Excellent device that's main advantage is that it shows all of the hole being played, including maps of hazards. I had a Sureshot before this, which just told you yardage to hazards and did not show the shape of the hole, including doglegs.
Highly Recommended.
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on 16 July 2009
Since buying the Sonocaddie V300 a few weeks ago I have been very impressed. The unit is very small and discrete but gives a great layout of each hole in Question. The additional functions are also fantastic especially the one which lets you edit hazards and points of interest on each hole yourself. My game has definitely improved as I use to miss club often but the sonocaddie gives a very accurate yardage to all hazards and also front and back of greens in question.My only grip is the GPS maps of the courses seem slightly outdated as on my local course there are allot of features missing that I have had to add personally.This makes me slightly apprehensive going to courses that i am not familiar with as hazards and features my also be missing.All of my friends have the sky-caddie and they all like my unit better than there's,even the local professional-overall a great buy.
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on 14 July 2009
I purchased the V300 three months ago after getting increasingly frustrated at the inconsistent yardage markers at some golf courses. I can honestly say that it was money well spent. The GPS unit is very user friendly, robust and waterproof (Well, rain proof). Yardage is no longer a guessing game, and if you play consistent golf and are confident with your club yardages then I guarantee you will save strokes off your score. Some of my playing partners have other branded GPS products that do the same job(SkyCaddie/Garmin)and all rave over the benefits of GPS. It all comes down to what you like the look of. The V300 has free course downloads (very easy to download), stores up to 30 courses and has tracking and analysis facilities. Fantastic!
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on 1 December 2009
I have just received the Sonocaddy V300 and had the opportunity to try it out on a golf course that was new to me. The instrument was easy to use and very accurate in its measurements. It also allowed me to identify obstacles that I might otherwise have missed. (actually, knowing that they were there did help me to miss them!)
However, when I tried to download my own home course on to the Sonocaddy I found that they are very dependent on the clarity of the satellite image and were unable to download it. Thus I would recommend that you look on the satellite image of your course on Google maps to see how clear they are.
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