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4.7 out of 5 stars200
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 1 October 2009
I have never enjoyed Lost so much since season 1.

Finally, in season 5 we are treated with revelations about the islands history that reveal a few surprises. The relation between Ben, Charles Widmore and the Island is revealed through the various flashes. Flashbacks and flashforwards are now used in a completely different way to reveal the struggle of our Losties who have changed in many ways since the first season. The mechanism in which this is done may confuse people, but just bare in mind that this show introduced an evil pillar of smoke in the first season, that sounds like a machine and blows up trees!

Top notch acting from all concerned but Michael Emerson (Ben) and Terry O'Quinn (Locke) in particular since they, in my opinion, portray the most interesting characters. I find Kate and Jack quite boring, although they are more interesting than usual this season.

The only gripe I have with this season, is that it did not reveal much (outside of character development) about a certain organisation that I wish to know more about.

The season finale of this season is the best of of them all so far. Finally, after the events that take place, we are given a real clue to what is really going on.

My warning to newbies to Lost, treat Lost like a book, a journey! Do not watch season 5 unless you have seen all previous seasons, it will ruin the experience!
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on 14 May 2009
It had seemed like the writers had backed themselves into a corner. Still so many unanswered questions lying in the past, but they had largely moved away from heavy exposition and the flashback device. Their answer was brilliant: to make some of the characters live their way through these missing pieces of the puzzle.

Time travel is an element that has been progressively introduced since Desmond's 'flashes' in season three, through to dislodged consciousness in season four, and now to physical displacement in season five. Those that have said it's been introduced out of the blue simply haven't been paying attention: it's been on the cards for a while, and neatly solves the narrative puzzle facing the writers.

The acting is to the usual high standard with some standout performances from Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emerson. The plot twists and turns, but the constant revival and resolution of previous elements (some stretching back to the first series) reassures the viewer that this rollercoaster has a sense of direction. Excellent use of sound helps cement a solid experience, and whilst the music offers nothing revolutionary, it's recurring melodies help tie the new elements back to existing themes with familiar musical cues and motifs.

What of the story itself? Characters previously mentioned only in name are now fleshed out to a satisfying level (most notably Jacob and Radzinsky). Furthermore, we begin to properly grasp the nature of the Dharma Initiative, see Ben have a chilling encounter with the monster, and watch the writers move all the pieces into place for the final series. Overall, this is gripping stuff. Just one word to the wise: the ending is perhaps the most ambiguous cliffhanger in television history (it's well executed, but it'll have you racking your brains for the next 8 months).

The episodes have been fantastic, but the one thing I can't make a comment on this early are DVD extras. This is well worth your money, and a must-buy for any fans of the mythology.

Roll on season six, and to quote Charles Widmore: 'there is a war coming'.
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on 1 June 2010
I know I am being too harsh by just giving a whole season just three stars, but somehow the cerebral-ness of the whole enterprise has somehow compromised the emotional engagement with the characters. Really liked the season I did, but I don't think unlike other seasons, the fifth season can stand tall on its own merit and convince the skeptics back to it. Maybe that is the point of it: this season separates out the casual watchers from the aficionados. I was quite surprised when I made through the first few episodes without getting a subarachnoid hemorrhage myself with all the time-travel flashes. Seriously writers, there's overdose of a theme, and then there's plain nuts. The constant white-outs, though later justified by the plot-design, made an incomprehensible narrative pulp out of a reasonably well-paced three-or-four-thread-in-parallel series. Thankfully the flashy time travel stops and gives way to massive decade-long leaps of... hold your breath... time. It's Lost of a completely different sort, very chaotic, almost head-throbbingly chockfull of incident and never really taking a breather (sometime in the finale we have Rose and Bernard quipping at the sheer ludicrousness of their world-fixing ways and the earnestness and consistency with which these characters find reasons to make their lives challenging in new times, new environments. Just relax people, stop blowing each other up and just have some tea and take in the sunshine. I couldn't agree more). The island's and the big corporations' nefarious beginnings are revealed and certainly a face and presence gets attached to the names of those enigmatic big daddies.

When it's not busying itself with the whole Back-to-the-Future/Butterfly Effect-esque issues inherent in time travel, it's doing a major Indiana Jones on us, complete with caves and temples and hieroglyphics and what have you. For all the derivativeness of it's science fiction, atleast Lost has stopped fudging bets and placed itself firmly in sci-fi absurdia which sort of spells out the scope and reach of the show. My love for the main characters hasn't changed in any huge way with this season, as they are now acting as mere props to hurtle along the plot (and in the bigger, within-Lost scheme of things, as puppets of grandiosely evil and invisible guys). Okay, so Sawyer mans up finally and more layers to Ben are revealed but if there had to be a standout character, it would be Daniel Faraday. For the rest, it's status quo.

Being the penultimate season, this inevitably plays, as I mentioned before and this is my main gripe with it, as a prequel to the grandstanding final season. It's unrelentingly cryptic for newbies (don't touch this boxset with a bargepole if you ain't properly clued in with the last 4 seasons), rewires the lazy old followers who half expect a flashback/flashforward with some progress of the on-island story (sorry folks, time to shut that macbook and pay attention), and the whole B-movie regalia with that background score, the sheer number of coincidences and the copious amount of red corn syrup used for blood (not to forget what a joke getting shot in the show always has been!) is all intact. It alludes to bigger things thematically (the Dharma initiative, the Others, the island's special properties really are almost unspooled with the big reveals carefully left out for the sixth season), and hammers in time-travel so much that the uninitiated experience a paradigm shift in how they think about time (really good thing I thought). But on the drama side of things, a tad pale. It gets a lot of things and people moving at the same time but you'd be surprised how much you forget the moment you have seen the finale. Still, a must watch for those tearing their hair out for years now trying to work out "what it all means". I hear you brothers and sisters.
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on 3 November 2009
The X-Files use to be my favourite television series, I have every season on dvd, and honestly believed that nothing would ever replace it as my no 1 show; and then Lost came along and completely blew me away.

The first season was impressive and it has just gone from strength to strength. I doubted that it could get any better after the first season and wondered how the story could continue, but every season has been consistently good, and the way the story has been unfolding, has just been mind blowing.

Presumably you have already watched previous seasons of Lost, if you are reading this review; in which case, what are you waiting for?! If it hasn't captured your imagination already, then words fail me.

If however, you have never had the privilege to watch Lost, I would strongly suuggest that you watch the previous seasons before embarking on Season 5, as they put everything in to context. It might seem at the time that the producers are just making things up as they go along but everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle.

In essence, the series is about a group of people who survive a plane crash on an island but it's not an ordinary island, it's practically invisible to the world and has unusual qualities, such as polar bears (in a practically tropical climate!) and the ability to heal wounds quickly. As well as the story that unfolds on the island, the survivors have flashbacks to their lives before arriving on the island and it seems that they are all connected in some way, with many of them unknowingly crossing paths with other survivors.

There are also a lot of 'main characters' in the show, it's difficult to choose a favourite as there are so many contenders. I can only describe the show as jaw dropping with some of the revelations. I can't articulate how brilliant this show is, it has to be watched!

In terms of Season 5 itself, it's a great season which provides a lot of answers! I was a little bit confused at the time it was on television, with all the time travel that goes on, but it all becomes clear after a while. It's going to be emotional when the last season airs in 2010 as I feel like I've been on this epic journey with the characters and I don't want it to end. Having said that, every season has been superb and I would hate for the producers to let the quality slide so let's hope season six ends with a bang!
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on 4 October 2009
WOW is the best way to describe Season 5 of Lost.

Every episode of this season is brilliant it is more consistent than the previous couple of seasons that although I still thought were brilliant they did feel like the odd episode was below the usual standard of this ground breaking show.

For those of you who have been desperate for answers they come thick and fast in this series. We find out much more about the history of the island, the DHARMA initiative, the smoke monster and the mysterious Jacob.

The season finale is particularly good and leaves you desperate for the start of Season 6.

I love having the group split in two with the people that escaped and people that stayed and seeing how their stories all begin to merge together. Brilliantly acted and superbly written as with every season of lost.

If your a lost fan this is a must watch season and will leave you craving for more more more.
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on 1 September 2009
All the cast are back and this time it's serious (cliche i know) The cast i feel are at their best. The performances are amazing and the ever unknown story of lost keeps unfolding. Their are more twists in this series than the Corkscrew ride except this rollercoaster leaves your more dazed and confused by the time you come off it. This is by far the best season to date and i love how it can only get better. We are so close to the mystery being solved but still have another year to wait for the answers. My recommendation would be to buy this and watch them all from the beginning. By the time you have finished them you will be that little bit closer to revealing the ever anticipated LOST ending. All i know is I CANNOT WAIT!
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VINE VOICEon 17 April 2009
Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Ben, Sayid, Locke, Juliet, Hurley, Desmond, Jin, Sun and the rest of the fantastic characters return in the fifth season of Lost and times are changing (quite literally) for the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 - some of them are still on the island and some are back home, later on some are in the present while others are stuck in the past. There's plenty of new characters as well as the usual ones that have been there through the previous seasons. A lot of questions that you've had from the very beginning are answered whilst others are created. Rather than the flash-backs and flash-forwards like before, this series flicks between the island and LA and also between the present and 3 years ago.

I know that at the time of writing this there's still another 4 episodes left to be aired of `Lost: Season 5' but the 13 episodes that I have seen so far have been so good that I can confidently say that this season is incredible (better than season 3 and 4) and secures it even stronger as one of the best US TV shows of all time. If you've not seen the previous four seasons this is definitely not a good place to start as everything in this season is just evolving from what has happened in previous episodes, so it wouldn't make any sense at all. I can't recommend this enough but I guess if you've already watched up to this point you'll no doubt want to watch this season anyway, but I can honestly say that this season is amazing and it's just a shame I have to wait until next January for season 6.
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It's the beginning of the end for "Lost" -- only one more season to go, and plenty of strange destined events yet to be explained.

And "Lost: The Complete Fifth Season" may be the best season of the show yet, with some unexpected glimpses back into the Island's history, mysterious people, and more explorations of the mysterious Jacob. It feels like the entire season is packed with strange twists and unexpected turns, complete with a trip back in time that illuminates everything that has come before it.

Jack joins forces with his former enemy Ben, trying to bring the Oceanic Six back together and get them back to the Island. But Charles Widmore has been sending assassins to kill Hurley and Sayid, and someone is sniffing around Kate's relationship to Aaron. Their only hope of getting back to the Island is to follow the instructions of Eloise Hawking, a woman who has intricate knowledge of time and space -- and the Island.

Meanwhile, the Island is randomly leaping through time, flinging Sawyer, Juliet, Daniel, Charlotte and all the others from one time period to another. And when the Oceanic Six (minus a few) arrive on the Island again, they find that it is now 1977 -- Sawyer, Juliet and their friends have all been living there for the past three years, as part of the Dharma Initiative. Sun and Ben end up in the hands of the remaining Others -- along with a supposedly dead man now returned to life.

But as the fateful Incident approaches, Jack and Co. end up having their plans unravel around them, and a bunch of gun-toting Dharma people out for their blood. With the help of Daniel Faraday and his mysterious journal, the splintered little group sets out to somehow reset everything that has happened on the Island -- even as Ben and the Others approach an ancient monument, where the Island's fate will be changed forever.

There's a sense of melancholy in the fifth season of "Lost." Okay, it's never been a cheerful show, but it's clear that many of the plot threads are being wound together, and the characters that are killed have wrenchingly tragic send-offs. What's more, this short season reveals a whole lot more about the Island than we ever knew before -- the stone foot, the Incident, Eloise Hawking's knowledge about time, and the Island's mysterious ruler Jacob.

And it's packed solid with plot, full of twists, gory action, flashbacks, flashforwards, and a sense of supernatural suspense. The first half of the season is all about the Six slowly being drawn back to the Island (almost against their will, really) while the second is about the disasters that ensue because of their presence, and the fight against the inevitability of time. It's just a big thick rope of plot twists that tightens itself as it approaches the explosive finale.

Fortunately this season is also graced with exceptionally good dialogue, and some funny moments often supplied by the ever-lovable Hurley (example: writing down the "Empire Strikes Back" script from memory). And it evolves into straight-out science fiction after sort of flirting with it for the past few seasons.

Matthew Fox does a pretty good job as the increasingly irrational, obsessed Jack, but he's overshadowed by Josh Holloway. Holloway is pretty darn brilliant as the new alpha male in the jungle who suddenly has his peaceful domain disrupted. Michael Emerson is also excellent as the vaguely creepy Ben, whose frustrations and anger start boiling over as he tries to somehow fix whatever has gone wrong, only to make a terrible mistake.

Actually, most of the cast does an excellent job: Naveen Andrews, Elizabeth Mitchell (especially in the finale), the dry-witted Ken Leung, Jeremy Davies, Yunjin Kim, Daniel Dae Kim, and the ever-awesome Jorge Garcia. There are also some other incredible actors who become pretty prominent here, including François Chau, Zuleikha Robinson, the ageless Nestor Carbonell, and the mysterious Fionnula Flanagan.

And Mark Pellegrino is introduced as the mysterious Jacob, whose identity, nature and goals are all murky. You're left wondering who this guy is, and if we'll see him again.

"Lost: The Complete Fifth Season" is a tightly-written, intensely-plotted stream of bittersweet sci-fi, and it leaves you hungry for whatever is next. Only one more season yet to go.
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on 15 April 2010
Well what can I say? Another season of Lost, another rollercoaster ride of unimaginably devious twists and turns from the writers! Having had a gap of a year between series' I was amazed how quick certain things came back to me, and was soon caught up in the time-travelling shenanigans this season delivers in spades. At the end of the day this is a fantasy drama, not gritty realism, so I think the producers have carte blanche to take the series wherever they choose.
The flashbacks that became an essential part of the show during seasons 3 and 4 intensify further here, and the loyal viewer is finally given the answers to some all-important questions, such as who is the mysterious 'Jacob', and what exactly was the original purpose of the 'Dharma Initiative'? It's great to see the best characters (Sawyer, Ben, Locke, and Widmore in particular) take centre stage, and as revelation piles upon revelation the season heads remorselessly to its shocking conclusion. That's all there is to say really without spoiling the surprises, but suffice to say that at least one major character bites the dust in series 5, whilst the provenance of several others is revealed to gasps of astonishment from this viewer at least.
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on 6 May 2009
Absolutely amazing! I have been a fan of the show since Season 1 and it still surprises and shocks me 100 episodes on. It has never become predictable like most other TV shows and it constantly keeps you guessing. This is one of the best seasons yet, and it's not even over at the time of writing this review. If you love time travel, you will love this season. There are answers. Don't believe anyone when they tell you there are no answers coming out in the show because this season is full of them. It's all about fate verses free will. Ignore anyone who says the show has lost the plot, because the plot gets thicker. It starts to prove that the writers always planned the stuff we have been shown. The show hits 100 episodes this season and it keeps getting better. Time travel was always an element in the show from the very beginning, so don't be put off by it. I can't stress enough how great this season really is.
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