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4.5 out of 5 stars46
4.5 out of 5 stars
Style Name: For CanonChange
Price:£300.12+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 22 July 2010
I guess if you are are reading this you may be wondering if it's a better alternative to the Niko own brand wide-angle lens (retailing at £650) or the Sigma 10-20mm alternative. I can't answer I'm afraid. I'm not made of money and the shop wouldn't let me trial all three!

I can say that I love this lens in its own right. It's fairly light (but with a still a weighty quality in the hand) with a clean smooth action. The photos I have taken (using a Nikon D5000) have been superb. As with all zoom lenses there are always going to be compromises in ultimate quality - the outer edges of the photo are not so sharp as the central portions but it's so minor as not make a difference. At times the auto focus is a little slow but I prefer to use manual focus on the the very wide angle shots as it gives you more control. The fact it zooms to 24mm also means you are not always changing lenses (a problem I've heard owners of the Sigma lens have) to get shots.

Unless you are going to be spending all of your time photographing landscapes, it is likely that as a secondary lens this will meet all of your requirements for a wide angled lens, especially if you are on a budget.
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on 4 September 2010
Well, I ummed and aaghed about this one. It was a toss up between Canon, Sigma and Tamron variants in the wide angle range. The Tamron won out in the end based on pretty good reviews (although some brand name die hard reviewers did do their best to torpedo it) and cost.

It came next day, so excellent service from Amazon themselves.

Open the nicely presented box and you'll find a solidly built lens body, hood and instructions. The lens its self feels well put together. It may feel heavy in your hand but, when mounted on to the camera body (500D in my case) it feels surprisingly well balanced. The motor is quiet but AF is a tad slower than I expected but, somehow due to size and feel of the lens body you kind of accept it so it's not enough to mark it down a star based on that. The lens hood feels pretty robust and it locates easily onto the lens body without the worry that it could snap if not correctly located. One thing I'd hasten to add about the hood, although it's designed to be removed and turned around for storage on the lens body when not in use, you won't really be able to stow it in your kit bag still attached. It's wider than the lens it's self and therefore needs more room if it's still fitted.

Colours are crisp but I would add that this lens really does benefit from the use of a Circular Polarised Filter especially if there is the possibility of glass reflection or photographing over open water on a bright day. Very slight chromatic arberration at the edges which an easily be dealt with post processing especially if you shoot in RAW. It was a lot less than I was led to believe in reviews but, that could be down to my subjects and my own personalised camera settings. The downer with having a lens of this size is the cost of the filters; 77cm are not the cheapest!

Wide open, images can be a little soft (but in my experience the Canon software could do with being better at handling sharper images, NIKON are better at that) so it's hard to say if was user error or below parr onboard processing.

Based on the days useage I've had with it, I've caught images that have really opened up a whole new world for me. It's great for landscapes (although some images did come out a bit softer than I would have liked in that department), buildings and anything architectural take on a whole new perspective (however, if you don't like warped perspectives, LR, PS or similar can remove the distortion). Don't just think this lens is only good for the above, think out of the box with it and you can do some fun things. People and objects look kind of funky when taken in 'close up'. It really does open the potential for some artistic exploration.

For the money, you can't go wrong. If you're determined to have nothing but Canon glass in your bag then go ahead but the extra money you'll splash out won't always get you the better result. The money you save buying the Tamron will allow you to get a UV an CP filter and still have enough over to go and buy a bag of chips! (Also the meanies at Canon don't include the Lens hood - I know, some people don't bother with them anyway)

I've based my 5 star rating on the value and quality of the images for the money I've had out of it so far. For me it's now going to be an essential lens in my everyday kit. It's sturdy and practical in a workman-like manner, it certainly won't win any prizes for it's looks, it may have a lens hood that might be a pain in the @r$e to store and a tacky Gold ring on it (more colour matched for Nikon I think) but it really does deliver the goods and I personally think is a poke in the eye for some of the biased brand reviewers out there.
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on 28 September 2011
This is a very good lens which is especially sharp around f8, it does suffer from chromatic aberration somewhat but most photo software can correct this easily enough.
My lens is presently with Tamron's service department because it stopped communicating with my 7D when in portrait orientation, luckily Tamron offer a 5yr warranty (if you register within two months of buying)so it's not a problem. My lens is 16 months old.
It loses one star because of this temporary fault, apart from that I am very happy with this lens.
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on 6 August 2012
I could just leave it at 'Great glass' - because it really is. Not being as fast as Nikon 12-24, and occasional small flare when pointing at bright sunlight are in no way enough reason to put you off this lens. Hardly even worth mentioning and due to the overwhelming positive qualities of this glass, not something that bothers me slightly. I'm sure at £1000 The Nikon is Brilliant, but this is a third of that, which as it turns out is a bargain, not a costly mistake as attempts to save money in photography can so often be. At f9 this lens rivals a Nikon prime for sharpness, I own two(and do love them also). That alone should make anyone take this lens as a serious bit of kit, and a feat in itself for any zoom. I've not tried the sigma 10-20mm, so can't compare and was a tiny bit concerned when I saw how many Tamron had been bought on Amazon compared to The Sigma. But The Sigma has been around a lot longer, probably why. From the first time putting it on my camera(Nikon D3100) I have loved it. Very dramatic skies, great colour rendition, sharpness and a very competent (except in very low light) AF system make it easy to love. A quick mention of the AF, it is very good most of the day, I use it late in the day for sunsets which are at infinity so I can't really say has been a problem. It also feels nice and chunky, well built sort of chunky, in your hand & comes with a 5 year extended warranty when registering with Tamron europe within the fist two months of buying.I suppose if you want absolute perfection, go for Nikon, for a very keen amateur definitely would recommend.
review image
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on 5 February 2011
Always wanted a proper wide angle after getting addicted to wide views with the excellent opteka wide adapter on my d40.
As i have recently upgraded to a D90 i have been adding extra lenses and accessories at an alarming rate.
This is a super lens,it feels pretty robust,AF is what you would expect,the 24 end saves some lens changing and quality at f8 - f16 is very good.Sharpness is better at the 10mm end than the 24 which is a sensible design compromise.
Dont try to shoot wide open though as it for some reason produces very soft images at max aperture - in practice this is not an issue as there is not much point taking the wider view if you dont stop down anyway....

i cant bring myself to take it of the camera though!
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on 23 February 2013
Initially I did think I might be taking a risk buying this lens, particularly after ordering it and finding several reviews which remarked upon the "softness" of the images produced! Well you can judge for yourselves as I have added the images I took of Quarry House to the images for this product, and I personally am very pleased with the results. I also purchased a Hoya Pro-digital Polarising filter from Amazon, and it is narrow enough not to cause any vignetting at the apertures I will normally be using this lens. f8, f11 as I plan on using it for photo's of landscapes and city buildings. I did have to crop the images somewhat to correct the converging verticals, but this building is on top of a steep hill and one has no choice but to angle the camera upwards.

I did at first find the lens a little heavy, but soon got used to it and it does balance well. It was also awkward it was also awkward adjusting the polariser with the lenshood in place, but again you get used to it.

So all in all I would conclude that I am well pleased with the lens and it certainly was not the risk I thought it might have been. I would certainly recommend it.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 18 March 2013
I bought this specifically for a trip to Rome, and I barely took it off the camera the whole time I was there. The quality is outstanding - and some of the low light shots that I achieved were way above and beyond my technical capability to produce ! I'd thoroughly recommend this lens.
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on 19 November 2011
I've had this lens for over a year now and it hardly leaves my 60D when I'm out and about. I find that you need a wide angle lens of this size to gain coverage of landscapes and cityscapes and it does this very well plus an outstanding zoom range. Yes it has some chromatic aberration issues at the outer reaches of the image but I can correct this somewhat when post processing in Adobe Lightroom. All in all I am very satisfied with it and in my opinion does a good job without breaking the bank and buying the Canon 10-20.
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on 12 January 2013
Firstly, if you are looking into getting a Wide Angle, then my first advice would be to visit a local photography store and see if it suits you (something like Jessops in the UK). Take your camera along and they'll gladly let you trial the lens with your equipment. It really helps you get a feel for how things are.

With regards to this particular lens, it has a fantastic sharpness to it, and very little distortion (perhaps a small amount in the corners/edges of frame). It focuses reasonably well, though isn't quite as fast as the Nikon equivalent. As is to be expected for a lens aimed at APS-C cameras (smaller ones, D3000,3100,3200 etc) this lens contains an AF Motor which is basic but does the job well.

Build quality is as one would expect from this kind of lens, plastic outside and rubber grips on the zoom and focus rings. Fairly weighty, so feels fairly sturdy, but I wouldn't want to drop it!

Positives: Picture quality (Sharpness, Lack of aberration, depth of field), AF System & Motor, Price.
Negatives: Build quality, slight distortion at extremes of frame, AF accurate but slow and unreliable (compared to Nikon lens).

Would recommend to an experienced amateur, especially for landscape photography.
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on 19 December 2012
had this lens for a few months now and i have to say that iv hardly taken it off my camera. the image quality is fantastic even on my entry level 1000d and the sweeping view really adds a whole new level to shot composition. i cant draw a true comparison to any other lens of this kind having only used this one but i am so glad i made the jump and brought the lens. its not the cheapest accessory you will ever buy for your camera but chances are it will be one of you most used.
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