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3.8 out of 5 stars134
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 7 August 2010
How do you milk comedy out of the Arab/Israeli tensions??? It's a bizarre subject to tackle, and risks being highly offensive to both sides due to the carnage that's been endured over decades.
As a result, Adam Sandler chooses to almost literally sit on the fence, having his Israeli superspy Zohan fall for a nice Arab girl so that our heroes have a cross-cultural Romeo & Juliet style forbidden romance going on. But with far cruder jokes.
Sandler's Zohan is a very likeable creation, a charming guy who just happens to be a whizz as Israel's top counter-terrorist operative, but who just wants to be a hairdresser. It's when this revelation comes out that he finally decides to up sticks and emigrate to the US, finding great humour in the culture clash, and Zohan's rampant sexuality in an industry where his main competitors are all gay. To his credit this is never milked in an offensive way but is genuinely funny, as are his ludicrous business practices and bad personal style. Comedy is even effectively wrung from the determination of his old Arab nemesis to hunt him down and finish their fued.
If there's one criticism to be levelled at 'Zohan', it's that it treads a little TOO carefully sometimes. In the American set part of the film, you won't hear either Arab or Israeli lament the tension between their countries with the phrase "There's been so much hate!" without immediately adding the line "On both sides!". To a degree this is admirable, and it's very much a film about bringing the two sides together, but not at the expense of the comedy. The humour does get dampened down towards the climax when it risks becoming politically dodgy, but for the rest of the film Sandler manages to make it a very funny and sweet natured movie. An enjoyable film with very likeable characters.
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on 14 December 2009
This is totally sababa (do your homework!!).
Those who review it as 'rediculous' should at least be able to spell.....
A totally feel good movie ("disco disco"!!) which has the guts to at least try and make some humour out of the whole sorry lets-fight-to-the-death middle east situation. No mean feat in my humble opinion. Lighten up, you critics. This was fun from beginning to end. Hummus rules OK!!X
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on 4 March 2014
Zohan works as a Special Agent and lives with his orthodox parents in Israel.

He wants to give up this life full of dangerous encounters with Palestinians. While in the process of apprehending a Palestinian activist known simply as the Phantom, he fakes his death, hides in a plane bound for New York, and decides to try his hand as a hair-stylist.

He is refused employment initially, but when he offers to work for free, Dahlia hires him as a cleaner. When a hair-stylist quits, Zohan replaces her, winning over elderly female clients, and falling in love with Dahlia herself.

Dahlia's landlord, Walbridge, who has been raising rents regularly, hires skinhead to terrorise the neighbourhood, create misunderstandings between cultures, and drive them out, so as to enable him to construct a new building.....

Yes the film is completely insane, but it's still one of Sandlers funniest movies.

This is because, it's so original, and the sight gags are rife throughout.Sometimes o stupid, you cannot help bu wonder if this man is a genius, or a true loon.

The culture references are on the safe side of offensive, and Sandler plays his wild card by bringing all cultures together at the climax to make everything happy, happy, happy.

And just when you thought things couldn't go anymore bizarre, Mariah Carey pops up as her self, and puts her best performance ever in this.

It raises the laughs because of its over ambitious narrative, but you know you secretly laugh when this is on.
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on 9 November 2011
If you are depressed (and explanaition that there are people on the world who are worse off than me doesn't work), if you had a hard day or if you simply want to laugh please watch 'You Don't Mess With the Zohan'.
It is very light film which is full of funny scenes (most of them are not fart jokes). I do undertsand that some people might be taken off because of the picture of the ethnic conflict between Israelis and Palestinians but please do not make to much fuss about it as this film has, you may laugh or not, a message for peace between these two nations. It is Hollywood style made of course but this film is made in USA and that's how they do it.
Anyway - if you want to relax yourself with something that is not going to involve your brain for too much - Zohan awaits... Disco disco...
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on 21 May 2011
YOU DONT MESS WITH THE ZOHAN is one of the funniest and most rediculous comedies of the century! Adam Sandler is amazing as a kind of superhero-hair designer! You'll laugh yourself silly with this as there is literally a joke in every sentence! I dont know how they managed to think of so many and manage to fit a storyline in as well! The ending is action-packed, slapstick-filled and hilarious which is just what comedy endings need! You absolutely have to see this as you'll have a hell of a time! 10/10!
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`Don't Mess With the Zohan' is dire!!! I know this is a negative way to start any review but this really was a terrible film, even by Adam Sandler's standards! When I saw the trailer I thought, hmmm Israeli secret agent gives up career to be hairdresser in New York, should be good for some laughs. Sadly the funniest part of the film was the first ten minutes when he was an agent in Israel and the rest of the film was excruciatingly terrible. Zohan's accent is meant to be Israeli but it sounds more French the whole way through, the use of one joke throughout (I.e. the Israeli's love of Hummus) wore thin VERY quickly, some of the jokes could be classed as mildly racist at best and downright offensive depending on your take and sensibilities and the use of crass humour to raise a laugh clearly insults the audiences intelligence. I could go on but this film has very little to redeem itself and the people that feel this explains the middle east conflict in 2 `humorous' hours are severely deluded. From expecting some easy going entertainment I was hugely disappointed and I do enjoy silly, tongue in cheek films like the rest of us, but this had very little humour and plenty of cringe making scenes and plotline. Give it a wide berth.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 23 December 2009
Another film with Adam Sandler that I liked a lot. Very funny movie :)
Towards the end there are some flaws (compared to the the first part of the film) but all in all it's well worth watching if you like Adam Sandler's humor.
And don't listen to the critics ;)
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on 6 April 2009
After the mess that was Tropic Thunder I was so pleased to finally see a laugh out loud film!

This film could have been so bad, but the director/priducer have injected fresh life into old physical comedy...the prime example being where Sandler swims like a porpoise through the ocean...brilliant! That scene could have made me groan with embarassment but clever use of etchnology made it look so outrageous that it was impossible not to laugh.

The pacing of the film is just right and even the scenes with little to no action are well enough scripted to provide a natural break.

Sit back and enjoy a comedy that doesnt take itself seriously one bit!
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on 18 April 2012
I really don't know how some of the other reviews say its bad, rubbish and a waste of time!

It's comedy at its best and has lods of lol moments and funny scenes...
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on 21 April 2015
I love this film, its so funny and always makes me laugh. I wanted it in dvd format, so I would always have a copy. However, on first play it stuck only 20 minutes into the film. I rewinded then played it again and it stuck again. I thought perhaps it was the dvd player, so I ordered a cleaner and after a few days tried to play the dvd again, it stuck in the same places. I tired it in another player and it still stuck, so I think there is a problem with the dvd. I will be in contact with the seller to see if its just the one that I have that is faulty.
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