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4.1 out of 5 stars214
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 9 November 2012
As other reviewers have stated, you will have great difficulty simply getting the air hose on and off the tyre valves, a task made worse by the fact the hose is far too short. On a cold day with what feels like someone else's hands, it is simply not possible to pull the connector off a valve without losing two or more seconds of air. This is because the connector is of very poor quality, and is very poorly finished as well. It is not metal like you might find on your local forecourt but cheap feeling plastic.

The gauge on the unit reaches to a stratospheric pressure nobody in the real world wants (300 psi) meaning the more ordinary numbers you do (20-40 psi) are crammed together at the start of the dial and are impossible to read accurately. A twitch of the needle covers a huge range of pressures and the unit over-reads by 10 psi when the pump is running, making it a game of switching the thing on/off to see when the pressure is right.

On that subject, pumping the rear tyre on my wife's car to 32 psi and then checking with an external digital gauge showed it had been over-inflated by almost 6 psi, and others here on Amazon alone have reported even wilder discrepancies. So it's outright dangerous too.

While it does do the job of inflating tyres very well, and being 240V - the main reason I chose it - you have no fear of draining your car battery, and while the pressure stays good, strong and constant throughout, it is dangerously inaccurate and broadly worthless because of that.

Ring is a British company.
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on 23 May 2010
This does what it says on the tin, but for the money, I think it could have had a pressure gauge, which you preset to whatever pressure you need and then it cuts off when it gets to it. The dial on the pressure gauge covers such a wide range that it's next to useless, as it's difficult to get an accurate read. Consequently, you need a separate pressure gauge, and need to keep taking the nozzle off to check it's the right pressure. Needless to say, every time you do this, you lose pressure trying to get the nozzle off and back on, and from the pressure gauge aswell. It's good at blowing up tyres, but so it should be for a mains compressor
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on 16 February 2011
Whist it can and does pump up tyres etc quickly it has drawbacks
The pressure gauge is erratic, inaccurate, and cannot be preset, an accurate separate pressure gauge is essential
a long extension mains lead is required to connect it to the car tyres
it is difficult to put away the mains lead and plug back into its storage space
a metal tyre connecter would be preferable to the plastic one provided which appears flimsy
in use, the grey back cover keeps falling off but clicks back easily
tilting the machine whilst in use to read the pressure gauge affects it running smoothly
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on 1 February 2009
After having bought other tyre inflaters that run off the car 12v supply over the years and realised they are a waste of money ,RAC750 - Mains Powered Tyre InflatorI decided to buy the "Which Best Buy", and WOW was I NOT dissapointed. I went out and checked/inflated the tyres on both our people carriers in no time at all.
The only small fault I would say is the inflater pipe could be a little longer. It has a handy bag to carry it in also.. A great product.
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on 7 May 2011
I have been regulating my tyre pressure at home for quite a number of years using a 12v / cigarette lighter type compressor with a digital gauge. I've never found this type of inflater completely satisfactory with regard to the speed of inflation and had been on the lookout for something with a little more power. This Ring product looked as if it would fit the bill but having used it for a month or so I'm not so sure! The additional power has certainly shortened the time required to inflate and the unit is a lot quieter, but the calibration of the pressure gauge is not accurate enough where it matters for tyre inflation. The makers probably had many other uses in mind when designing this unit but if you are buying it primarily for this purpose be prepared to measure the actual air pressure with something with better low pressure calibration. I also found the power cable short and a little difficult to fit back into the storage pocket and I have some doubts about the the longevity of the plastic valve clamp lever; this surely could have been improved by using some kind of alloy at marginal extra cost. The retail price - well in my opinion (pardon the pun), it's a little inflated.
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on 9 February 2012
This isn't cheap, but it is good - and so close to brilliant that it's a real shame that they have got it so wrong!

This compressor can raise the pressure in a large tyre from 1.5 to 2.5 in under a minute - simply not possible with the 12v compressors I've used in the past! A normal lift in pressure (2.3 up to 2.5) takes a few seconds. So why only 3 stars? Two irritating things and two major ones. The storage bag is well made and seems durable, but it is just too small. Getting the compressor in and out is a struggle, which is irritating but so stupid! And then there are the silly plastic doors on the too small compartments for the hose and power cable. The hose eventually goes in - but it would take a contortionist to figure out how to get the power cable in - I guess it's designed for European two prong plugs, not our oversized UK 3 prong plugs. And, of course, with the hatch open and the cable out, the chances of getting it into the storage bag go down even further.

But the real reason for 3 stars is that whilst the compressor appears to be well made, the connector on the end of the hose is cheap and poorly designed. It goes onto the tyre valve without a problem, but I cannot figure out a reliable way of getting it off without it sticking - and the air escaping from the tyre! So, I find myself having to over-inflate the tyre (which defeats the real advantage of this compressor - speed) and then use a separate tyre pressure sensor to deflate the tyre down to the correct pressure - except for the times when it gets so well and truly stuck that I have to re-inflate the tyre a second time!

And lastly, as with all "built in" pressure sensors, the in-built dial is inaccurate - so it's a bit hit-and-miss as to when to stop pumping - especially since you have to also guess how much air you'll lose as you struggle to yank the valve off.

So, a great piece of kit spoilt by a couple of design flaws that would cost pennies to put right. Would I buy another one? No. I've gone out and purchased a cheap Halfords 12v compressor for every-day use and only use this one when I need to lift the pressures on all 4 tyres (eg before a long journey when the car will be fully loaded).
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on 28 October 2009
I was very disappointed with this product. For a start I had great difficulty getting the thing on and off the tyre valves and the air hose is ridiculously short. The pressure gauge is calibrated up to 300psi so the graduations are very close together and hard to see. After inflating a tyre to what was 35 psi on the built-in gauge I checked it with a digital pressure gauge (accurate to +/- .5psi) and the tyre was shown to be 9 psi over inflated. I also tried it out on my wife's car with similar results. Trying to pack the thing back in its case to return to the retailer for a refund was a right fiddle - there's not enough room for the power cord and plug to be stowed away easily.
A tyre inflator should at least be accurate and this one was wildly out.
I really wanted this tyre inflator to work as I detest going to the garage to check my tyres.
Oh well - back to the drawing board I suppose.
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on 27 May 2010
It pumps air into things.... and that's it, really.

It's not terribly exciting, it's quite expensive for what it is, and you certainly wouldn't get any brownie points from your missus for buying one for her Christmas present, but the good news is it does what it's supposed to do very much better than the generally worse-than-useless array of 12v DC "plug it into the cigarette lighter socket" pumps.

Other observations:

1. I'd expected it to be quicker than it is, having read all the guff about inflating tyres in seconds, but it's not bad.
2. The inflation hose would ideally be about 30cm longer.
3. You can skin the back of your finger very handily while cramming the hose or mains cable back into the storage "holes". Don't ask me how I know this.
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on 7 December 2012
I bought Ring Automotive RAC750 because it had a good "WHICH" review. The compressor seems fine and it's neat and comes with its own carry case. I connected it to the mains and proceeded to inflate the first tyre on my car successfully ,however when I attempted to secure the airline fitting to the valve on the second tyre it fell apart splitting the plastic hole that held the spindle securing the valve to the air line. This part of the product is not fit for purpose and I am surprised it was made of plastic. My old foot pump has the same fitting made in alloy which has survived for 15 years. This product has been spoiled because of a cheap fitting, which brings me to question the reliability of the which report, I would have thought that they would have picked up something as plainly obvious as this. Looks like it's back to my old foot pump.
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on 22 September 2010
I bought this recently, partly on the strength of the Amazon reviews, so there were no surprises. The pump seems effective, reasonably robust and quite quiet. Beyond that, the gauge is almost useless: mine jumps to 80 psi as soon as it gets going then slowly edges up. This means inflating by guesswork, removing the hose and checking with a separate gauge. The hose and adaptor could be better. I expect that pushing them back in the storage compartment after every use may eventually cause fraying. It looks as though fitting a replacement would involve dismantling the whole unit as the hose mounting is through the back of the storage compartment. The storage compartment for the flex is also too small (probably designed somewhere where they use smaller plugs than ours.) Struggling to get the flex back inside is likely to loosen the connections over time, but again, it's mounted through the back of the compartment with no obvious access to tighten the connections or fit a replacement.

Although the RAC (Royal Automobile Club) does sell its own range of car stuff, the RAC in RAC750 stands for Ring Automotive Company. Nothing wrong with Ring - I can see their premises from my house - but it's worth knowing.
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