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3.6 out of 5 stars162
3.6 out of 5 stars
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I'm a fan of stand up comedy and have enjoyed Frankie's wicked wit on `Mock The Week' so I was looking forward to seeing some of his uncensored stuff on this `near the knuckle' DVD. Boyle spends an awful lot of time interacting with the audience and taking the mickey out of them in a fairly cruel manner. There's loads of swearing, but that is to be expected of a certificate 18 DVD. Material wise, most of it has been heard before on television, which was always the reason a number of comics preferred not to grace the box. I did find myself laughing out loud at several bits but generally it went on too long and 90 minutes is a little too much of Boyle as he grates a little towards the end. There are a few extras: namely a behind the scenes bit on Boyle's UK tour and sketches extracted from the little-known BBC3 comedy show `Rush Hour'.
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on 27 March 2009
As a Yank, it's quite hard to see "Mock the Week" with any regularity (Thanks, YouTube!). While it IS true that there is material in this show that HAS been on "Mock the Week", there is material that hasn't been on the show, and also, as a live show, there are responses to heckles and audience participation (there's one such response to an oil rig worker in his extra "F-ck You Scotland" that made the extra worth watching), some of which are singularly guffaw-worthy.

I did take issue, as another reviewer did, the fact that one line seemed a bit disingenuous as to its origin, but overall, I find this DVD a worthy buy, especially as a Frankie Boyle fan, and doubly especially as someone who lives in the U.S.

The show is basically a series of offensive one-liners, as opposed to a series of narratives (like Dara Ó Briain), so anyone who doesn't take to that kind of humor might not be happy with the experience. I, however, can't get enough of it!
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on 18 November 2008
I've watched almost every episode of Mock the Week and think that Frankie Boyle is the true star of the programme. Whilst I respect he's not to everyone's taste his 'close to the knuckle' style of humour always makes me wet myself, although I do sometimes find myself cringing in disbelief at some of the stuff he comes out with.

When I heard he was coming to my home town of Taunton I immediately snapped up tickets to see him. It's not often an act of his stature comes to visit. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the show and was in stitches throughout, as were the rest of the audience from what I could see. Yes, some of the jokes I had heard before on Mock the Week but this only accounted for around 10% of the show. The rest was fresh to my ears and some of it was obviously brand new material as he was talking about events that had only happened that week. Personally I thought that on the night his interaction with the audience was fantastic and appeared to be 'off the cuff', even if the "what do you do?" line did wear a bit thin come the end. However, be warned... If you don't like the use of the word 'c**t' do not go to see Frankie as it's used very frequently.

So good was Frankie's performance that I had to go out and buy the DVD. To be honest it was a bit of a waste of money cos the routine was exactly the same as the show, minus the recent topical stuff. Even the cruel remarks to the audience were the same. So much for being off the cuff! It soon became clear why he kept asking the audience what they did for work. Any other questions would have required Frankie to make something up on the spot instead of the well rehearsed replies he used at both the live show I went to and the DVD. To be fair to him though I was kind of expecting this to be the case. It was exactly the same when I watched Alan Carr's DVD after seeing him live. I guess most comedians have a well rehearsed routine that they adapt slightly as the tour progresses. Some clearly adapt more than others. However, I have to say that despite all of this I did find myself watching the whole DVD from start to finish and laughing at all the same jokes and put downs as I had the night before. There's just no denying that this guy is extremely funny. Whether Frankie will be remembered in time to come for his stand up routines or his television work on shows such as Mock the Week remains to be seen. I for one shall be watching with interest.

In summary this DVD is a must buy if you haven't seen one of Frankie's live shows. However if you have seen him live, unless you want a memento of your night I would save your pennies and buy something else.
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on 24 July 2009
Honestly, what a miserable bunch of s*ds some of the previous reviewers are! If you 'get' Frankie Boyle, this is vintage stuff, every poisonous observation more deadly and well-aimed than the last. I even winced a few times, and I would have said there's nothing I find offensive. Yes, some of the material's familiar - didn't stop me laughing at it - but what's so remarkable about this DVD is the incessant, remorseless, tastelessness of it all, so dark and grim that you come out the other side experiencing the catharsis only a performance of King Lear could generate. Genius.
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on 27 December 2008
Well it annoys me to start like this. But I have to given the negative reaction.

The re-use of material - Frankie is in an unusual position. Because of the exposure Mock the Week has - and the amount of time he gets on it - he gets through a lot of his own material during a series on the show. And because of his over-exposure (and TV channel 'DAVE' - which shows endless repeats of old series) - there an overspill of material onto this DVD. I don't see this as a problem - its his material - he's written it, he's entitled to use it on his DVD. The way some people review on here is like he's done a 'Peter Kay' and re-released a DVD of Mock the Week jokes - he hasn't.

Secondly. To whatever person said that "90-99% of the jokes are from Mock The Week" - wrong. I can't tell you a rough amount, purely because I've seen endless runs of Mock the Week, I've seen him live on tour, I've watched him on Live at the Apollo, and now this DVD - so I've forgotten what material was used on Mock The Week and what wasn't. But I can say with a fair amount of confidence that its no more than 40-50% at tops. And even so, the 'A' material is only on this DVD - which in itself makes it worth buying.

So to the review. It's four stars mainly because of his interaction with the audience - is poor. It's funny, he'll rip people about how bad their jobs are till the cows come home - but it begins to become a tad predictable - still funny though - it's not predictable to the point where you're not going to laugh.

Outside of that, the material is of a brilliant standard. It's offensive - sure, but unlike some, its not uncomfortably offensive, its laugh out loud offensive. If you think he's crude on Mock the Week, thats a mild chedder compared to the stilton that rears its head at times during the DVD. His observations are brilliant, he takes fairly mundane news stories and turns them into amazing one-liners.

He's not to everyone's taste - if you're looking for family humour, steer clear of this and look at Michael McIntyre or Dara O'Briain (Or better still, make sure the kids are asleep before you watch it). But I still think the guy is a genius. Forget the "Mock The Week - repetition" rubbish. Sure there are jokes you'll remember - but Frankie is entitled to re-use his material as he sees fit - and it sure doesn't take away from the brilliance of this DVD.
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on 31 January 2009
You may have heard quite a few of the jokes included on 'Mock The Week', but i think with his live shows Frankie is able to break a boundary that cannot be crossed on primetime television.

Frankie's humour is dark, brilliant and often controversial; so those who are easily offended should probably steer clear of this DVD, but if you're a fan of "M.T.W", in particular Frankie, this is 100% recommended!
This man is a genius!
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on 19 January 2010
My taste in humour is very specific - I was brought up by two parents who simply loved The Goons - they let me stay up late to watch the original screenings of Monty Python as well! A lot of modern comedy does nothing for me at all, but this plain looking Scottish bloke who I saw on Mock The Week made me laugh with everything he came out with. A fair bit of the material on this DVD was shown on Mock The Week, but I still laughed out loud even though I'd heard some jokes before. His razor - sharp wit, timing and level of sarcasm are a joy to behold; there's no-one out there at the moment who even comes close to what Frankie does. If you're not sure how popular he is, just try and get a ticket for his upcoming tour - nearly everywhere's sold out, even with extra dates added at most venues. I'm one of the lucky ones - I booked early! Unfortunately he won't be appearing on Mock The Week any more, but I for one will be taking every opportunity going to watch anything he does on telly! A quite unique talent; very special indeed.
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on 12 November 2008
I think Frankie Boyle is amazing on Mock the Week and is definately one of the main reasons I watch the show - he's cutting edge and fearless wit never fails to shock and/or amuse and this DVD is no different. His new material is hilarious, combining topical observations with his general dislike of most things in society. The DVD is interspersed with some of the stuff you may have seen on Mock the Week slightly repackaged, but there's plenty of gaps in between and its his delivery that makes it once again funny.

One of the highlights of the DVD is the parts where he interacts with the audience - his reputation as a 'doesn't hold back comedian' precedes him, and the audience look permantly on edge as to whether he is going to prey on them and it is pure brilliance to watch the way he diligently and comically tortures a wide variety of people, from the 'big fellers' to the ones with boring jobs. No one is safe.

Although he is without a doubt a shocking and quite ruthless comedian, there is a softer side beneath the sarcastic veneer that can be seen (only briefly, mind) when mentioning his children and elderly people, and occasionally in the extras.

This would be a brilliant addition to anyone's comedy collection, whether you are a FB fan already or you have only just briefly heard him mentioned and want to check out the Scottish master at work - but newcomers beware, his style of comedy is harsh and makes comparable comedy performers seem quite tame.
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on 5 March 2013
Fantastic DVD. Frankie really does cross the line, time and time again. Not for the over sensetive out there :-)
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on 9 July 2014
A soi-disant Black comic who provides a good night out but has little of any real political weight to say. He never goes deeply into any subject but relies on a superficial turn-of-wit that resemble marketing slogans where the form and the content are identical. His anti-capitalist UK republicanism is frequently implied but never fruitfully explored in the quest for the next big laugh to the next big joke. Interestingly, he has regular surreal moments conjuring up brilliant word pictures to accurately describe something he is railing against – with incredible pith and celerity; brevity being the soul of wit.

This is a man who has still not come to terms with his personal demons (eg, fear of the disabled & and his Negrophobia) to allow him to become an outstanding comic. This is why he is nothing like the actual Black comics whose symbolism he appropriates, like Richard Pryor or Eddie Murphy, but not a complete waste of time either.
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