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3.5 out of 5 stars75
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 1 December 2008
Never one to jump in with both feet, I was a little sceptical when I first saw this but, comparing it's price with other simialr items and after reading the reviews, I decided to go ahead.
I used it for the first time on Sunday at a course I will be joining in the new year which is relatively unknown to me, having only played there about 4 or 5 times. Not having the steadiest of hands, I thought it might be a little difficult to get a reading on a 'limp' flag in the distance, but it couldn't have been easier.
Suffice to say, when faced with what I guessed was a 2nd shot of about 170 yards, I was shocked to find it was in reality 196! I changed club and left my shot 5 feet from the flag and got the birdie, as opposed to 20-odd feet short of the green, with a chance of a par.
As you can imagine, I am very, very, impressed with it's ease of use and accuracy and would recommend it to anybody
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on 18 January 2011
Having never used a range finder before I was a little nervous about buying this and did as much homework as I could in order to get the right one for me without spending stupid money on a Nikon or Bushnell.

I found this, read the reviews and was still nervous.

When it came I found it difficult to open the battery compartment, but once the battery is in, this opens a lot easier!

Using it for the first time it took me a few goes to get a steady hand, but a few clicks and a trustworthy reading came back (basically, if I'm inside the 150 marker and it says 170 I know its wrong!!).

To use this accurately you have to have a steady hand and aim for the thickest part of the flagstick (usually the flag itself, especially if the wind is blowing).

I have been using this for 3 weeks now and it is brilliant! Once you have a system you can trust it can't be faulted! I click once, then again, if the readings differ more than 1 yard I will aim at the trees behind to verify their distance, then the flag once more, maybe getting 5/6 readings before I decide to trust the distance.

This may sound long winded but trust me, from within 200 yards it takes seconds to do and it hasn't failed me yet - an ounce or two of common sense is required, if it looks 100 yards but your laser says 130, try it again, then verify as I do!

Also, I read that the battery doesn't last long - either poor batteries are being used or you have a problem - mine turns off automatically when in the bag and I have used this now for 6 rounds and 3 range sessions, the battery light has now flicked on but it keeps going!

The only point I don't like about the product is the battery compartment, if the battery is removed, don't reseal the compartment, mine is almost butchered, but once the battery is in place the compartment opens up really easily.

Hope this has been useful!
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on 30 October 2010
Inexpensive may mean bargain but I'm afraid this is just cheap. I do wonder if the same faulty product is being recycled and then subject to scathing reviews time and again! Like another poster, the packaging around mine was partially open, and so was the wrapping for the separately packed battery. I then discovered, just like someone else, that though distances were displayed correctly the wretched thing kept shutting down and the only way to reboot it was to disconnect the battery and reinsert. This happened 3 times in the first 20 minutes and I couldn't wait to get rid of it.

The best thing about the whole experience was Amazon's tremendous return system. Picked up by DHL from the front doorstep and a rapid refund. That will certainly encourage me to buy further consumer durables from Amazon.
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on 10 April 2009
An excellent purchase at a reasonable price. I use it on the course and when practicing. On the course it is most useful on a new course where the distances are not so easy to judge. In practice it has given its most useful service. It has enabled me to establish just how far I actually do hit my shots with the different clubs, especially the short irons into the green. I'm hitting the green much more often as a result.
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on 18 November 2008
This range finder is small, light, easy to use and excellent value.

I play off a 5 h'cap and it has improved my distance control from 8 iron thro' to my wedges as I now know the exact distance to each pin and thus know exactly how far I have hit each shot into the green. After a few rounds my 'distance calibration' with the short irons has definitely improved.

I play mostly on 2 courses, one has black & white flags the other has red and white flags. I can easily get a distance reading on the first course from 140 yards and in and from 180 yards and in on the other course. I don't think the rangefinder likes the darker flags.
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on 1 July 2009
This laser device will measure how far to the pin IF you can hold it steady enough and for long enough. I find that several attempts are required in order to get the correct distance. The more expensive lasers have auto locks etc to lock onto the flag and make it easy to the distance.I have found the best option is to use a golfer on the greem ahead whenever the opportunity occurs as the is easy to get a reading from, do it when the player put the flag back into the hole.
I think another time I would spend more and get the easer to use ones.
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on 18 August 2008
I bought one of these a few weeks ago. After doing some research for several days I came across this unit.It had all the same features as the more expensive units but at a cheaper price. I took the risk and bought one word 'excellent' it does as require's with no fuss or messing about. Unlike GPS units this gives you exact distance to the pin,which with youre scoring clubs is very important. I would recommend this unit to anyone.
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on 14 September 2010
I'm not serious enough as a golfer to need a GPS (though secretly envy friends who have them!). But looking at the price of this rangefinder, and more importantly the reviews, I thought it was worth a go. Several reviewers spoke of improving from single-figure handicaps. In my case it is a high handicap as a relative beginner, but I have already found that it is invaluable on outings to new courses, as perspective can make things look so different there. Even on my home course there are holes where you see only the top of the flag over a hill, and the first time I used the laser for real it told me the flag on one such was 91 yards away. I love that - 91.

It seems to me that this is actually more useful than the GPS measurements to front/middle/back of green, as you are being given the real figure that day. The thing works for the front face of bunkers too.

One reviewer mentioned hand-shake as a slight problem, and I agree that (even with a normally steady hand) it can be a slight problem, especially if you have just walked up a steep slope. But that is a small issue. Another little problem is that the viewfinder sometimes fixes on a tree (etc) someway behind the flag, and you have to be alert to possible readings 30 yards or so more than the proper one. But on the few times this has happened it has been very obvious, and re-focusing is easy.

The biggest problem (and I hope it does not recur) is that on a few occasions it has jammed with a strange reading on-screen. The only way to fix this was to take the nuclear option and remove the battery for a few seconds.

Otherwise, and bearing in mind the price, I am really delighted. It is definitely a shot-saver, and a really clever piece of kit.
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on 24 November 2010
I read the reviews before buying and decided the longridge was worth a go.
Have to say now having used it several times that I wish I'd gone straight for a more expensive brand regardless of price. I say this cos as a single figure golfer i think lasers are a brilliant advance in the sport and am addicted to using one already and see no need to ever buy a golf gps.
The longridge does get readings off fluttering flags, bunker faces and even the fairway (say when trying a layup) and sometimes even first time! but the failure to read a limp flag on a still day from inside 150 yds even when holding it still by resting on a stand bag etc, simply makes the gadget frustratingly unreliable, much to the annoyance of playing partners re time spent faffing.
Worse, you need to already have an idea of the yardage you expect it to declare (say approximation from 150 yd markers on the fairway, the OLD skill) if you are trying to take a reading from a flag with say dense trees or gorse as a backdrop, or even say from an elevated tee cos it invariably gives you a reading from the large backdrop several times rather than the flag and you need to know whether to trust it. I invariably give up and now have holes on my course where i know its not worth trying! (Mates with Bushnells says they don't have this problem!)
The LCD display has a horizontal cross hair with a circle at its centre ---o---. That horizontal bar clearly has over sensitivity laterally when all distance measuring should be focused purely on the circle as the 6x magnification is plenty enough to allow you to encircle a flag. So for instance it likes giving readings off nearby trees which are closer in the picture even if not touching the centre circle in the display so its no good for that recovery shot unless you step out into the fairway first.
Don't get me started on the 15 second auto shut down - it doesn't work approximately 6 or more times a round so no wonder people say it drains the battery and trust me undoing the battery to reset it or checking the thing has shut off 15 seconds later becomes tiresome after just a few rounds.
So hands up, who'll do me a swap for their Bushnel ???
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on 4 June 2009
It's OK but difficult to keep it still when pin pointing your target especially in windy conditions. A binocular would be better as opposed to a monocular.
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