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on 30 August 2007
As others have said the graphics are really good and the castle is great to explore and easy enough to get around by following the footsteps to where you want to go.

It starts out good, recruiting Dumbledore's army I thought would be the first of many tasks but once you've done it the game is pretty much over. You then have to get Umbridge out of Hogwarts which is also quite fun but much shorter to undertake than the latter.

Then the disappointment REALLY seems as though one creator 'disapperated' leaving some numpty (lacking enthusiasm) to finish making the rest of the game! It is severely rushed to the finish with cut scene after cut scene and a few fights which don't even feel like you've taken part and then its all over.

There are more disappointing the torches and mending flower pots becomes a bit repetitive, there are many doors which you cannot go through, you do get to go to grimmauld place and have a wander but there's not much to do there (again many doors which you can't go through), you cannot explore any of the ministry you just get cut scenes and have a couple of (very dull) fights, Hagrid's hut cannot be entered (plus Hagrid himself doesn't do anything), no Dumbledore's office, no broom stick flying (unless you count the ultra pointless Fred & George moment), no entry into the Divination classroom.

Actually the list could be endless, but one thing I found even more annoying than the above is that all you get is a trophy (that does nothing) each time you complete a side task which doesn't give you much incentive to complete the other tedious side tasks.

Overall I would say this is more suited to those wanting to explore the castle than wanting some serious roll play as actually playing the main game can be completed in an evening.

I've given this 3 stars.... 1 for the graphics, 1 for the castle and 1 for the recruiting of Dumbledore's army.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 29 October 2010
I'm a Harry Potter fan but not in a massive way, I managed to get this from amazon when it was on offer.

It's a really good game and better than what i thought it was going to be, its fun and you have to solve puzzles along the way, if you get lost then just follow the foot-steps that move in-front of you (like on the marauders map). Theres quite a lot of back tracking but on the whole its a game i can easily recommend.

I haven't played half-blood prince but many people say including professional reviews that this is better and i can certainly recommend it.....if your a fan or want to try another kind of game besides FPS then this is worth getting
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on 11 July 2007
Every knows that the Goblet of Fire game was pretty poor and there were high hopes for improvements in this game. There have been some improvements - the graphics are superb and you can once again explore the entire castle but I do feel that the magic of the early games (especially the 1st and 2nd) has been lost. The castle is so big its nearly impossible to find your way around without the help of the map. There are a lot of cut scenes where I think there could have been some gameplay. The side quizzes/games are not very good. Lighting torches and putting pictures back on walls pretty much sums them up, although wizard chess is ok if you have any idea how to play chess. Gone are the days of finding wizard and witches cards and flying around and playing quidditch. You get random points for using magic on things around the castle even though nothing really happens to the things you cast the spells on in the first place. There are teacher challenges but challenge is probably too strong a word for this. Nothing like the classroom challenges of the early games. The game is very short, it would take up more time if you completed the game 100% but I honestly can't be bothered to wander around the castle to light torches and reveal hidden giant chess pieces. Also, there aren't any hidden passages - there are portraits to go through but they just take you to another populated area of the school. Ultimately, the game has improved on the 4th game but I think the main aim of the makers was to make money and not a lot else.
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on 29 June 2007
The best thing about this game is just how easy it is to get into. It's really enjoyable. You can wander around the whole Hogwarts castle, casting spells, setting things on fire, solving puzzles and getting into some wizard fights with Slytherins. The main game follows the book, it's a breeze to get into casting the spells and the graphics are smooth and really high quality. The game is really playable and seriously addictive. There are lots of mini-quests so you could play it forever. If you've played any of the other Harry Potter games then this one is leaps ahead of the others. The extras have interviews with the cast that I thought were really funny (as a grown up Muggle!). Definitely worth it if you're into Harry Potter, a must for kids who are into the books.
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on 16 July 2007
Okay first of all let me start by saying that this game is ASTOUNDING VISUALLY! The actor likenesses are amazing although Ginny doesn't blink which makes her seem a little bit scary. The castle is huge and pretty much identical to the design from the movie. REAL ACTORS voiced the characters for once and HOORAY for EA GAMES for actually managing to aquire the rights to use at least one piece of the original movie score HEDWIGS THEME! It's only 5 games too late...

With the good points aside, now I can focus on the truly disappointing aspects...oh yes, there are many!

The game starts off promisingly in an identical fashion to that of the movie and you start off in Little Winging fighting off Dementors. DON'T get too excited though, just as you think your going to be playing the movie, you're whisked off on an even more brief flash of muddled cut scenes explaining half the story in about 10 seconds.

The magic system is clever at first and feels more like the way you should cast spells, plus you actually have to remember the analog combinations which is a nice touch but the new system means spells don't always react instantly and can become frustrating.

Many characters are in the game but not for long enough nor for any reason other than to round them up like sheep for DA meetings.

Special "Discovery" points can be collected by casting spells on various objects around Hogwarts, but most of these can be found during the pointless run-around missions anyway, so that cuts the already ridiculously short game play time in half.

Another huge jump and flash of cut scenes. Honestly if you don't know the story or haven't seen the movie, you'll have no idea what's going on!

You can carry out various pranks to annoy Umbridge but these are few and very repetitive. Variation is a thing of the past.

Classes are nowhere near as challenging as past games and really just get frustrating as you fight with the lame targeting system and unresponsive spell mechanics.

Wow the ministry of magic! Fight as Sirius, REALLY short and pathetic scene and you don't even have to win (For obvious reasons) Fight as Dumbledore against You Know Who? SURE! Lots of magicy stuff and yes it's all very impressive but the spells don't do a lot and you can't tell if you're winning or losing. In the end it doesn't matter because you get the same cut scene anyway.

Would I play it again? Sure, I like the visual eye candy and besides, I can complete it before I have to leave for work, so why not?

Honestly this game is soooo short and had sooo much potential. But where you could have joined in the fun, it was skimmed over with cut scenes and whole chunks just missed out completely. Amazing to look at and the sounds and range of spells are cool but it all just feels like a good intention gone awry.
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on 15 April 2012
This is a really good game and for its age good graphics, you cant tell that its nearly 5 years old!

The castle is pretty much open world,which i love to explore, if your a fan of Harry potter then this game is a must! It has lots of side quests and things to collect which keeps you going in between quests! When you complete the game there is still things to collect and duels to complete.

What i didnt like...

I felt this game was very easy, (apart from the quidditch) and i flew through it so quickly i was disappointed. I completed the game and just kinda gave up on the side quests as i got bored of them after a while.

Overall its a really good game, i would try not to rush it (which is so easy to do ) as before you know it, it will be over. If you a Harry potter fan and was a fan of the other previous games of harry potter this game is a must have!
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on 8 September 2009
To begin let me just say that if you are a Harry Potter fan, don't hesitate in purchasing what is essentially a great game, however, the flaws stand out to those yearning for more than a movie tie in. The graphics are fairly poor although the castle looks nice, the gameplay is boring, with the only real action being duelling (of which there are 6) and it will last you 4 or 5 hours, perhaps 7 or 8 to find all the collectibles. The one outstanding flaw however is the obvious attempt to recreate the characters voices, Harry is a stereotypical English person, and sounds awful. The good parts still shine through however, it seems, addictive? I found it hard to put the controller down purely to the fact I needed 100% in an area and couldn't rest until I had. It keeps on pushing through. Overall a good piece of entertainment. My advice? Watch the films instead, theres more value for money there.
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on 7 July 2007
Ok, so the goblet of fire was... rubbish. Not the worst game in the world. But nowhere NEAR as good as chamber and azkaban. Then comes this. And it's even better! I can't think of a single bad point against it - Great graphics for every aspect (They even got the cast in for head scans) you'd think it was real life and for once, a game with voices - THAT ARE ACTUALLY THE REAL ACTORS! Unbelievable. :P The map of the castle is HUGE, and most of the rooms are identical. (They used the blueprints from the real castle and extra sets)
Loads of completely different missions and 3 mini-games - Gobstones, Wizards Chess, Exploding snap, oh and ... a fight with a passing slytherin whenever you want. Choose where you go, who you talk to, and what you do. A must buy for all potter fans and gaming fans alike!
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on 17 May 2013
I thought this game was really excellent and easily the best out of the Harry Potter series. There are so many things to do in this game, such as the chess minigames etc. Well worth the money and it lasts for hours.
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on 2 January 2008
I was really looking forward to playing this game. However, I found myself quickly bored. The graphics are really good and the castle looks fantastic but I can't help but feel a lot of time was spent on this and then none on making the game. Once I'd wandered around that castle 5 times I quickly grew tired of it. There was none of the magic of previous games where you cast your spells. One of the challenges involves playing chess and if you can't play chess what's the point. There is barely any game play for the actual story. The teacher challenges are laughable.
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