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3.8 out of 5 stars111
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 14 February 2013
Rowing is my primary form of exercise following a heart/lung op a few years ago. I keep fit by rowing at sea fairly regularly but with advancing age (I'm now 60) even a dry suit couldn't get me out there in the latest cold snap. I'm not a lover of rowing machines but Gym's require regular fundings, getting there etc. but I have always viewed home equipment as generally very inferior, particularly if, like me you are well over 6 foot and 100Kgs. I bought the York purely on the stength of reviews and it was a good decision. Firstly those who marked it down because of self tapping screw problems simply don't know what a self tapper does, it makes its own thread! That makes it hard to screw in - use a decent Phillips screwdriver and it's simply not a problem. The computer on mine works fine and the unit is easy to store out of the way - but beware! This is a proper piece of kit - if you could pick it up in one hand it would be too flimsy so realise it's quite heavy, site it where you want and simply close it and stand it on end. One of the best things about it is it is really quiet. I've ended just leaving mine in front of the TV as you don't need headphones like so many gym machines. Highly recommended.
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on 12 October 2011
I carried, unpacked and assembled the machine alone, though an assistant would have been helpful in removing it from the box, as this is an art form!

Assembly is simple and full instructions are given, though I strongly advise discarding the tools provided and using your own.

The self tapping screws really are the correct size for their holes, despite what some other reviewers claim to "know". Self tappers are designed to be a very tight fit... if they were easy to install they wouldn't do their job. I'm a machinist & know a thing or two about this stuff! Think brute strength and ignorance here... and lots of it!
From an engineering perspective, however, captive nuts and locking washers would have been more appropriate. Minus 1/2 point for that.

The machine is very quiet and sits still when in use. Mine produces a slight rumble from the rotor toward the end of the fore-stroke. That may be a construction issue or perhaps just a lack of grease but I don't see it as a big problem.

I am 5'10" and the only height related issue I've found is the extending rowing head... I would like it to extend another 6" so minus another 1/2 point there. Otherwise, there's plenty of room to stretch your legs and a bit extra besides.

Construction is solid and feels like the £300+ you paid for it. Top marks.

My computer has no faults and does not reset itself. I'd guess that issue has been revised & addressed.

The brand stickers do tend to peel off, as per other reviews. Remove them or glue them back on. Either way not a major fault.

All in all a good machine and worth the money.

UPDATE: After around 10 hours use, the rumble all but disappeared, so I'm guessing just a breaking-in thing.
The seat-track still has a perfectly fluid & silent action, though it feels as though something is taking wear. Difficult to see what!
The rowing strap doesn't appear to have worn any, as per other reviews, though I've noticed it can rub on the guide wheels if there's any lateral (side to side) movement in your technique. This could explain why some people ended up with frayed & torn straps.
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on 18 July 2009
Ordered using express delivery and delivered next day by City Link on a Saturday morning - excellent service!

I can verify a previous review that the four self-tapping screws simply do not fit the holes, but I remedied this problem by drilling out the holes using the next-size-up drill bit, and then the supplied screws fitted just fine.

I am 6'5" tall with a 35" inside leg, and this machine is plenty big enough. I can fully extend my legs whilst rowing, and the seat doesn't touch the safety stop at the back of the slider bar. The machine is sturdy and heavy (36kg) and doesn't feel like it's going to break during an intense workout.

I read problems about the computer re-setting when set for a specific workout program, which almost put me off buying it, but you don't have to set a workout program for it to monitor and display your time, distance, speed (minutes per 500M) and burned calories. It automatically comes on and starts counting as soon as you start rowing.

Overall I'm very happy with my purchase, especially since the Amazon price was over £50 cheaper than on my local High Street!
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on 22 May 2011
I've had the York R700 Platinum Rower for just over two weeks now and it's brilliant especially for the amount of money spent on it.
I wasn't sure I should buy after reading in other reviews that the computer didn't work properly, but went for it as this seemed to be the only negative issue.
When my machine arrived I assembled it quite quickly on my own, it was that easy. As mentioned some other reviews the screws are a bit tricky to screw in, but I managed that fine, too.
The padded seat makes rowing very comfy and the resistance levels are very good and can be adjusted quickly. I had a fan rower before which was quite noisy, so was hoping for a quieter rower this time and wasn't disappointed. This is quiet enough, even with more vigorous rowing not to disturb a sleeping baby in the next room and you can still comfortably listen to the radio or watch TV while rowing without turning up the volume.
I discovered the problems with the resetting of the computer the first night I used it. It didn't only reset when setting a target, but reset all the time after 1-2min. So I e-mailed York Fitness the next day with the serial number of my machine and my proof of purchase and received a new computer within 3 working days and that one is working fine. It displays all the important information like stroke rate, time, calories, distance rowed in m and km.
Definitely would recommend this rower to anybody looking to get fitter!
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on 18 July 2015
I shopped for ages before finally buying this machine and it felt like a gamble due to the weird reviews all rowing machines get.

Basically nearly every review states "it's not a Concept" followed at some point by "buy a Concept". I did not want to buy a concept I wanted to buy something cheaper (this point is countered in most reviews by "buy a second hand Concept") which met my needs.

So here are my needs. I am 6ft1 16stone and lead a sedate life. As you can tell from this I'm not an exercise freak (the 16 Stone is not muscle) and also as you can also tell I could probably do with picking up the exercise a bit. When I've gone to the gym in the past I've always enjoyed rowing most of all hence my desire to get one at home.

I ended up choosing this machine based on the couple of non Concept centric reviews, the fact I know the York name and a decent discount on amazon.

The positives:
As mentioned before I am 6 ft and I do not come close to hitting the back of the rail which by the way is very robust looking piece of metal which shows no sign of complaint despite my 16 stone. This build quality is evident on the rest of the machine too.

The machine is combination air and mechanical resistance with a setting of 1-8 whilst the resistance is not massive it is more than ample for my needs and provides a very good workout. The point of resistance comes up a lot on rowing machine reviews and I am not convinced it is too important, I use rowing for cardio not strength building therefore if I find the workout too easy I simply go faster or spend longer rowing so as long as the resistance is enough to stop me flying backwards then it is enough.

This machine is also pretty quiet I have mine in front of a TV and can listen to it at a normal volume whilst I row. It is starting to squeak a bit now but that should be rectified by a simple go round with the provided tools.

When deciding on this rowing machine a few reviews mentioned that the strap had broken on them. This is a problem I believe York have rectified as the stitching on the strap is such that I can't see it ever breaking. I also think this has been rectified due to the fact when I got my machine the strap and handle had been put through the centre console backwards so I had to take the handle off and reverse the situation. No big deal and in a way assured my the strap snapping issue had been resolved.

The display is quite simple to use and set it is also very clear to read with sweat in your eyes. My only gripe is that it does not have any system for recalling/saving workouts so every time you go for a row you have to set it all up again.


I was worried due to sheer number of rowing machines in this price range and the constant "Concept" reviews but I shouldn't have been this machine is perfect for my needs, it's quieter and £400+ less
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on 20 May 2009
Good quality product, well packaged for transport and easy to assemble.
I had a small problem with the Computer, but this turned out to be only dirty battery contacts. Otherwise it is a smooth machine in use and the runner slides well.
The base reduces in length with one locking pin and then the whole thing tilts vertical so storage is easy and relatively compact.
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on 22 March 2013
After undertaking considerable research and based on the reviews I had read about this machine I bought one and having had it for a month now have to say it is superb. Easy to assemble - the concerns over the fit of the self-tapping screws is unfounded and please don't drill out the holes to make them easier as one reviewer did, it isn't necessary and will surely lead to problems in the future - I had it up and running on my own in about half an hour.

It is quiet and smooth in operation and easy to excercise listening to music, watching television holding a conversation etc without cranking up the vloume. Being able to watch CSI (my wife's favourite) whilst excercising might not be a good recommendation but you get the picture. I had a slight concern that some reviewers had said it wasn't hard enough. As a recently retired Rugby League player, Tri-Athlete and keep fit enthusiast I reckon I am in decent shape and have been getting a fantastic work out at level 5, and in fact should probably have started at 4 and built up. Steve Redgrave might not be tested but there is more than enough in it for even quite serious excercise (length not strength makes for a better session). I am in awe of those that found this too easy.....

Having used the much praised Concept machines in the gym I have to say this is an excellent home based alternative at a quarter of the price and would recommend it without hesitation.
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on 22 June 2011
2 workouts in and I am struggling to see the difference from my old gym rower, Concept II. Yes the 6 screws are a tad reluctant but nothing a good screwdriver won't cope with. The computer is behaving itself so far. The mechanism is smooth, pretty quiet (enough to hear the dvd on normal level) and challenging and I'm on 6 out of 8 so more to work towards. It's good and I'm pleased. Time will tell on its durablity.
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on 19 February 2009
Everything about this product was great apart from the Computer. It has a fault were, if you set a certain distance or time and start rowing, the computer will reset itself after a few seconds of rowing or minutes, before you have reached the target. This was extremely annoying and so I phoned York and they said they were aware of the fault. If they were aware of it, why is this product still being sold?! They couldn't give us a exact date when this computer could be fixed and advised us to return the product back. Apart from the computer problem, it was a good machine to use.
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on 26 May 2015
I purchased this rower quite a while back in 2013. Initial impressions of the rower were very good. However, after only a couple of weeks moderate use (an hour or so each day) a comical scene ensued when the pull handle strap suddenly broke causing me to fly off the back of my seat and into the speakers in my room. The handle had come unstitched from its strap. Having spoken to York Fitness a replacement rower was sent out. The replacement lasted a week before the same thing happened again. Although I did manage to avoid flying off the back this time. You could actually see the strap stitching coming unstitched as the week went on. Exactly the same problem as seems to be reported from many others. Clearly this is a design flaw as numerous people are reporting the same issue over and over again. It's quite an important feature to have a rowing machine with a decent pull strap that doesn't break like this does. So I would not buy this machine at all.
Was just casually browsing through the website at fitness equipment and I was surprised to see this rower still on sale to be honest.
Seriously would advise people not to buy this product.
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