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4.1 out of 5 stars169
4.1 out of 5 stars
Size: Blue Pro 250HzColour: BlueChange
Price:£17.43+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 17 May 2007
I wasn't quite sure what this was or exactly what it did when I saw it. However I ordered it after reading a few reviews. Stupid thing to do? Absolutly NOT! Powerballs are brilliant, but hard work. It looks like a plastic ball encased by another plastic ball. But set it going and its more of a work-out than using free weights. Once you set it going give it five minutes, if that!, and you will feel it working. It works out your fingers, wrist, forearm and upper arm. For somehing that looks so simple it is absolutly amazing.

After I brought one I showed a few mates, every person I showed now has one. Most reviews seem a bit extreme, but they really are as good as these people say. Worth the next-to-nothing price they are.

Buy one and you won't regret it!
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on 2 August 2007
I've been using powerballs since the start of the year and the difference it's made to my arms is definitively note-worthy. They are a little hard to comprehend at first since the way people explain their use can be a little confusing. They work purely on moving your wrist and arm in an egg whisking motion. When you pull the cord, the internal ball starts spinning, when you move your wrist, the ball will resist by means of inertia. My advice would be to `feel' the resistance and push against it, this in turn pushes the ball round, the harder and faster you push, the greater the resistance and the faster the ball spins. There are no motors or gears or anything like that, just a gyro in a shell. It took me about 2 hours to figure out how to keep the ball going, but once you catch on it's extremely addictive. One warning, you will get blisters, but probably worse still, you won't be able to put it down even if you have them, it's that addictive.

My advice would be to give them a chance if you can't get it straight away, try holding it in a different way, take it slow and whisk wide. Also, and more importantly, get the balls with the counters, these are what make them addictive, just getting those few extra rpm's is what makes this fun, not to mention keeps competition going with friends.

Do not be put off by your low speeds to begin with, most people start at about 7000 - 9000 rpm and then level off at 12,000 rpm, it's at this point that things get tough since the resistance goes up exponentially. 12,000 rpm is actually not a bad score, although the leader board is filled with scores of 13,000+. At 14,000+ the entrants become a bit scarcer, and at 15,000, there are 14 people at last check, but the mighty Akis is some 500-rpm faster than the next best at 16,317.

Also, don't cheat and use oil, D40 or other lubricants, this will in fact make things very difficult since the ball won't get any grip and will just spin on the spot, that's even if you can get it started and cleaning them can be a pain.

Speaking of cleaning, yes, like the old joke about cleaning your mouse ball, so too must you clean your powerball which can be a little tricky, go to the official website, they give details on how to open it up (some a little more extreme than others) and use something like methylated or surgical spirits with a non lint cloth, DO NOT USE white spirits.

The warranty that comes with them is exceptional, for the most part they will replace broken starter strings, but you won't need them once you can flick start. They will also replace the washers and the plastic sleeve free of charge, yet some have managed to get the rotor replaced if it breaks (rotor breaks are very rare).

In all, an amazing product and highly recommended.
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Okay, not sure how effective this little machine is at strengthening your wrist but I am lead to believe that it works. Certainly one does get better at using it without fatigue over time. It is supposed to increase wrist and forearm strength as well as endurance to fatigue - aimed originally at climbers. In this I would say that it works, although like all other things related to fitness, you have to do other forms of exercise and of course not eat too much lard. It is addictive. I don't set out to use this ball at any specific time or period - I leave it by my computer at home and periodically it seems to end up in my hand. There is a natural tendancy to favour one's handedness - in my case the right hand, so that needs to be overcome - and of course if you are sitting next to someone pretty quickly they will become thoroughly irritated with the high pitched whine of the ball. I used the LCD functions a few times but to be honest they are a bit of a gimmick. Just grab the ball, spin it up and use it until either bored or tired. From those who use these there seems to be a bit of a thing whereby you don't use the string to start off the ball - and the better you get the easier you find it to start without the cord. I haven't become proficient enough to start it just by flicking my thumb but some can. Overall, I'd say it's a minor addition to a fitness and sports regime - but anything even in small doeses helps.
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There are a lot of Powerballs to choose from; if you're undecided then go for this one. It has the digital display which is a must-have, and none of the other gimmicks the other Powerballs have that only serve to slow the ball down.

Starting the ball can be awkward with the lace, but after a while you will be able to do this with your hand and bin the lace - at this point the Powerball is a lot more fun and accessible. It will take a few days to learn the proper technique of spinning the ball - persevere at this because once it is mastered you hardly have to move your arm to keep it spinning. It's surprising how much forearm muscle you'll use with this minimal movement.

They are a lot of fun and are one of the best ways to build up forearm strength. A bit like the hand spring grips you can get but you are more likely to use the Powerball because of the variety of things you can do, and the fact there is the challenge of beating your personal best.

Highly recommended, and a great gift idea.
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on 4 December 2007
i am not the guy who works out or likes training ,but this thing is fun and i got stonger ,every day activities are easier now ,you really get stronger with powerball,great product.
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I have been using my powerball for over two years now and I love it as much now as when I first got it. The manufacturer's description really doesn't do this product justice, although their website does. If you use this powerball at low speeds it is great for RSI and other wrist/arm injuries. At high speeds it gives an amazing workout and really builds up all the arm and shoulder muscles. The build quality is incredible (do not be tempted by inferior wannabes) and the lifetime guarantee is unbeatable. I've had to replace a small part already (due to my intensive usage!) and they sent out the part quickly, free of charge and with full fitting instructions, can't say fairer than that! It is truly addictive and put it on a table in a room full of friends and you will all soon be fighting to out do one another on high speeds and other stats that the computer on top measures. I could write so much more about this product, but really you've got to buy one and try for yourself, you will not regret it!

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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VINE VOICEon 9 November 2007
I bought a techno powerball two months ago purely out of interest and really liked it. I must confess that it took me a day to get it working ( I thought I had a duff one but it was user error in the end).

Anyway the techno was good with all its lights but it does not compare to the powerball with I can see that I was no where near achieving speeds of 16000 rpm.

Plus have bought a number for xmas as an excellent stocking filler for male friends and family.
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on 5 April 2007
The powerball is for everyone. Taken seriously or used for fun this product is truly unique and beneficial. When you first recieve the Powerball you'll be hooked for hours. This puts your muscles under strain they're not used to and for the following few days after, you'll ache like hell - but like me, you'll come back for more! This is really good for people who sit at the pc for long long hours :]
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on 24 September 2007
Since I've used this, my RSI has definitely calmed down a bit... It takes some getting used to, but from experience, I rate it as a best buy and recommend it to anyone who needs wrist/ arm strengthening.
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on 6 November 2007
I really do have to admit that i was exceptionally dubious about the claims that have been heaped upon such a small device. But rest assured that I am now a powerball convert. i have been doing free weights latley and have just recieved my powerball and was astounded when I could barely hold onto it when i got it up to 12000rpm and that unmistakeable burn means that it definitley working out all the muscle groups it says it does.
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