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4.7 out of 5 stars152
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 29 May 2010
Alan Partridge is one of those characters that entertains and annoys in equal measures. Some people find his shows so funny that tears actually run down their cheeks, whereas others will not utter a single giggle.

Personally, I think this dvd set contains some of the funniest British comedy moments to ever grace our screens.

The genre than Steve Coogan champions with his character Alan Partridge has recently come to be known as 'cringe comedy', more so after the creation of 'The Office'.
I prefer however to call it 'underdog' comedy. Alan Partridge is a hateful man. He's rude, arrogant, thinks he's above everyone he meets, is always out for just himself, and he fails at everything he does. And it is exactly those qualities that makes him so endearing. Everyone loves a loser, and Alan is the biggest loser out there.

This boxset contains every episode from 'Knowing Me Knowing You' - the spoof talk show. As-well as series 1 & 2 of 'I'm Alan Partridge' - the follow up series that sees Alan fail as a Radio DJ and Author.
Also there's a load of extras and deleted scenes for each series, including the Knowing Me Knowing You Christmas special, and the Comic Relief scenes from 1995.
Altogether there's just under 11 hours of Alan Partridge goodness. Which makes this set extremly good value for money.

Many others have written far more extensive reviews on here, so I won't go on any further except to say this.. ..Alan Partridge is a golden comedy creation, and this dvd set is an essential purchase for anyone with a sense of humor. Buy it now before the price goes back up!
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VINE VOICEon 18 April 2008
Alan Partridge is a laugh-out-loud hilarious comedy character, perhaps only recently bested by David Brent.

This dvd box-set contains every episode broadcast, from Knowing Me, Knowing you (extended versions), to the Xmas special and two series of I'm Alan Partridge. Also included are Alan's Country Ramble ("Someone should clean up these leaves"), the Comic Relief segments he did, a never broadcast pilot episode, numerous adverts for Knowing Me, Knowing You ("Ignore the critics, this programme is actually quite good"), deleted and extended scenes. There's other stuff on there too and you can never have too much of the Partridge, so get this collection of one of the best comedy characters ever.

Alan started out in hospital radio and quickly moved on to BBC Radio 4, where his chat show, Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge became a little-recognised success. After several years, he was quickly picked up and deemed suitable for television, where his particular brand of misanthropic, homophobic, sexist and xenophobic good humour fit the times, the times being the mid 1990s. His scowling, insincere, know-nothing face was first shown on The Day Today, in which he stole the programme, filling his on air sports commentary with inane drivel, mostly because he was totally ignorant about the events on which he was required to pontificate.

After being the sports anchor on one programme, he was given free reign to make his own programme (via his now bankrupt company, Pear Tree Productions). Alan did what he did best - he chats. Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge ("get the title right!", he would insist, with his witty characteristic pedantry) became an instant cult classic (read: low audience figures), particularly popular with students. What made the show such a resounding success for one series and a Christmas special (never again to be recommissioned) still puzzles many, as does why it got made in the first place. Alan, by his own frank admission, hates people. Especially the public, but certainly people in general. With that in mind, he was given a chat show, in which he proceeded to abuse everyone with equal opportunity. Highlights include Cheeky Monkey, Pete and Bernie's Philosophical Steak House and of course, his fantastic medley of Abba classics, shouted at full volume.

After the explosive ending of Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge and the burn-your-own-bridges finale of Knowing Me, Knowing Yule (the Christmas special, an event so bad that you would welcome back Noel Edmonds with open arms), there followed two on-the-road documentaries, I'm Alan Partridge, in which we follow Alan desperately trying to patch up his life with ridiculous television series ideas (Monkey Tennis, anyone? Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubanks?).

At this stage in Alan's career - and to call it a 'career' stretches the meaning of the word - Alan does a graveyard local radio broadcast (Up with the Partridge) in which even the two minute handover to the next DJ reduces to the level of thinly veiled personal insults. Domestically, Alan lives in a Travel-Tavern, his own personal three star hell and has no friends except a deeply disturbed Falklands veteran. Later, Alan moves to a caravan, continues to obsess about James Bond and writes a book, Bouncing Back (not as good as Bravo Two Zero, I'm sure he would freely admit).

This brief biography does no justice to the incredible writing and superb characterisation of all involved. Simply one of the best television characters ever. Alan's love for his fellow man may be in short supply but the laughs are never ending in this classic comedy creation.
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on 10 April 2012
was given this as a Christmas gift and my first thoughts were I'll never watch this had never seen Steve Coogan in anything ( I'm seventy ) seen his name but didn't bother to follow through actualy thought Steve & Alan were two different people was given the audio c d at the same time and put it on first to find out what it was all about listened to five minutes and thought what an arrogant man my son kept asking if I'd watched the DVD's and didn't want to seem ungrateful or lie so decided to get it over with and put it on cannot believe how stupid I was thinking the Cd was a serious programme what a genius he is and all the other characters as well couldn't stop laughing out loud and watched the three DVD's in two nights and am watching them again for the third time every scene is a delight and I find myself during the day having a chuckle at some of the truly funny sketches that keep popping into mind especially the hellicopter one far too many to mention just love Michael he plays the part so well and Lynn must get a mention as the fantastic P.A all the cast play their parts so well don't know how they got through it without bursting out laughing but that I suppose is what makes them truly great actors just love these DVD's if you are looking for real comedy these are for you
now looking for more of him
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on 2 August 2010
I only recently discovered the hilarity that it Alan Partridge (before you scoff, I'm based in Australia!)

Both 'Knowing Me, Knowing You' and 'I am Alan Partridge' show clearly the footsteps in which shows such as 'The Office' and 'Extras' later trod. Coogan is a master at portraying the awkward cluelessness and blunt arrogance that is Alan Partridge, and does so without making it easy on himself with too many catchphrases (except for the brilliant 'Aha!', which has now become my entry cry to any room!)

I am told by many of my UK buddies that AP is seen as a bit 'old hat', but I'm urging you all to give it a rewatch (or a first watch)and get back in touch with this gem!
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on 27 September 2013
Absolutely brilliant, laugh a minute goodness, though my two year old daughter does say smell my cheese a little too often!

And I do advise not watching this whilst drinking hot fluids, whilst naked, with just cheese for comfort, you may find yourself stuck in a melted cheese fiasco, leaving a self tattoo matted in your chest hair, not that any of that happened to me oh know.
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Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge character is excellent. At times purely hilarious, in a farcical manner, and at times horribly embarrassing, or even crushingly sad, Partridge is a well observed character, operating in a believable and recognisable contemporary world. We can find him occasionally likeable, or even sympathetic, or suddenly appallingly gauche, his egocentric self-image playing a massive role in this volatile chemistry.

Series one is okay, but has aged the least impressively. Series two and three are classics, and see the character and presentation maturing. There are also sundry specials and extras, some of which feel like padding, others of which are great (e.g. his country walks and talks in East Anglia - being an East Anglian myself I also like the local connections!).

There are some incredibly funny moments - his air-bass routine in his trailer-home, or (painfully funny!) when he tries to deliver a speech after having skewered his foot on a railing - but overall it's not so much side-splitting larf-a-minute stuff, as a more simmering character and situation driven affair.

As well as being very funny, it can be very sad, poignant even. In some respects this is a very modern somewhat dark style of comedy (although already - like Partridge himself - rapidly ageing), but in others it has longer deeper roots. Partridge's tragicomic attempts to maintain his dignity in the face of adversity could be traced back to such antecedent bumblers as Peter Sellers' Clousseau, for example

Definitely we generally laugh at these characters for the pricking of their pomposity, and at their expense. But we also recognise enough of ourselves and general humanity for it to be tinged with pain and melancholy. Clever and funny. Great if somewhat uneven, hence only four stars. And at only £10 for the complete TV series (what I paid, roughly, and still the price at the time of leaving this review), good value.
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on 3 September 2013
Although i have a had a previous copy of the three series in this set- was given this as a birthday present a couple of weeks ago-have subsequently watched them all again in chronological order- Knowing me knowing you (yule) then im Alan Partridge series 1 & 2. KMKY-was a superb chat show spoof with Partridge sinking further into the embarassing cringe worthyness world with each subsequent episode. Im Alan Partridge series one was IMHO the greatest single comedy series ever made which meant series two had an AWFUL LOT to live up to and although it was pretty good I would liken it to Yes Prime Minister as a follow up to Yes Minister- good in itself but so much to live upto and not quite getting there. One reason was Coogan overacted somewhat in series two and had an awful lot of diologue where he was "performing" for the other actors on the set but being a touch silly and unrealistic which became tiresome after he had done two or three of these. I have probably watched each episode in series one 25 times and STILL laugh outloud its THAT good. The spoof with with the Bono character in the second series was brilliant but those moments were much harder to find and as a result i would only give it 4 out of 5 on here.
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on 25 June 2011
I'm American born and used to American humor. I sat watching British comedy when I first moved here as an adult, and having come from the "Saturday Night Live", "Fraser" and "Seinfeld" school...and aside from "Ab Fab" or "The Vicar of Dibley," I just couldn't get into most British comedy. A lot of it wasn't really interesting to me. It was mostly pratfalls and toilet humor. And I happened to come by Steve Coogan and his character of Alan Partridge and it was the first time I found myself laughing out loud. That was it, I became a huge fan. His characters are clever, well-written and executed and just hilarious. Alan Partridge is (in a sense) the British Fraser Crane...full of himself, always self-promoting and filled with well-laid plans that usually go awry. He is the guy you love to hate because everyone knows someone like this no matter where on the globe you might live. If you want the best of British humor this is it. (Since then, I've also discovered Omid Djalili...who is brilliant as well.) He never introduced Alan Partridge to America...if he had, I think he would have been much more successful. He is absolutely one of the finest comedians I have ever seen...not just in Britain but everywhere.
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on 3 January 2014
I bought this to get KMKYWAP on DVD, which I own on VHS and get IAP2 which I hadn't really seen. For me Alan Partridge is forever in the studio surrounded by chaos. I feel the later offerings have never reached that brilliance. That said IAP1 is great TV and there are great comic moments. I am not sure why Coogan seemed to put so little effort into IAP2. IMO for Alan to work at his best he needs top comic talent to work with. Marber/Front/Schneider/Mackichan provide this in KMKYWAP to excellent effect. Kevin Eldon in IAP1 is perhaps my highpoint here, although the Irish visitors also provide a good counterpoint and the exchanges with Phil Cornwell's character were very funny. With the exception of Dan I didn't find any such interplay. That said IAP2 is worth a watch even if it just to see the farmer from Withnail and I as Lynne's boyfriend.

Coogan has done some good stuff with Partridge over the years and some not so good. The former easily outbalances the latter making this compilation a definite buy.
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on 3 March 2012
i have seen all of the "I'm alan partridge" series on tv i decided to give this a purchase because i loved them and can easily watch over and over again. i was aware of the "knowing me knowing you" dvd that came with it but truly wasn't to fussed about watching it in a hurry as i thought i wouldn't be that interested in watching a chat show dvd,however i like watching things in order and knew the series where about him trying to get a second series of this show. i must say i never stopped laughing through the whole series and still have not seen the christmas special on disk 2 ! HIGHLY recommend this to not just alan partridge fans but any fan of british comedy. alan partridge is one of the best british comedy characters ever created !
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