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4.3 out of 5 stars3,166
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2006
Everyone giving these phones a 5 star rating is quite right. I really wanted a pair of Sennheiser headphones and thought I'd give the HD201 model a try. For the price, I expected something fairly mediocre. How wrong can you be?

The sound quality is absolutely outstanding. If I'd paid £100 for these, I'd have been happy. I'm no DJ or sound expert, but still cannot believe the clarity and rich sound. I'm not convinced the bass is as deep as some have said and I think it does need a little boost from an amp, but the phones handle it with no distortion. After buying these, I listened to various genres of music (from classical to trance) and wasn't disappointed with any. I then left them connected overnight with a playlist of the different music styles to bed them in. It does make a huge difference to the sound and is worth the effort.

No wonder Sennheiser have such a good reputation! Don't be fooled by the price of these, they look and sound a lot more expensive!!
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on 17 October 2006
These headphones sound great with my ipod and my macbook, and has superb clarity, treble and bass. I recently bought the sony MDR-V300 Headphones and these are way better! The sound is way clearer, compared to the sony's which have way too much bass in my opinion. Also these are much more comfortable than the sony for extended periods of time...Solid purchase!!!
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on 2 February 2015
I use headphones nearly daily on my commute and at home, for approx 4 to 6 hours a day. I go through headphones like it's no one's business, and decided to get a cheaper pair in the interim between my last headphones and my next one's (saving for a better pair of Sennheiser or Bose).

These have served me well for the last two months. The pros are as everyone else lists: sound quality is excellent for the price, and far superior to some expensive makes. In my opinion they sound better than Skull Candy, WESC, UrbanEars and Beatz. If you are mostly streaming music through something like Spotify, these will do a great job. They also aren't too noisy and fit comfortably, but run a little big if you have a tiny grapefruit head like me.

The downsides? They don't go too loud which can be a problem, but I appreciate only noise cancelling headphones sound great over the din of the London Underground. The cable is SUPER long so I have to tuck it into my pockets, and it tangles on everything including commuters rushing past me on their escape from the tube. They also aren't the most compact nor the most durable of things, and after two months of a daily commute they are sounding a little crackly in the left side. I would also add that they aren't the most attractive headphones either, and as I use headphones a lot I like to treat them like a fashion accessory (without compromising on sound).

Ultimately, for the price they are, they are practically disposable. I would happily buy a replacement pair if I were only using them in the office, or otherwise not constantly commuting with them. I just wish they had lasted a little longer!
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on 24 December 2013
I honestly don't know what some people are doing with their headphones to have them break within a few weeks. Nor can I comprehend what they consider "good sound quality". I mean I'm just baffled as to what more you could ask for at this price. I've had them for around 2 years now without any faults and I can easily sit with them on all day without a comfort issues. This is on top of wearing glasses. The band has only now just started to lose its tension, such that they will slip off my head if I'm too vigorous, but they never pinched or hurt my ears, not even when they were brand new.

I've never had any distortion through them, as lower scoring reviews have suggested, even when pushing volume and whatever else to max. Honestly if you don't think you can get decent volume or sound quality from these then you're being far too picky, are very much in the wrong price bracket for your needs or are listening to your music far, far too loud.

Similarly, if they are breaking within a few weeks then you are either seriously mistreating them, they've been damaged in the post or you have received a faulty product. Mine have suffered numerous drops and prangs, and I've run over the cable with my desk chair more than I care to admit. They still perform flawlessly. Unfortunately, that same cable is the only reason it doesn't get 5 stars. Occasionally I've been very thankful that it's so long but when using them while on the PC or to watch TV late at night you have alot of extra cable trailing across the floor. And of course it will get inexplicably tangled in whatever it can (as cables do) unless you tie it up.

I have had nothing but a positive experience with these and would buy another pair in a heartbeat. Again, for the price, these are simply an amazing pair of headphones. The best I have ever owned. They more than deliver for their cost and I can't help but feel the negative reviewers have been too quick to judge or have somewhat unrealistic expectations/standards for sound quality.
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on 25 March 2006
These are probably the best cans in the WORLD for under £20. They are balanced, have great bass response, strong mids and sparkling highs. Although a little on the bright side for some, they do offer superb sound reproduction at this price. They are also sealed, and have a low impedance (32ohm), making them ideal for portable use. (rember to break them in)
>Loud (32ohm) and sealed shutting out outside sound and sealing your music in.
>They are VERY light AND comfortable
>Unrivalled sound quality at this price point
>If you are one of the anti-Grado fashion-esque folk then these headphones are stunners, the look COOL and expensive.
> The cable doesnt have an uptake and is quite long, so youll need a hairband or elastic band to keep the 3m cable under control.
>For the lazy hermits among you, there is no volume control, though i dont really see this as a disadvantage (they damage sound quality)
>They will make you/your teenager yearn for better sounding phones and when your kid starts begging you for the Senn HD650s dont complain.
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on 12 March 2006
These headphones are simply amazing, dont be put off by the low price. The background noises of songs and games can be heard very well, so the next time your playing on cs_office on counter strike, ull know exactly what window has been smashed. There is also very good bass and 3d-surround, so again if your buying these to play a game you wont be dissapointed. They are also rather light for thier size, and I find them very easy to wear over long periods of time. They dont let much noise out either, so noones going to be complaining about you. I dought ill ever use my Creative 5.1 speakers again!
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on 6 February 2009
These headphones are outragouelsy comfortable and the quality is just awesome. They are so comfortable that I often walk off forgetting that I have them on my head, and they come flying off my head. I have had these headphones for over a year, I drop them constantly, I step on them sometimes, and they have had no damage done to them at all. I wasn't expecting much when I bought these for £18, even though I heard a lot about Sennheiser, but they really are the ferrari of headphones. Tought, comfortable, incredible sound. Just great, I'd pay 3 times as much for these headphones. Good thing Amazon are honest!
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on 18 November 2008
these headphones have been designed for great sound. they have thought about everything from the careful leaving out of a volume control, to the gold plated connection. they really pack a punch: the bass can make your spine vibrate and even the highest volumes don't damage the quality of the sound, except for sometimes at very high pitches at very very loud, it can become slightly tinny. they are also so comfortable that after a while you forget you're wearing them. i think that sennheiser would not dare damage their reputation by producing anything that wasn't up to their very high standards, and even if they made a bigger profit from this individual product, if the headphones weren't up to standard, customers would think twice before buying from them again. overall, although you won't be absolutely blown away by the sound, they are worth twice what they are being sold for here and they are really great headphones if you are a music lover who isn't completely loaded.
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on 10 August 2007
I run a small recording studio and needed extra/spare headphones in case of any unexpected breakages or unexpeceted extra musicians. I bought these cos they were so cheap and the reviews at were so positive. I expected at best just to not hate them, but Im actually astounded by them. For headphones that cost me £10, these are absolutely unbelievable.
Naturally they can't compare to £50+ sets out there, but how close they come is frightening. They're extremely light and comfortable, the mids dont honk like all other cheaper sets, and theres an evenness to the tone that suits a studios needs really well. I had an extremely talented pianist wear them all day in a very long session and he made no comment. He just never guessed that they were imposters in a professional environment.
The only quibble you could make is that they're a little quiet, so they need cranking, but me - I instantly ordered another set.
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on 20 January 2006
Very impressive sound for the money. The enclosed design retains all the detail from from your tracks. Comfortable ear pads enclose the entire ear, padded on the band across the top of your head. Lightweight but not cheaply made. They have the ability to place sounds very well, plugged into the PC and playing Counter Strike I'd swear I could hear footsteps behind me. All in all very pleased.
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