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4.5 out of 5 stars1,878
4.5 out of 5 stars
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1,676 of 1,709 people found the following review helpful
on 10 January 2006
Being new to the world of juicing, I thought I would do some research before investing in a machine. Having spent umpteen hours on the internet, I descovered so many conflicting reviews of the different machines, taht I came away feeling more baffled than before I started.
In the end, I decided to plump for thiss Philips machine, as it had quite a few good reviews, and it looked good (my thinking being that even if it wasn't great it might look good on the work top!).
So I was delighted when I got it for many reasons:
1. It makes great juice (and rather the jug supplied allows for a generous amount of juice). It makes very light work of apples, oranges, strawberries, grapefruit, carrots etc. It is surprising how much juice you get out of one apple. When I was researching, I wondered how much preperation was required... With this model, the chute is big enough for whole apples and oranges, but they recommend that you peel the oranges first (apparently the skin is very bitter), but other non-citrus fruits need no preparation whatsoever.
2. It isn't as loud as a jet engine (it's actually only as loud as my kettle - at the most).
3. It is farily compact - It only takes as much room as the kettle (maybe a little bit more), but I have a tiny kitchen, and it has fitted in no problem.
4. It's dead easy to clean and doesn't require a PhD to put it back together. It is very simple to put together, and the supplied brush for the metal thingy that mashes up the fruit is very handy indeed.
5. It gets every drop of moisture out of the fruit leaving only dry pulp in the pulp container. I had read in other reviews that it doesn't get every drop of juice, but my one certainly seems to.
6 It doesn't make mess. WHich is always good - especially as I am usually very good a making mess. the jug's lid also stops splashes.
Things it won't do:
- Startchy fruits (avocados, bananas, mango etc) but I think that goes for all of these juicers.
- Clean itself. Though it is dishwasher safe - I've just not tried that yet.
Overall I am really chuffed to bits with it, and recommend it to anyone who like me, has found it all too confusing.
Now if you will excuse me, I'm off for some more (surprisingly delicious) carrot and orange juice...
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 July 2013
This comes in an enormous box, but this is easiy broken down for re-cycling. The items are solid and feel incredibly sturdy - especially the aluminium parts. This is larger than I expected, but fits into a reasonably small space in the kitchen.

The package includes a good recipe book by Jason Vale (who recommends this machine) and extensive instructions from Philips, which also makes suggestions for recipes. Once assembled the juicer looks good, but its main feature is the simplicity of the design. It breaks down into 4 large parts which can be easily rinsed under a tap, to clean off the pulp of the fruit. In the past, juicers have been very difficult to clean; but this one is very easy indeed.

Once assembled, it is simplicity itself to use - you just push the fruit down the large feeding tube at the top. Instructions say you can put in whole apples - this works, but is quite slow. I found that if you chopped them in half, it's much quicker and easier. Generally it works better if you chop things into pieces - but even allowing for this, the whole process is just a few minutes and you have fresh juice.

In place the unit tilts to one side, which is where you place the jug provided, to hold the juice. This is a nice, clear plastic design with an insert that allows you pour the juice into glasses without taking the foam from the top. Overall, the system worked very well and seems to produce excellent results - very pleasant with some ice, on hot summer days.

Given that it's currently selling for half price on Amazon, this has to be a top recommendation for this kind of thing. It certainly looks very good and it works quickly and efficiently. But what really sells it, is how easy it is to clean. Having owned and given up on previous units that sat unused due to such difficulties; it is very pleasing to discover something that has overcome all those problems, to make quick and easy juicing.
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36 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on 16 January 2009
The market for juicers has grown a bit since I last had one about 10 years ago so before buying my Philips HR1861 I did plenty of online research. For the most part, this one came out on top in people's reviews - it was perceived as being well made, efficient and good value for money, not to mention that it was also not unpleasant to look at.
I have not been dissapointed. It is very quiet, the motor runs smoothly and with a sense of great strength, and the little details are worthwhile: the jug that is purpose-built to fit snugly at the spout (complete with a hinged lid that stops any splashing) and the lightly suctioned feet that hold the machine firmly on a flat surface are both excellent touches. Also, the posture of the machine has it permanently tilting slightly forwards so no juice is left to collect in the insides, only to drip on you when you take it all apart; every bit goes into the jug. This leaning aspect also adds an endearing character to the machine, which, if it is to be left out on the counter for any length of time, is a welcome attribute; it looks purposeful and ready for action! Compare your boring old toaster or tired old plastic kettle - characterless!
Cleaning juicers has always been a rather tiresome chore, but even that task is easier than I had expected with the Philips. Everything will go in a dishwasher but I prefer to do it by hand - I expect that over time the slightly abrasive quality of dish washing tabs or powder will dull the clear plastic parts. The main housing wipes down very easily if there's any spillage as it is made of "Professional anodised aluminium"; the real benefit of this, however, is that it doesn't show finger marks (it's also scratchproof and corrosion resistant).
The machine has two speeds but I am yet to see the true benefit of this; I just do everything on the top speed, my thinking being that, whatever the fruit, the faster it all spins the more juice will be forced out. Scientists are welcome to commment!
My only small warning at this stage (as I've only used the machine a few times so far) is that when you put fruit into the schute it can throw a bit of pith or skin back up - you need to be quick with the "pusher" to block the opening. Or, easier still, just use the flat of your hand. Or even (though I could find no guideline for this in the Philips manual) load fruit into the schute before turning it on, and follow the last piece down with the pusher.
All in all I have only the highest praise for this juicer: it's everything I had read it to be and I am delighted with my purchase.
I recommend it highly to anyone who likes quality products expecting quality performance from them.
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439 of 472 people found the following review helpful
on 21 November 2006
This is the first Juicer I've had and I read all the reviews before I bought this one. I wasn't disappointed, It looks good, juices well and is easy to clean. My wife and I have a juice coctail every day now and our diet has improved considerably. Do yourself a favour, buy one of these...1

PS Just seen a juicing demonstration on TV and the demonstrator used a medium clear plastic food bag to line the pulp collector and so collect all the pulp, since then we haven't had to clean out the pulp bin and as a result cleaning is even easier.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 8 April 2011
Overall this product is good and neat. I used it first time this morning, and boy was my orange juice smooth and sweet. Had I used the blender, apart from pulp action, it would have been slightly bitter. The washing up and cleaning is quite easy too, so I would recommend this product...there are 3 HOWEVERs though.

1. I read somewhere on other review that the pulps were still wet, indicating it doesnt "squeeze" the juice out completely (ie it should be more dry). This is true. When I cleaned the pulp from container, I could squeeze a teaspoon of juice from my hands (from 3 whole oranges I peeled). Now how significant is this to you buyers, I am not sure but I think I can live with this. In fact, I can use the wet pulp to make some orange cake or something ;) - but people may want their money worth, so they would like ensure they get every single drop out of it...if thats the case, then this is not the right product for you. You might want to spend another £80 to get a machine like that.

2. The manual mentions not to use the juicer for starchy fruits like papaya, mangoes, banana etc but to use a blender instead. Now this kinda disappointed me as a juicer should be able to juice almost all fruits and veg. If i need to use 2 different equipment for same job, there is no point there. Having said that, i might just take the chance to do it - what is the worst that could happen?

3. Amazon did mislead in someways. They have "customers who bought this product, also bought 100 recipes for making smoothies and juices". However, if you noted the content of the box, the book that they recommended, is part of the box, thus you dont really need to buy them. People who dont read them fall for it, and end up getting 2 books.

Overall, the only reason my title says could have been better (and I marked 4) is that they could have made the process better to get a bit more juice. But with what I paid + the book (you;ll get the true value of the machine on its own), it does its job well.

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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 12 May 2010
I am not new to juicing having had several in the past. This one is the best - and unless someone develops a self-cleaning one - I can't see how it can be improved. It makes short work of whole apples, large pieces of pineapple, whole carrots as well as the citrus fruits. The juice just pours out straight into the spout of the jug. There is no need to fiddle about getting glasses which fit, the jug fits perfectly. With all juicers there is a frothy scum in the juice, but insert the filter before pouring and this is kept to an absolute minimum. I put a plastic bag into the waste pulp container so it can be lifted out and remains clean. Washing is easy, there are four main parts which can be rinsed under a tap, the mesh which does all the work takes a little longer, but the nice people at Philips give you a close bristle brush specially for that. All in all, I love it and would recommend it. Some reviewers comment on the noise, but I have never yet heard of a silent one. It doesn't judder on my kitchen top. Only possible adverse point is that it IS big, but with such a powerful motor, how could it be otherwise. One thing I would like to know is how on earth Amazon can deliver so quickly - this was ordered teatime on Wednesday and delivered Friday morning and there were no delivery charges - brilliant!
If you want lovely yummy, healthy juice this summer - try this juicer for yourself.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 28 May 2010
Philips HR1861 Aluminium Whole Fruit Juicer With Juice Jug and Cleaning Brush

I purchased the above juicer recently, having researched juicers on the web - I already own another brand of juicer which is fiddly to clean, one has to cut up everything and it is just a pain to use - so it resides at the rear of the cupboard - whereas the new Philips sits out on the counter top all the time - as it is used everyday!

The Philips HR1861 has a powerful 700 watt motor - needed when fruit and veg. are added whole - this juicer copes with anything in a very speedy efficient way removing all juice and leaving a dry pulp(good for compost heap). This is the first juicer I have owned in which the pulp is dry!

I have watched the video link with Jason Vale several times as the instruction book does not give much information. However having adopted Jason Vale's suggestions I can juice all I want and have the machine cleaned and put back together in only max. 10 mins. Everything is dishwasher proof except motor, but I do as he suggests and fill the sink with warm soapy water and soak everything for a minute and hey presto - everything is clean!

I am enjoying experimenting with different fruit and veggies and hope that I will be "as healthy as a trout" after all this goodness!
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38 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on 1 December 2013
I used this machine once a day for 4 months (for less than 5 minutes each time) when it suddenly made an alarming sound and the plastic shattered, the bits flying in all directions. It was positively dangerous and I am glad my five year old was not around. I contacted Philips who wanted to see the machine. I agreed a date for them to collect it. They did not turn up. I agreed a second date (after a good deal of email correspondence as they have a tendency not to answer emails). They did not turn up, again. They then insisted I pay the cost of returning the item. Disgraceful customer service. Dangerous machine. This is a company clearly disinterested in safety matters.
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44 of 48 people found the following review helpful
on 12 August 2007
I borrowed a gear type juicer today costing £250, to compare it with our Philips Pro Aluminium juicer. VERY interesting results... Philips got 64% juice extraction from mixed apples, pears, carrots. The gear type was close: 62% extraction. Not enough to quibble about. BUT the taste and aroma test was very telling: The Philips juice tastes great every time compared to cartons. But when you smell the aroma from the gear type there is a huge difference. The gear type gives juice you can smell in the glass and with an amazing taste, after that the Philips juice doesn't smell of... anything... and it tastes... watered down... This is because the Philips aerates the juice through the grinding process - it leaves it frothy - and the sensitive flavours oxidise within minutes, as do the health giving polyphenols. So if you are juicing for cardio or lung protection, the gear type is best. But if you just want really good juice and don't want top break the bank, the Philips wins hands down. It's so well made. Just don't do taste test as you won't want to give the gear type one back!
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141 of 155 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 June 2013
I have been using this for a few months now and wanted to report back to say how much I like this product. It's so easy to use, especially now I have tried other people's juicers (other brands) and found the various parts in theirs so hard to clip together or take apart. This model is easy to assemble and easy to get apart after a few juicings and everything is worn in.

Superb price on Amazon too, I actually saw this on a TV shopping channel and when I looked it up found this better model for less!

As for cleaning it, I guess we all have our own idea of what constitutes "easy". I follow the Juice Master's tip - clean the unit BEFORE drinking your juice drink - then you get it all out of the way. Essentially if you clean this immediately, all the organic matter comes off under running water. It's only if you leave it to dry you have problems. I use old carrier bags in the collection part in the back just to reduce the number of bits to clean by one. I would guess it takes as long to clean as it takes to clean and prepare the fruit and veg beforehand.

The quality of juice is excellent - no "bits" or coarseness - and the amount of juice seems fine too. I know more expensive types of juicer get more out, but to give an example, two apples, an orange and one fifth of a pineapple gives a good sized glass of juice.

My unit came with a book by the Juice Master with lots of ideas in. However to be honest I have long since stopped using any books or recipes since they all seem to be just random combinations of fruit and veg with each one given some fancy name. Just experiment! And the great thing is this: Virtually any combination of fruit and veg (avoiding things you cannot juice of course) tastes good. If you have a sweet tooth, adding an apple to veg juice drinks (or even better, half a lime) gives them a nice sweeter edge. I even stick the stalks from my leftover broccoli in my veg juice drink. The only things that don't seem to work together for me are oranges in a mostly veg drink.

My favourite drinks from this:
- 2 apples, 1 orange (or vice versa) plus half a lime and a fifth of a pineapple - lovely breakfast drink.
- Super green juice: Spinach (mug full), 1 apple, 1 carrot, stick of celery, cucumber section, half a lime.

For a silky smooth, heavenly drink try 2 Pink Lady apples plus a quarter of a pineapple, over ice.

Don't worry too much about using a whole carrot of half a carrot, or quarter of a cucumber of half of one, it doesn't make a huge amount of difference.

However I chop and change depending on what's left in the fridge and what's on offer at the supermarket, from this "pool" of items: Spinach, carrots, cucumber, celery, ginger (don't need much of this), unwaxed lemons, beetroot, limes, oranges, golden delicious apples, pink lady apples, pineapple.

Beetroot will give the drink a deep red colour and soil-like taste (peel them to reduce the soil taste if you like) but is supposed to be very good for you.

I am a cucumber and celery hater - I detest both raw as food - yet when juiced they taste amazing - so if you're not a veggie person, be prepared to be surprised. You cannot identify any single vegetable within a juice drink with many others.

So many people sing about the health benefits of juice. Well I am afraid I did not notice a "jump start" in energy levels and my hayfever is as chronic as ever. For me this is more a long term investment in health rather than a quick fix or miracle solution. Even so, I wouldn't be without my juicer now.
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