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on 5 January 2004
I've been waiting for this day for years and here they are.
Ever since I was young and saw these films on T.V. and more recently managed to obtain ' Murder,She Said' and 'Murder at the Gallop' on video, I've wanted to own these on DVD .
Margret Rutherford is superb as, the slightly eccentric but very down to earth, Miss Marple and no other actress has been able to portray the character as well as she.
'Murder,She Said' is the first in the series of 4 that Margret Rutherford did. Miss Marple, while travelling, witnesses the murder of a woman on a passing train and decides to take things into her own hands when the police refuse to believe her story and so her adventures begin.
Whether you want to own these great British classics on video or DVD, you can't go wrong, though I have to say it would be nice to know if the DVD were in widescreen format or not. I totally agree with the other review, a must buy.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 7 April 2007
I remember watching these on BBC2 on a Saturday morning as a kid. Forget swap shop, tiswas and gordon the gopher. Margaret Rutherford's Miss Marple ruled.

I was concerned about buying this as things from childhood rarely live up to the memory of them, milky bars just aren't the same (yuk), but this set of films is outstanding. It is said that revenge is best served cold, in this case Miss Marple is all the better for being seen fresh after the gap from childhood to adulthood.

I never realised that Margaret Rutherford had such great comic timing, and she was so subtle. I love the fact that the fun they had together can be seen in the finished produce, and, of course, look out for Joan Hickson (probably the best Miss Marple of all time) as the muttering part time help at the big house.

I can see why Agatha Christie like Margaret Rutherford, she may or may not have liked these versions (depending on who you read) but Christie and Rutherford had one thing in common, an enjoyment of murder mysteries. Rutherford being involved in the investigation of a true life crime.

There is one disappointment with this series - why didn't they make more of them. There were four films - there just seemed to be more of them.
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on 28 December 2003
Margaret Rutherford was for many the best Miss Marple. This chance to own all four of her 'Miss Marple' films on a DVD collection simply cannot be missed. Her portrayal of the sleuthing Miss Jane Marple has yet to be surpassed by more recent attempts. In each of the films she is supported by Stringer Davis (her real life husband) and the list of supporting actors is like a 'Whos Who' of comedic British acting. They include the likes of Robert Morley and James Robertson Justice. The young Joan Hickson had a bit part in the first film 'Murder She Said', she later went on to play Miss Marple in the popular TV series. For me this is a 'must buy'!
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Rutherford is the definitive Miss Marple, a part, as another reviewer states, she made her own. I was so pleased to see this boxed set for sale and was not disappointed: this set has something that others have never managed to achieve - a sense of time and place in which the character seems so real and ideally placed. When I watch these films I find myself back in another time when the act of murder most foul was just that, rather than commonplace, but more than this I feel the films in much the same way as when I first saw them as a youngster: they are classics of their kind and delightful to watch.
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on 2 February 2004
Having waited many years for these to turn up on dvd. There here at last. 4 Films on separate dvds in a nicely packaged box. All the films are in full frame and B&W and what you may ask are the condition of these wonderfull dvds, well Warner Home Video have done an good job remastering these movies a few blemishes but excellant picture quality. Fans of these Margaret Rutherford films will surley be thrilled to get this super sleuth in action, she was infact 70 years of age and wore all her own clothes throughout the prodution and her own husband Stringer Davis starred alonside her. A mention must go to the wonderfull music score's which Ron Goodwin composed for all 4 films. So sit back and enjoy 4 wonderfull british movies.
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on 13 December 2011
One Sunday morning i turned on the TV and seeing the words Miss Marple i tuned in. The film was in black and white and i realised that it was not one of the 'Marple's' that i recognised. It was brilliant! Miss Marple an her sidekick Mr Stringer were so funny. The catchy music is iconic of it's time and after watching i immediately scoured the internet for more Margaret Rutherford and came across this box set. None of the four films fail to deliver. Miss Marple is like a dog with a bone and will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of the wrongdoings, dragging poor Mr Stringer through all kinds of scrapes. She's a formidable woman and in usual Marple style she ploughs on regardless of the police and their negativity towards her. Margaret Rutherford plays Marple with a twist of comedy, it's genius. I'm not a big fan of black and white films but as a big Marple fan i loved discovering something new. To anyone who loves Miss Marple or as say a gift for an older relative i would say buy this without a doubt. Even my teenage son has enjoyed watching these films with me, but please don't tell him i put that in print!
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on 19 July 2005
AMAZING she is the best Miss Marple ever! When you have a good book you can't put it down its the same with this dvd, its a lot of fun to watch!- the dissapointing bit is that it doesn't have any extra's.
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on 7 March 2004
I have seen these Four marvellous films.Margart Rutherford is splendid as Miss Marple. This wonderful woman made the part her own, to me she has never been equalled. George Pollock's execellent directing and wonderful camera work, plus a cast of very fine actors who's performances shine through out, makes this A Box Set of Pure Enjoyment .
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on 22 December 2011
These films are a must for all Rutherford fans. Every film has a stalwart actor as well as the superb Rutherford herself. Murder She Said sees the appearance of James Robertson-Justice and an appearance by Joan Hickson. Murder at the Gallop features Robert Morley and Flora Robson. In film number three Murder Ahoy we see Lionel Jeffries and Miles Malleson. The last film in the series, Murder Most Foul features Ron Moody with a wonderful somewhat OTT/camp performance. Look out for a very young James Bolam. The only thing I don't like about this set is the awful photograph of Margaret Rutherford on the box cover. It's as if whoever was responsible went out of his or her way to to find a really bad photograph. The films themselves are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
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on 11 September 2009
Surely Margaret Rutherford must have been the most miscast Jane Marple ever! But such was the force of her screen presence and personality that she made it work. Many of the films she made were only of average quality but she transformed them and they are still worth watching today, nearly 40 years after her death simply because of her presence.

Used often in character parts (in which she mercilessly upstaged any film star rash enough to appear with her--think, for example of The VIPs)she is the undoubted star of these four films. There are two additional bonuses the first being the jaunty, foot tapping music of Ron Goodwin. The second is the opportunity to view many great British actors 'slumming it' (as some might think)back in the 1960s: Lionel Jeffries, Miles Malleson,Flora Robson, Robert Morley, Ron Moody, Muriel Pavlov and James Robertson Justice to name but a few.

Probably not worth getting if you are not a Rutherford fan but definitely worth seeing again if you are. Good quality copies (all the films are black and white) but there is very little information provided; even the casts are not listed on the individual CDs Julian Mincham
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