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3.4 out of 5 stars20
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 October 2002
I'm a devoted fan of Hip Hop and R'n'B, but this is actually the first Rap album I have ventured to buy - and it won't be the last. I'm really impressed (and pleasantly surprised) by Nelly's new LP "Nellyville."
I fell in love with the first two singles from the album. "Hot in Herre" gets all asses shakin with it's infectious chorus and smooth production (we wouldn't expect anything less from the Neptunes). And in contrast is the simple and sweet "Dilemma" featuring beautiful vocals from Kelly Rowland.
Other highlights of the album include appearances from Justin Timberlake in sexy tune "Work It" and Toya in the catchy bonus track "Stick Out Ya Wrist." "Oh Nelly" also stands out as a potential release.
Being slightly reluctant to purchase my first Rap album I was happy to find that the tracks are in no way samey and relentless. Nelly uses a variety of content and tempo, as well as several collaborations to make the songs different and distiguishable.
For the "Grammar" fans Nelly includes "CG 2" a funky second part to his massive breakthrough single "Country Grammar."
For those of us who are sick and tired of listening to violent rappers, it's nice to hear "Nellyville" and "Say Now." Both tracks are penned by Nelly about these sorts of issues and a hope of a world without them - very refreshing!
"Nellyville" may not be suitable for hardcore underground Rap fans - it's far to commercial and is edging dangeroulsy close to a more Pop friendly area of Rap (as most artists do when they reach mainstream status). But it's still Hip Hop on the whole, and most important of all, it's fun!
With a variety of sounds and the funny skits that have become essential to the Hip Hop album, "Nellyville" lives up to the hype. Definately for mainstream Rap fans, this album oozes with attitude and can't possibly fail to get you in a great mood. Fun for the blokes with it's humour and style, great for the girls with irrestitible beats that will leave you swaying those hips and feeling positively bootylicious!
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on 20 February 2005
I'll just check my atlas but i'm sure it isn't! Anyway forget the name, we're here because of the music, and i like it! Nelly has established himself as a big playa when it comes to rap/funky-music-of-some-sort and this album demonstrates why! Hot in Herre is fantastic with the chorus being ever so catchy and easy to sing along to. '#1' is another hit as it shows Nelly bragging about his talent and skill - but hey, it ain't bragging if you can back it up! (That's not my quote i stole that from Muhammad Ali - apologies big dude!). Two words - buy it!
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on 14 August 2003
If you buy Nellyville looking for a Hip-hop album to put in your collection between Wu-Tang Clan and 2pac, then you will be disappointed. In that case, the only song which is remotely good is Roc-The-Mic, which features Freeway, Murphy Lee and Beanie Sigel.
But, if your less of a Hip-hop fan and more of a casual music listener, there will be loads of songs here that you'll love, including the classic Hot in Here.
So if you want some good Hip-hop, don't buy this, but if you listen to various music styles and have an open mind, get this.
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on 30 June 2002
This album is possibly one of the greatest albums ever made, with versatile beats and even Nelly singing! Instead of dwelling deeply on his past, Nelly celebrates where he is at right now with songs like 'Splurge', but still recognises the tough times in songs like 'Say Now'. Nellyville takes hip-hop to a whole other level...
The skits on tracks 2, 8, and 19 are funny however many times you hear them (and I've heard them plenty of times)unlike many album skits...
'Nellyville' is an excellent opening track depicting Nelly's world where even the Projects' are rich...
'Hot in Herre' Nelly meets the Neptunes and makes another hit(need I say more?)...
'Dem Boyz' A harder sounding beat, but still one you can dance to...
'Oh Nelly' Again, one of the harder beats but still gets you bouncing...
'Pimp Juice' A rocky hip-hop one, Nelly put this one on cos his daddy liked it...Pimp juice is anything that attracts the opposite sex (Get the album to find out the details!)...Nelly SINGS on this one, and be scared, he's actually quite good...
'Air Force Ones' Very very catchy...
'On The Grind' Catchy, bouncing, bouncing, bouncing...
'Dilemma' This song features Kelly from Destiny's Child proclaiming her love for Nelly (?!)...The beginning doesn't do the song justice, with Kelly singing 'Nelly I love you, I need you, Nelly I love you, I dooooo' which makes the song seem like a complete farce. However, once it actually starts, the mix of Nelly rapping about falling for a woman who already has a man and a son, and Kelly's brilliant vocals, plus smooth beats, make it a great song...
'Splurge' is a song for Nelly's haters...'You see the magazines and me on your TV screen and you think you know me but you really don't' also celebrates Nelly's rise from the bottom all the way to the top ...'but I, I'm feeling good about myself, so I, I splurge a little'...the chorus gives the song that good old Nelly charm of using the catchiest melodies ever known to mankind to put across his point...
'Work It' features NSYNC's Justin Timberlake's vocals, and if you thought an ex-boyband member on a hip-hop album would never work, you had better think again! Nelly took a huge risk in challenging the stereotype that a pop artist and a hip-hop artist can never mix...This is as hot as 'Hot in Herre'...'Come on Come on, Clothes, Come off Come off'. With Nelly's usual lyrical wit and Timberlake's vocals reaching heights they've never been to before, this song is yet another Nelly masterpiece...
'Roc the Mic rmx' is bound to get you bouncing, with a Busta Rhymes style beat in the background and yet another catchy chorus. I've never heard the original, but this is great...
'The Gank' sees Nelly singing about a girl who has left him...but there's a twist at the end! Funny, but also great musically...
'5000' is a skit, but I have no idea what they are saying on it cos there is a lotta laughing! Something to do with 5000 dollars (?)
'#1' Nelly hits back at the critics with YET ANOTHER HIT!!!!...
'CG2' the sequel to 'Country Grammar' is yet another celebration of Nelly's rise from the catchy as the original, but original enough not to mistake it for the first version...
'Say Now' is a VERY melancholic song, with a slightly puzzling choice of chorus...'Say Now, Can you Hoes Come out to play now'(?). Despite the chorus, this is a very evokative song to balance out all the partying on the rest of the album...
'Stick Out Ya Wrist' is Nelly's gift to all the UK fans only...ENJOY!
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on 19 May 2003
To be honest I only bought this album because I heard 'Dilemma' and was hoping the rest of the album was as wasn't. I respect Nelly for doing his thing but this is an album that does not do his talent justice. Nelly on this album seems like a pop artist trying to stay bad by throwing in the odd curse. 'Dilemma' is a very good track but its Kelly that makes it for me. Nelly reminds me of Ja Rule, as a pop artist trying to get out of a rappers body. 'Country Grammer', 'EI' and 'Ride Wit Me' were fantastic tracks that were like no other at the time, its a shame he could not repeat that brilliance with this album. Im no music critic but I know what I like, and sorry Nelly but this album is a pig in lipstick - meaning a bad album trying made to look pretty with its stand out track 'Dilemma'.
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on 31 July 2002
This album is very very good. Iam a big Hip-hop/Rap fan and this is one of the best albums Ive got along side 2Pac's Greatest Hits and 'Pain Is Love' by Ja Rule. There are some real hip beats going on and unlike the over-rated Eminem Nelly has rhythem and real flow to his rapping. There are ALOT of stand out tracks on the album which all could be big hits but my favourite is 'Dilemma'. This song is sooo smooth and classy with some stunning vocals by Kelly Rowland. Buy this album, kick back and be pround to play loud on ya CD player coz it really is the bomb.
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on 13 December 2013
his follow up to his first album is rare treat. most of them are party jams.
i like the service that was provided by the seller and i would recommend themhe has a good voice and yet he is underated. apart from that the service i had was just perferct
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on 16 June 2002
Nelly is back with more "light" hip hop ready to anger Krs-One. The tunes are catchy and Hot in Herre is infectious, this album is a certain hit for Nelly who's southern bark bumps and grinds over the swing style beats.
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on 31 July 2002
Wow! What a great album! Nelly definatley shows how much talent he has!!!! This album is a mix of hip-hop and dance, with all new beats and wicked lyrics, nelly's sure to take u off your feet! Some good songs i best like are:
Nellyville- a great opening to the album with groovy beats and cool lyrics
Hot in herre- Nelly's already hit single, a bouncy tune with sexy lyrics....
Dem Boyz- Bouncin' Bouncin' Bouncin'
Oh Nelly- A catchy tune wich gets u jumpin' and bouncin'
Pimp juice- Nelly sings in dis one, and beleive me, he has a GREAT voice, once you've heard it, u won't be able 2 stop listenin' 2 it!!!!!!!
On the grind- A good catchy tune wich makes u feel that so much good, wicked lyrics
There r many, many more groovy songs on herre, but these r just a few of e favs!! I reccomend this album, and i think u should get it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 4 February 2003
You get mixed expressions just at the mention of the N word. Some use it freely, others frown upon it and say it degrades what others have worked so hard to achieve. I am of course talking about Nelly. And so "Nellyville" will probably recieve more mixed reviews than any other sophomore album. The album opens with the title track, a funk-drive guitar and bassline set the scene for Nelly to paint a world that is all his own. And what a world it is, a place where "Nobody living average, everybody jing-a-lang/ nobody living savage errbody got chains/ even the paper boy deliver out the back of the range". On tracks like this, you wonder why Nelly would ever lower his standards to make such tracks as the NSync collaboration. When the lead-off single "Hot In Herre" kicks in, you can't help but move your body to the typically perfect Neptunes beat. With Nelly's irresistable country slur and the female singing "I wanna take my clothes off" on the infectuous hook, the track is a definite party starter.
"Dem Boyz" and "Oh Nelly" then return to the same formula heard on "Country Grammar". A low sung hook over "uh-ooh's" show that his sound is possibly the most unique in hip hop. Unfortunately, Nelly doesn't stick to this for the majority of the album this time. Instead you get tracks such as the tired "On The Grind", and Nelly then tries to put a new twist on his sound on "The Gank" to only fail miserably. For those who say Nelly's rhymes already sound more like nursery rhymes, i can't wait for them to hear "CG2". Nelly revisits his country grammar for part 2 you don't know whether to laugh or cry at the pathetically childish chorus. But you haven't reached the lowest points of the album yet. By the time "Stick Out Ya Wrist" finishes you want to frisbee your CD out of the window. That is track 20, but you might not get past track 12. "Work It" featuring non-other than Justin Timberlake, is just cringe-worthy and you have to side with the likes of KRS One who say Nelly is making a mockery of our beloved genre.
The thing that makes these tracks so annoying bad, is knowing that Nelly is capable of better. The song's subject may be a little strange and laughable, but "Air Force Ones" is a St Louis anthem that really is bound to get you "stomping in your air force ones". Nelly is joined by the St Lunatics for this one, and Murphy Lee again proves that he could just be the one to outshine Nelly. But Nelly reaches the heights of his talent when he teams up with Kelly Rowland for the beautifully crafted "Dilemma". The track is hip hop's most emotionally charged record since LL Cool J's classic "I Need Love". Nelly slows down his flow so that he's virtually serenading Kelly, who proves as she caresses the hook with her sexual tone, there's more to Destiny's Child than Beyonce.
With "Dilemma" and "Air Force Ones" both released as singles, save your money. That is unless of course you don't mind spending it on over an hour of mostly sheer drivel.
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