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4.6 out of 5 stars125
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2002
I'm going to keep this short and sweet, there are far too many hardcore fan reviews telling us how disappointingly uncomprehensive this album is. Suffice to say, although there is nothing here for the die hard fans, they are not who the album is aimed at, they should already have all of these songs and everything in between. What we have here is the Prince party album. If you want catchy, varied, funk-driven pop songs.. then buy this album. It serves well as a trip down memory lane, or an introduction to the catalogue of Prince, one of the greatest artists of our time. Dare I say a musical genius. Enjoy.
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on 9 August 2003
Having just come across Purple Rain showing extremely late on Channel 5, I remembered just how much I used to enjoy listening to Prince when my uncle used to play him. I never owned any of the albums before, I just had what my uncle gave me so I decided to buy this as somewhere to start.
I agree that this is not the most comprehensive of 'best of' albums, even I wondered where Controversy and The Most Beautiful Girl In the World were, but show me any compilation album that will satisfy a die-hard fan! Die hard fans will have all of these tracks already and will lament the omittance of many tracks, but then that's what being a die hard fan means. For the rest of us, this is a great album containing most of the tracks that we know and love. If it's not enough go and buy the other albums as I'm probably going to, but for now, this will keep me going.
Buy this album if you enjoy Prince's music and want his most well known hits all on one album.
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on 31 December 2003
Well, I bought this CD as an introduction to Prince, since I'm only 21 and therefore remember him best as being a huffy little man with a squiggly name. People seemed to be making a fuss over him so I figured he was fair game.
Wise move.
Now my mate John's got Purple Rain on DVD and our fashion tastes are bordering on the exotic. I personally blame this album.
If you are indeed a long-time Prince fan, I understand if this 'Best Of' annoys you, but for all those other guys out there: its only a fiver at the moment! DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR!!!
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on 25 April 2004
I bought this CD on it's initial release in 2001 and was totallyre-introduced to Prince. Although it only contains the songs that manypeople associate with him, it is a perfect starting point for anyone tobegin their musical discovery and journey with Prince. I bought theoriginal Lovesexy Lp in 1988 and the Batdance single in 1989 and nothingelse by him until this CD in 2001, since then I have bought everything hehas ever released on CD(albums)and even some of the original vinyl fromthe 80's and now have over 30 CD's by him. That is the impact that justbuying this CD had on me. For anyone who doesn't know much about thisincredible artist, start here and let the journey begin, you will discoversome of the most awesome music ever made by anyone as your collectiongrows, just as I have. Right now I am experiencing how wonderful his newCD 'Musicology' is, something I may never have done had I never boughtthis CD to start with!!!
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on 23 December 2006
I LOVED Prince all throughout the 80's and listening to this really takes me back to being a teenager with my gang of equally Prince obsessed mates, when it was still really 'fun' to smoke and get drunk! It puts me in a great mood, takes me back and makes me want to go out and party. What more can you ask for from an album?!
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on 2 August 2001
In a word this in reality is not the very best of Prince. Like UK 1 'The most beautiful girl in the world', (his most successful single) is not here and also the mega top-ten hits of 'My name is Prince', and 'Gold', are not here as well as others.
But these are still a collection of the most diverse, varied and influential songs of the decade. The first hits package had his current very best singles at the time, were only released a few years ago, so i guess u have them.
But if u don't, get it, this is a real muscian.
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on 6 August 2001
I was a fan of Prince, although not huge. I bought this album on chance recognising many of the songs and can honestly say that I'm not disappointed. Some of his great songs aren't here (Seven), but it is a great album of his less swearing songs. It combines great lyrics with great tunes.
I would advise everyone you likes this sort of music, and doesn't have specific albums of Prince to give this a whirl. I hope you won't regret it.
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on 26 February 2014
For those who are unfamiliar with Prince work then this is a good introduction to his brilliant work. It cataolgues everything from the Purple days to Diamonds and Pearls and every song on the CD is a classic. In my opinion his early work in the mid to late eighties was his best from the fast paced Lets go crazy and I would die for you to the more sedate When doves cry and Purple rain. Everyone is a tune you can hum along to or even attempt to sing the high notes.

There are some genuine classics on here before he turned himself into a symbol. His lyrics and music are excellent and he even wrote classic songs such as Nothing Compares 2 U, Manic Monday and I feel for you. All number one with different artistes and this proves the man was a lyrical genius.

For the younger generation this should prove an excellent introduction and for the older generation a chance to marvel at the classics this man introduced.
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on 28 February 2003
Don't be mis-lead by the title, this is not a collection of Prince's "very best" songs. What we have here is a collection of tracks from 78's 'Prince' through to 91's 'Diamonds and Pearls'.
The songs on this collection are Prince's most 'commercial' hits, so as you would expect, '1999' , 'Purple Rain, 'Kiss' etc. all feature, however certain tracks have been criminally left out....
There is no trace whatsover of anything from 'Dirty Mind' or 'Controversy'.
'Dirty Mind' and 'Uptown' both deserve to feature but have unsurprisingly been left out, one song in particular 'When You Were Mine' (commonly regarded as one of the artist's greatest songs) should have without a doubt made it onto the tracklisting.
Like 'Dirty Mnd', 'Controversy' has also been completely ignored, the title track (a brilliant example of early pop-funk from the Purple One) has been left off despite being a relatively good success commercially. Even 'Sexuality' and 'Do, Me Baby' could have made it onto here with ease if the people picking the tracks were die-hard fans (like myself) who I'm sure also wouldn't be happy that certain other tracks have not made an Delirious? no Pop Life? no Girls & Boys? no Erotic City or 17 days? NO ADORE? the list could go on.
One of the biggest surprises is the exclusion of one of the geniuses biggest hits 'Batdance', even if that didn't make it both 'The Future' and 'Vicki Waiting' deserved a place on the list.
As well as this the vastly underated 'Lovesexy' and 'Graffiti Bridge' have been all but ignored save two tracks ('Alphabet st. and 'Thieves In The Temple') where's Anna Stasia? Joy In Repetition? and Still would stand all Time?
Personally I would have also liked to see 1992's '7' and 'Sexy M.F' on here...but no. Warner even go so far as to leave the man's only no. 1 hit in the U.K ('The Most Beautiful Girl In The World') off this compilation.
Still you cannot falt the quality of the songs which ARE on here (even if some are edited) 'Cream','Let's Go Crazy','Raspberry Beret'...all of the songs heard on this CD are brilliant, most of them having excellent sond re-mastering too ('Crazy' in particular has never sounded so electrifying) but this cannot hide the fact that this collection , in truth, isn't what it claims to be.
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on 5 January 2004
Straight away you know a one disc best of, of one of the most prolific artists ever, is not going to satisfy any of his fans and indeed it hasn't!
However, this cd got me into Prince, and I now have about 17 of his albums, including his latest jazz-funk fusion album, NEWS, so it does serve its purpose.
For a fiver, I don't think you can go wrong with this album, it lets you know what all the fuss was about in the 80s and provides a fairly good direction on where to go for his other albums too.
Obviously there are singles not on here, but for a full Warner Brothers best of Prince it would be probably spilling onto 4 CDs, and this CD is clearly a money spinner from Warner, released without Princes input or blessing. While that is a shame as I say it still stands as as good an intro as any other Prince cd.
If you buy this CD I would be shocked if you did not like at least 90% of it, and then when you get the rest of his CDs, you can post on here complaining about the multitude of songs left off it too!
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