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4.6 out of 5 stars31
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 10 November 2012
I think this is one of the best kind of books for individual ships like this. Finally. Haynes has the experience and history of getting into the nuts and bolts of things, but since adding the more Fantasy type vehicles, it has also adapted itself extremely well to story telling and giving History to otherwise sometimes rather vague sources of information. Ben Robinson is a great, imaginative writer and editor, Rick Sternbach's Trek technical knowledge is indisputable and "Mojo" CG work has always been excellent as he was a CG supervisor on the Star Trek:Voyager series. Put it all together and all I can say is :"Yes Please!" and, quoting a famous British novel and film: "Please sir, could I have some more?" This volume should do very well and then maybe we can see volumes that cover other single classes of ship from the Trek Universe that all us Science Fiction and Technical Illustrators love so much. (Classic Klingon D-7/K'Tinga or the StarFleet Miranda(USS Reliant) class of Starship. The list could go on). This Klingon BOP Tech Book IS A MUST for any Trek fan.
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on 28 November 2012
Wow. I enjoyed the Enterprise Haynes manual a year ago but this is a completely different beast and I might admit it's actually better because the material isn't something that Trek has covered in massive detail over the years. What I would say is that if you're a hard-core Trek fan this is excellent but the more casual viewer may find it a bit of a chore because it can be quite "techie" at times. I was quite impressed with the detail it went into in regards to the fleet development as well as how Birds of Prey are commissioned and the crew hierarchy.

The book is excellently illustrated and in hardback so there's a lot of love gone into its production. As a fan of DS9 it's a nice accompaniment to the DS9 Technical Manual as it covers another angle of what was my favourite Trek series. What I am a bit disappointed with (and this goes for a lot of Trek books using images from the series) is that the selection of frame-grabs is a little average when compared to the excellent CGI that sits next to it and there are a few I wouldn't have selected because they are a bit weak but hey - overall it's excellent and I have been waiting for this for a while. It's not the thickest book or particularly aimed at kids or adults. It's a fun book in all honesty and very easy to dip in and out of.

For the casual fan I would probably therefore give it a four from five due to the level of detail. Definitely worth a read and might just tip you into super geekdom...!
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on 6 November 2012
The Klingon Bird-Of-Prey 'owners workshop manual' an official Star Trek product is literally Filled With Honor and it was an honor to review it! Published by Haynes, it numbers 123 pages filled to overflowing with important commentaries, discussions and full color in-depth technical diagrams of the B'rel Class BOP. As some of you are aware the BOP was originally a Romulan design, adopted by the Klingon Defense Force and subsequently adapted by the Klingons for multi-role duties at a time when they were still at war with The Federation. Following the various accords and treaties, and especially following the defense of Federation outpost Deep Space 9 less was seen of these remarkable craft by the Federation as the Klingon Empire choose to pursue other enemies, new conquests.

Lavishly illustrated by the legendary Rick Sternbach and much of its technical material produced by author Ben Robinson the owners workshop manual not only discusses the various technologies found on board the vessel but also delves into the command hierarchy and the protocols expected of any Klingon warrior who would serve aboard her. Much of what you find in the book is presented in Federation standard (English) and in Klingon with a handy Klingon supplemental section in the last few pages of the manual for those of you who are not familiar with spoken or written Klingon. The book is so well written that any fourth year Starfleet cadet finding him or herself serving on board a Bird-Of-Prey could easily identify any major piece of equipment on board such a vessel and thus avoid possible conflict or disagreement with her Klingon crewmembers. The book even includes a complete breakdown of the interior layout of the vessel (deck plans) and even mentions by name other glorious vessels of both the B'rel and much larger version, the feared K'vort class. Yes, this manual has it all - Qapla' batlh je!

An absolute MUST for anyone who wants to KNOW how starships actually work!
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on 24 October 2014
This book has lots of detail about how the ships systems work, the history behind the Bird-of-Prey and life on board the ship.
There are many graphics in the book, and I was expecting ones similar to the one on the front cover, however that is the only 'Haynes' style graphic/intersection, all the others (there are plenty) are similar to the ones in Deep Space Nine Technical Manual.
There is also a reasonable amount of text in Klingon, with an English Translation.
Overall a good book, but if it it had perhaps a few 'haynes' styles graphics from a few other angles (looking at the rear of the ship) other than the one on the front cover, it would of gotten 5 stars.
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Lots of information in this book, and certainly one for the fans (of which I am one!) It's in the typical format of a Haynes manual but this has input from Rick Sternbach who has been involved in several manuals as well as several Star Trek shows.

The level of detail is impressive and for the first time to my knowledge it covers some of the background in how the Klingon hierarchy runs and how the navy works - adds a lot to back story of the Klingons and their ships.

One thing I found of interest is how the book addresses the size of the ships - ie a scout ship and battle ship are the same design (for cost purposes on the show I assume). It's a well thought out explanation and it made sense.

Very colourful book that is easy to just dip in and out of and adds something unique to the lore of Trek. Good fun, even for non trekkies :)
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on 17 February 2013
Muito legal. Como já comentei na post da MILLENIUM FALCON, adoro essa busca em tornal real algo que só existe em determinado universo. E não conheço nada mais legal do que STAR WARS e STAR TREK e a capacidade que estes possuem em nos manter ligados neles por tanto tempo.

Very cool. As I said in the post MILLENIUM FALCON, I love this search in real tornal something that only exists in a given universe. And I know nothing cooler than STAR WARS and STAR TREK and the ability they have to keep us bound them for so long.
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on 9 January 2014
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on 10 January 2013
What a superb book, just makes me miss the shows even more. Like others have noted, do not expect an exact Haynes manual of a BOP. Rather it is a complete history of the class, with focus being on one case study for most of the book. The diagrams are excellent and as a fan it really is a 'must have'. Now they just have to release an issue for every ship in the show.
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on 24 March 2013
A huge improvement over the quite disappointing USS Enterprise Haynes manual, this is a proper return to unashamedly geeky form akin to the classic "Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual" of the 90s. Deck plans, technical schematics, cutaway views, you name it, this guide has it.
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on 5 March 2013
As with all the Haynes manuals of this type, well thought out and written. With a good filling in of the "plot holes" from some of the series episodes!
It's a shame it doesn't tell us where to get the bits to make a Bird of Prey for ourselves?
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