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I am the very model of a modern major general, I've information vegetable, animal and mineral, I know the Kings of England, and I quote their fights historical, From Marathon to Waterloo in order categorical (1,000 personal friendship points if you can identify where that comes from.:-)).

I enjoy reading Science Fiction and Mysteries. I enjoy films and tv series of various genres and eras (ask me about what you like and I'll render a fair review). My first childhood heroes were game show hosts Art James and Peter Marshall, Country S… Read more


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Babylon 5: The Gathering [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Michael O'Hare
Babylon 5: The Gathering [DVD] DVD ~ Michael O'Hare
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Well not exactly Peter Jurasik's in character of Londo Mollari's first line of his voiceover for this pilot for the first successful competitor to "Star Trek", but it got your attention. This was the pilot episode to a very enjoyable sci fi series of the 1990s which showed that (may he rest in peace) Gene Roddenberry was not the only bird in the galaxy. It pretty much runs on the same time line that Star Trek does, but it gives you another view of humans and aliens in the galaxy. Instead of Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi and Cardassians, we have Minbari, Centauri, Narns and Vorlons. After you see this, you will want to watch the series and the stories it tells. Its creator Joe Michael… Read more
The Shakespeare Collection [DVD] [1978] <b>DVD</b> ~ Alan Rickman
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I grew up on these here in the US courtesy of PBS. I vividly remember Charles Gray and Keith Michell in Caesar, Derek Jacobi in Hamlet, Nicol Williamson in Macbeth. There is a company here in America (Ambrose Video, via BBC and Time/Life) offering these on DVD in retail stores on and offline, but in limited 5 packs for like $150 a pop. To get the whole series from the manufacturer would be $1,500 (Update: it is now down to $750). Fortunately, I have a player that can player all regions, so ordering this for less than $200 US is a steal. Especially since I found a marketplace client on OUR Amazon who wants over twice that for this very same copy. I am glad to finally own these in a… Read more
The Champions: The Complete Series (Special Editio&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Stuart Damon
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Alright before you ask what a nice American boy is doing "in England" writing a review, the answer is simple. We only got 10 episodes of this series. With the ability to buy disc players in my country that play discs from yours, it pays to buy this series. Stu Damon, Alexandra Bastedo and William Gaunt star as 3 intelligence agents from a think tank in Switzerland who after completing a mission in China to acquire bacteria samples, get shot down over Tibet. Left for dead they are rescued by a mysterious Himalayan old man who along with associates not only save our heroes lives, but bestow upon them power extraordinary powers of strength, telepathy and agility. They "take care" of the… Read more