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Fist Of The North Star [VHS] <b>VHS</b> ~ Akira Kamiya
Fist Of The North Star [VHS] VHS ~ Akira Kamiya
5.0 out of 5 stars the manga title, 19 April 2000
the film that first got me into anime and if you watched you'll understand why.this film was one of the first anime titles to get over here with akira anothre classic.the film center around a man named ken[hokuto no ken]as he wanders the land in search of his girl friend julia to get to julia he has to kill kill kill even fighting his best friend shin who wants julia for himself.this film has it all blood gore a classic style of animation an amasing story line brilliant characters and more if your looking to get into jap anime this film is great to start with an all time classic.sadly thought it was ruined by trying to carry on the story with the animated series with is terrible.

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