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"couldn't think of owt funny"
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Really cannoy think of anything funny to say. But I can sum myself up as a sarcastic little hobbit like creature , that spend far too much time in pubs and who some people think reads too many books. I however believe there can never be enough books and will only stop reading when Dan Brown wins a Nobel prize or in protest when they ban Lego.


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Embedded (Angry Robot) by Dan Abnett
Embedded (Angry Robot) by Dan Abnett
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3.0 out of 5 stars Wheres Ibram?, 27 May 2011
I really like Dan Abnetts's work, but perhaps I have been a little spoilt with his work for Black Library. Whilst Triumff was rather fun, Embedded just seems a bit lack-lustre.

It is nowhere near as tense or fast paced as his Ghost novels, and I doubt any of the characters in embedded despite their fancy tech could actually match any of the First and Only. Nor is the humour as witty as it should be. It's like Gaunt tries to do stand up, a dodgy knife act, shows off a gun then gets bundled off stage by the Inquisition.

Whilst the premise is very good, and some of his ideas are fantastic, e.g.; Corporate sponsored expletives. This is not a fantastic book. It's an awkward… Read more
Fortress of Spears (Empire) by Anthony Riches
Fortress of Spears (Empire) by Anthony Riches
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Fantastic, fast paced, bloody, brutal, gory, fun. With dismembered bodies, decapitated heads, blood and guts, all dealt out with swords, hammers, knives, and corpses. That is pretty much the plot.

Oh there is some historical context, but whilst engaging the plot takes a back seat as Centurion Corvus and his colleague Dubnus each set about raising their own dirty XII and then make sure they have many escapades, causing mayhem, dealing justice and a fine bit of retribution to top it all off.

Well done Mr Riches, for making a piece of historical fiction feel fast paced without seeming overly edited (unlike some recent releases from fellow authors), nor too mired in… Read more
The Dwarves: Book 1 by Markus Heitz
The Dwarves: Book 1 by Markus Heitz
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3.0 out of 5 stars Falls a Little Short, 26 Jan 2011
Supposedly an acclaimed International Fantasy Bestseller

Where to start with what is wrong with this book?

Too many pages, too few events, too many characters whose sole characteristic is to turn up for a page or two and then die, an overly simplistic plot that is practically an antique. Orphan with and unknown past? Yes. Wizards who argue? Yes. One wizard turns into Mr Naughty? Yes. Large War which due to destiny the Orphan becomes a hero in? Yes. Orphan recruits a band of misfits to save the realm/kingdom/world/galaxy? Yes.

The groups and characters that survive more than three pages are reduced to nothing more than stereotypes, especially the Dwarves. We… Read more

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