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I was born in 1965 and work in the Civil Service, scribbling most reviews quickly in my lunch hour (that's why the spelling's hit and miss) and am as you will have guessed a big Doctor Who fan especially sir Tom Baker!
I am married and we have a cat who seems to hate all other cats pathologically.
No decent claims to fame, the best I can do is I did write a Sci Fi radio play which was produced w… Read more

Writing, Doctor Who, Family Guy, History Detective Fiction esp: Ray mond Chandler keeping fit (stop laughing those who know me personally!), drawing and sculpting.

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A History and Critical Analysis of "Blake's 7", th&hellip by John Kenneth Muir
There has lamentably, never been a definitive book on Blake's 7. I mean the type of coffee table full history of the show, new or archive soundbites from all the important people, merchandise and perhaps even a bonus look at an unmade script or 2. There have to date only been; a small programme guide, a rather sloppy making of book, a collection of enjoyable behind the scenes anecdotes and 2 books offering anlaysis of the show's episodes; "Liberation" and this.

I don't think that Muir is a fan of the show like me and this is fine. A lot of his analyses are at the least very intriguing e.g. it was very interesting to follow his train of thought as to why the Allan Prior episodes… Read more
Terry Nation's Blake's 7 Afterlife by Tony Attwood
In 1984, with it sinking in there was no prospect of a 5th series of Blake's 7 despite continued demand (1*) this 1st official continuation was a big deal. If you read the author Tony Attwood's 'review' it will tell you his story of how the book came to be written. Interestingly I found elsewhere on the web a set of commandments he had been given by Terry Nation, I'll deal with these within the review.

It begins some months after the Gauda Prime Massacre and yes Avon has most definitely killed Blake which was the 1st commandment-no funny attempts to resurrect Blake! He is rescued from his cell by Vila disguised as a guard who is set upon by Avon not realising he is really Vila… Read more
You're Him, Aren't You?: An Autobiography (Blakes &hellip by Paul Darrow
5.0 out of 5 stars "Avon Speaks", 22 Aug 2014
Have you ever been fortunate enough to have met Paul Darrow at a convention? If you have then you'll recognise the easy conversational style of this book and if not you can awlays pretend he's regaling you with stories as you take the train to work. There are plenty of asides just as though he's talking to you e.g. ""All good things must come to an end. (I hate that phrase, don't you?)"

Paul is obviously very aware he will always be Avon from Blake's 7 and is grateful for the kind of immortality this gives him. He jokes that his future newspaper obituary may be "Avon won't be calling anymore". His life's story is mostly told chronologically and peppered with Blake's 7 references… Read more