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I was born in 1965 and work in the Civil Service, scribbling most reviews quickly in my lunch hour (that's why the spelling's hit and miss) and am as you will have guessed a big Doctor Who fan especially sir Tom Baker!
I am married and we have a cat who seems to hate all other cats pathologically.
No decent claims to fame, the best I can do is I did write a Sci Fi radio play which was produced w… Read more

Writing, Doctor Who, Family Guy, History Detective Fiction esp: Ray mond Chandler keeping fit (stop laughing those who know me personally!), drawing and sculpting.

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Primeval - Series 4 [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Hannah Spearritt
Primeval - Series 4 [DVD] DVD ~ Hannah Spearritt
4.0 out of 5 stars "The Return", 23 July 2014
This was a welcome return for a show that appeared to have had an untimely finish at the end of series 3. Abby, Connor and Danny were stuck on the wrong end of anomalies then but now a chance discovery spells a way back for Connor & Abby after a year in the cretaceous era. They find big changes at the ARC.

Now the subject of a private/public sector partnership Lester seems in charge in name only due to the persence of millionaire scientist Philip Burton. Ben Miller makes the powerless Lester work as he undermines Philip contradicting his wishes or pressuring him to back down. A nice touch is that while he never shows it to their faces he does worry over the fate of those trapped… Read more
Primeval Series 3 [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Andrew Lee Potts
Primeval Series 3 [DVD] DVD ~ Andrew Lee Potts
4.0 out of 5 stars "Season of Change", 2 July 2014
It begins much like series 2, the old team in place except for Stephen who departed in series 2. Their 1st job is an anomaly appearing in the British Museum (yep they filmed there!) from which a pre-historic croc emerges. Laila Rouass as Sarah Page connects it with an ancient egyptian God & suggests they treat is like a God by bowing to calm it down. This leads to her joining the team to look into links between myths & anomalies-but that is not developed.
A good new character if a bit inconsistent e.g. she is an antiquities expert at the start then knows how to fix Connor's machines despite there being nothing to suggest that sort of scientific background. But the character's well cast… Read more
Primeval Series 2 [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Douglas Henshall
Primeval Series 2 [DVD] DVD ~ Douglas Henshall
Building on the strengths of series 1, Primeval returns for a confident 2nd run. Yes, it's still "Anomaly of the Week" stories, but how could it not be? There are additionally, stronger story arcs (no pun intended) than in series 1.
At the end of series 1, Cutter and Helen came back to find something had changed but no one else can see it. the Team now work from an impressive Anomaly Research Centre (the ARC) and Ben Miller's Lester now has an assistant Leek, who every one else seems to know.
The confusion and near paranioa Nick Cutter suffers as a result of knowing they changed the present somehow back in the past, gives Douglas Henshall something extra to add to his… Read more