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Currently the "Library and Learning Resource Centre Manager" at Deansfield High School in Wolverhampton, which basically means librarian, so I know my books.

I'm a big time video games fan with a thing for Nintendo at the moment. I own a DS, PSP, Wii and XBox 360; I eventually owned every manufacturers console in the last generation and am most of the way to doing it again this gen. I run a we… Read more


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Nintendo Handheld Console 3DS XL - Pikachu Yellow:&hellip by Nintendo
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This product arrives without any means of functioning. Nintendo have hidden a tiny message about this on the packaging but it appears (almost understandably given how much Nintendo don't really want you to see it) to have completely passed Amazon by as far as I can tell. God knows how this hasn't fallen foul of the UK trading standards yet (maybe it will in time, it should) but as it is at the moment this 3DS XL arrives with no way for you to use. Without any way to get electricity into the thing it is nothing but a paper weight. You have to buy a plug for it, separately. If you haven't bought one yet, I'd wait until they sell it with a plug and if you have already bought one I suggest… Read more
Dylan Moran: The Live Collection [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Dylan Moran
Dylan Moran seems to channel his Black Books character into his stand up which should be no great surprise what with his recorded live shows coming out just after the incredibly funny and successful series (from the makers of Father Ted) finished which, incidentally, he helped to write. Make no mistake, when Dylan is on stage he is acting and doing an impressive job of it. The character he has created and his anger towards the world and what the world sees as normal and how this is at odds with what he thinks should be normal is where most of the comedy comes from. Sometimes from the difference in expectations and sometimes just in what his character thinks should be normal and the… Read more
Blockade Billy: WITH Morality: Contains the Chilli&hellip by Stephen King
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Following in the footsteps of "The girl who loved Tom Gordon" (a little... well it revolves around Kings most beloved sport: Baseball) "Blockade Billy" is essentially a boys own sports story with an adult edge of mystery. If you're put off by the whole "baseball" aspect, don't be, the story is about people and the baseball is kept fairly simple so even if you don't understand every single sports term used you'll get the idea of what's happening without any trouble.

"Morality" in some ways is more mainstream King and in some ways also not the mainstream King, but the back street King, the King who fans who've read everything will recognise and wonder why other people don't see it… Read more

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