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The Encyclopedia of Bill Hicks Jokes (Jokelopedia &hellip by Mike Nelson
Mike Nelson better be a really good editor, because if it's greatest hits boiled down to a quick buck he should ride his horse out of town right now. "Jokelopedia"?????? Really? OMG, as they say. Does this ebook get Hicks' message out? Ah, unlikely. Is it funny? You know, it probably still is, but really it'll be for Hicks fans and lazy "secondary consumers" as they say in marketing and advertising. Hicks was a ride, in a performance, in an interview, in pieces of writing. He was not a collection of drummer's rim shots. I'm unlikely to buy it. I'll take a CD or a DVD or a grainy old video, one that will inherently have the cohesion that takes all its non-definable participants on… Read more
Bill Hicks: Agent of Evolution by Kevin Booth
The problem with this book is not the factual inaccuracies, it's the areas it seeks to delve into. Sometimes it's like it doesn't get Bill Hicks. Michael Bertin intersperses some often well-researched details of Bill's life and career, but it feels lazy at times. Kevin Booth can be commended for his honesty in places, but there seems to be some hurt and bitterness within him and an all too eager desire to proclaim his closeness to Bill by (paradoxically) reminding us of Bill's flaws and only seeing incidents from his own perspective. The things he chooses to recall accentuate this ill feeling that pervades the book. Booth is intrusive and selfish at times in his choices of information, some… Read more
For Crying Out Loud: The World According to Clarks&hellip by Jeremy Clarkson
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For crying out loud Clarkson, please get over yourself. You've managed to make a successful career out of your meagre talents, so please don't inflict any more bilious prose upon us. Well done, you made it on a diet of cars and girls and reactionary politics that your momma told you when you were thirteen and easily impressed. But, as a grown man, you really need to look at the world with a more intellectual perspective, and certainly if you intend to heap this drivel upon us, learn how to write with a bit more care, subtlety and, dare I say it, lyricism. I hear courses are available via the internet now. You can probably get a phd from the the University Of Twats.

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