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RHA MA150 Noise Isolating In Ear Earphones by RHA
4.0 out of 5 stars These cans..., 2 Mar 2013
Like the millions of others commenting I shout a loud huzzah! Excellent sound quality, with the buds snug and tight in the ears, and oh so cashmere comfy.
Not much of an audiophile but, all my music sounds better with these and I have had and killed all usual the Sens, Sure's, B&O's etc, the RHS's stands toe to toe and hear to ear with them all.
I have a suspicion that the rubbery cable appears to be a trifle too thin, snagging my coat occasionally jerking a bud out. Also had that bit of (dis)connect with the jackplug fitting with my iPhone.
For 15 quid these are a shedful of headphone, a corking deal and loved the 'heritage' packaging.

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