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movies, reading, computer games and music. Oh and role playing, as in dungeons and dragons not kinky stuff with outfits and such. Also a comic book fan.

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Sucker Punch (Incl. Extended Cut) [Blu-ray + DVD] &hellip <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Emily Browning
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The film looks fantastic but anyone who doesn't like Zack Snyders directorial style had best stay away. The fights are absurdly over the top, coming straight out of a video game, but due to the nature of the story it works.

The story is pretty downbeat for the most part and requires the viewer to pay attention and think, although you can just watch it for the visuals I suppose. i think time will be kind to this overall despite the negative reviews.
I Love You, Man [DVD] [2009] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jason Segel
I Love You, Man [DVD] [2009] DVD ~ Jason Segel
It isn't that funny, well not consistently anyway. It starts off pretty weak and the middle really gets going and then the end is very predictable and bland. However the strength of the middle and the relationship of the two guys save it. I was torn between three and four stars, worth a look but don't expect to be bowled over.
Adventureland [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jesse Eisenberg
Adventureland [DVD] DVD ~ Jesse Eisenberg
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I honestly don't see how anyone can like this, it fails all round. Well almost, the main performances are pretty good but everything else is terrible. It's labelled as a comedy but it's about as funny as testicular cancer. I didn't so much as smirk once, it didn't make me feel anything but anger at being suckered into watched such tripe. It could have been good, the basic premise has potential but every single joke falls on it's ass, the characters are dull and/or irritating.