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I love 1980s horror movies. Zombie movies are my favorite. I am ex-Navy and currently work in the nuclear field.

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Meet the Firm: Revenge in Rio [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Rebecca Ferdinando
Meet the Firm: Revenge in Rio [DVD] DVD ~ Rebecca Ferdinando
This is also known as "White Collar Hooligan 3."

If you are like me, you forgot about the other films. There is no character build up for Eddie (Simon Phillips) but there really doesn't need to be as it develops nicely. There are flashbacks to the earlier films in the beginning, but it didn't really help me, and I have seen the films. It isn't until they mention the credit card scam, that I recalled the movies, which really wasn't necessary to enjoy this feature. Phew!

Eddie helps Mike avenge the killing of his wife by going against Russian mobster Dimitri (Akbar Kurtha). Not to give too much away, but Mike dies in the first scene. Damien (Josh Myers) who… Read more
The Expendables 3 [DVD]
The film opens with the usual impossible rescue scene. This time it is to rescue Wesley Snipes who will be known as Dr. Death. To his dismay they did so because they needed a fifth for a mission, one that fails. Stallone must go after Bruce Willis, who is not dead, really, but decides to retire his team because he fears for their life. Kelsey Grammer helps him recruit a new team, one that is more akin to an MIB force which includes Kellen Lutz, Ronda Rousey, and Victor Ortiz. Things go their formulaic way and the old guys plus the very talkative Antonio Banderas join the picture...again.

Harrison Ford flew a helicopter like Hans Solo, Jet Li had a minor role that we can see… Read more
Earth to Echo [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Teo Halm
Earth to Echo [DVD] DVD ~ Teo Halm
This film is basically ET with a hand held camera. Some kids get a phone signal that they decipher as a map. Late at night they take their bicycles (with bike cam) and travel 20 miles into the desert to find an alien mechanical device that needs help, but can only communicate through beeps. They go on a scavenger hunt tailed by the US government. The device can control electronics and make metal move around at will, except anything the US government uses to capture and dissect it.

The film takes place in Nevada. They were able to demonstrate hand held film supposedly made by a thirteen year old is as bad as one made by a twenty something. The alien device was not exciting… Read more