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Top Reviewer Ranking: 3,497 - Total Helpful Votes: 357 of 441
Sapphire PCI Express R7 260X 2GB Graphics Card (OC&hellip by SAPPHIRE
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Great card if driven by the right system. It is 3 times faster than my HD5670 in 3D Benchmarks, Unigine and War Thunder, which I can now run in MAX settings..

Unfortunately, it won't run on the PC in the room that actually belongs to me. *chuckles* It is now installed in my wife's PC where it is making her onboard HD8750D look sad too.

The system I bought it for did not have a BIOS update available to let it use PCI-e v3.0 GPUs, which this is one of. They are supposedly backwards compatible to 2,0 and 2.1 systems, but only if the BIOS has been updated since the 3.0 standard came out. Keep that in mind.

In the 3.0 system owned by my wife (Quad 4.2Ghz, 8GB… Read more
Sniper Elite 3 (PS3) by 505 Games
Sniper Elite 3 (PS3) by 505 Games
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The game has 8 main missions, which doesn't sound like a lot, but I played around 5 hours on the first day and only completed two of them. There are still a couple of optional things and collectibles that I didn't get so completionists will keep going for those. The other missions are taking just as long.

Also, I only played it on the second difficulty level, out of four, so I'm sure there are people who will want to re-run the whole game 'harder'.

The gameplay can feel repetitive when you have a lot of people to take out in an area and haven't figured out/found the best way to do it yet. This results in you shooting someone, running away to hide, wait a few seconds,… Read more
Mlb 14 the Show by Sony Computer Entertainme
Mlb 14 the Show by Sony Computer Entertainme
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I got the digital copy of this from the USA PSN store, rather than wait for one in the post, but they're identical to play.

The graphics are excellent, as is the presentation. The interface for Pitching, like bowling in a cricket game, has different options from the simple aim with the stick and click a button, right up to Tiger Woods-like analog stick swings, the same for batting. You can set fielding to 'auto' so the console takes care of it for you until you feel like you want to try it yourself.

Like many other sports games, you can play one-off exhibition matches, you can co-op offline 2v2, you can run any existing Baseball team and manage them or play their… Read more

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