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I was born in India and have lived in Zambia and in Malta. My mother was English and my father, a naturalised British Subject, was an Armenian born in Turkey from whence he was refugeed during the First World War - thereby hangs a tale!! My family has been touched by the British Raj, the Great Depression and the First Holocaust of the Armenians by the Turks. Although I do not now follow a relig… Read more

My reading interests are very wide. I have recently read "Wonderful Life" by Stephen Jay Gould and hugely enjoyed "Your Inner Fish" by Neil Shubin. I'm currently reading Ken Follett's "World Without End" and I think the sun shines out of Rohinton Mis… Read more

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Top Reviewer Ranking: 2,727 - Total Helpful Votes: 694 of 793
Smart Weigh Precision Digital Vanity / Bathroom Sc&hellip by Smart Weigh
This is a stylishly designed, slim-profile, high precision product and a pleasure to use as it is light weight being made of tempered glass. The scale's total capacity is 150kg or 330 lbs. I particularly like the very clear, large, backlit, LCD display, excellent for those who, like me, have poor eyesight and need all the help they can get when reading scales from a distance. The Smart Weigh scale reads your weight in three different measurement modes: Kilos, pounds and also stones + pounds. "So what?" you might say, but when you have had as much problem as I have in translating your usual measurement unit (which for me is kilos) into measurements more easily understood by… Read more
Salad Love: How to Create a Lunchtime Salad, Every&hellip by David Bez
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Caution! This is not a cookbook! The author makes clear: "I am not a chef; I'm a designer and food lover . . ." This book is a collection of salad combinations that will last for a year - a different one every day, easy enough to make in the office during the lunch hour and much healthier than the all-conquering sandwich or the calorie-laden-but-convenient snack bar. So, whether you are an office worker or a Mum at home needing a quick lunch, this mine of ideas is for you. You don't need to be on a diet to be interested in this book, either. The author says: "I wasn't on a diet. I didn't need to lose weight; I just wanted to eat right and I still wanted plenty of flavours in my… Read more
Cut the Carbs: 100 Recipes to Help You Ditch White&hellip by Tori Haschka
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I am constantly on the "qui vive" for interesting, well written and illustrated cookery books that will help me to maintain the weight loss I have recently succeeded in achieving. Like the writer of this book, I, too, had come to rely too much on bread, white rice and pasta - even more than potatoes - to form the basis of meals but it isn't necessary to rely on high carbohydrate foods to eat satisfyingly and healthily and "Cut the Carbs!" is certainly one of the books I have added to my arsenal of weapons against food boredom and the temptation to fall back into "a deep and dark carb hole". There are sections here to cover all meals. My favourite recipe in the… Read more

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