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Well, been an Amazon customer for years and have bought everything from DVD's and games to fish shaped mirrors and corn bread mix (don't ask) I generally review films and games but occasionally I review other things as well. Please feel free to leave comments on my reviews but please, if you disagree with any of my views, there's no need for snotty comments and bitterness. Be constructive and poli… Read more

Well being 6ft 5 and 18 stone you might be surprised to know that I do like things generally not associated with guys who look like me. I love my films and games and I do like horror and sci-fi as a rule but I am also quite partial to animation movie… Read more


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The Deadly Spawn [DVD] [1983] <b>DVD</b> ~ Michael Robert Coleman
The Deadly Spawn [DVD] [1983] DVD ~ Michael Robert Coleman
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This is one of those rare films from the 1980's, that really freaked me out as a kid and stuck with me for years to come. I recently bought a copy and gave it a re-watch and although it has dated since I last watched it, it's still a classic monster movie by any standards.

The plot is simple, a meteorite crashes to earth carrying some alien organisms, the creatures then descend on a small rural housing estate and begin to eat any living thing they come across. The creatures look like small tadpoles with teeth but grow rapidly into large and extremely vicious monsters, that simply resemble large mouths full of huge teeth. The creatures are completely blind and rely on sound to… Read more
The Human Race [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Paul Hough
The Human Race [DVD] DVD ~ Paul Hough
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When I watched this the other night, I went into it knowing almost nothing about it. As soon as it started, it seemed very low budget and my expectations did drop and I have to admit, the first quarter of an hour seemed a bit confusing, as it kept jumping from one set of characters to the next and then from out of nowhere, they all woke up in a large courtyard.

I was scratching my head a little but then the film really kicks in and what a completely wild ride I was taken on.

The plot evolves around 80 people who are all mysteriously taken from their day to day lives and awaken inside what looks like a large courtyard,… Read more
Hatchet 3 [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ BJ McDonnell
Hatchet 3 [DVD] DVD ~ BJ McDonnell
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First off, if you haven't seen Hatchet 1 and 2, then there's no point in watching this until you have done so. Part 3 begins exactly where the 2nd film left off.

The plot evolves around the ghost of deformed killer Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder or Jason Voorhees as he is more affectionately known) who is still on a murdering rampage in his creepy swamp, where he kills and dismembers anyone unlucky enough to stumble onto his land, while he searches for his fathers remains. Marybeth (Danielle Harris of the Halloween franchise) who barely survived the carnage of the 2nd film, must return to the swamp with the police force to try and… Read more

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