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Well, been an Amazon customer for years and have bought everything from DVD's and games to fish shaped mirrors and corn bread mix (don't ask) I generally review films and games but occasionally I review other things as well. Please feel free to leave comments on my reviews but please, if you disagree with any of my views, there's no need for snotty comments and bitterness. Be constructive and poli… Read more

Well being 6ft 5 and 18 stone you might be surprised to know that I do like things generally not associated with guys who look like me. I love my films and games and I do like horror and sci-fi as a rule but I am also quite partial to animation movie… Read more


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See No Evil 2 [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jen Soska
See No Evil 2 [DVD] DVD ~ Jen Soska
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Having seen and enjoyed the first movie, I was quite excited to hear that they'd made a 2nd one staring the same villain, Glenn Jacobs (WWF star Kane).

The movie follows on from the first one with serial killer Jacob Goodnight now seeming dead and residing in the local morgue. Then, as seems to be the case in horror movies these days, a group of idiotic teens decide to break into the morgue to scare a female pal on her birthday. But the joke soon ends up on them, as Jacob Goodnight is not as dead as first thought, and he soon resumes his murderous rampage with his trademark hooks, chains and power saws.

This film offers very little in the way of being different, or new… Read more
Wrong Turn 6 [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Sadie Katz
Wrong Turn 6 [DVD] DVD ~ Sadie Katz
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***This review is for the film only***

Plot: Some guy called Danny receives a mysterious inheritance and travels with a group of ridiculously attractive friends, to a way out town called Hobbs springs hidden in the west Virginia hills. Upon arriving, he is taken for a tour by a weird couple, who reveal that he is, in fact, part of the family of deformed hillbillys, we've seen in the first 5 Wrong turn movies. Dannys attractive friends are then bumped off one by one in gruesome and horrific ways.

Ok, lets not beat about the bush here, I personally thought the first 2 Wrong Turn movies were great, very well made, devilishly gory and imaginative and quite tense in parts,… Read more
As Above, So Below [DVD] [2014] <b>DVD</b> ~ Ben Feldman
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Having seen the trailer for this on TV, it was definitely something that peaked my interest, it looked freaky as hell, so off to the local multiplex i went.

The plot is simple, a group of archeologists travel to the Catacombs underneath Paris, in search of a fabled artifact. They decide to document the expedition with a camcorder and after crawling through some tight tunnels in search of thier prize, the group suddenly find themselves trapped in a maze of underground rooms and tunnels. Soon after, strange and unexplainable things begin to happen to the group, as some unknown force knows of thier dark secrets and begins to punish them in due course.

This new twist on… Read more

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