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Blind Water Finds Blind Water <a href="">Adam Faucett</a><span class="byLinePipe"> | </span><span class="byLinePipe">Format:</span> MP3 Download
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Adam Faucett hails from Arkansas and is one of those musicians who belonged to a band called "Taught the Rabbits" who you file in that drawer marked "should have been bigger". Faucett has a voice that comes across like a hybrid of My Morning Jacket's high level pipes of Jim James combined with the more earthy concerns of John Fullbright. Quite why Faucett languishes in relative obscurity and is not wider known is one for the Gods of Fate to explain, what is clear is that some detective work on the part of readers of this review would be richly rewarded.

"Blind Water Finds Blind Water" is a often haunting record packed with minimalist instrumentation and country angst not least… Read more
Somewhere Under Wonderland ~ Counting Crows
Somewhere Under Wonderland ~ Counting Crows
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There are those who heard "August and Everything After", Counting Crows legendary debut upon its release in 1993 who never really got over it. This was a record that somehow defined musical space and time, capturing a certain spirit of the age. "August" was so impactful that even excellent follow up albums by Adam Duritz and co were overshadowed by its breadth and depth. Thus when poorer fare followed over the more recent period, such as a Marmite concept album (Saturday Night & Sunday Mornings), an ok covers album and a range of "live" albums, many shifted their gaze elsewhere.

"Somewhere under Wonderland" is the Crows first album of new material since 2008 and whilst no match… Read more
Lateness of Dancers ~ Hiss Golden Messenger
Lateness of Dancers ~ Hiss Golden Messenger
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Following the progress of Hiss Golden Messenger over the 5 albums released by the band thus far has been a satisfying road trip. Every new release seems to notch up the quality and the songs of the bands leading light M C Taylor grow in sophistication and self assurance. Their last album "Haw" was a particular favourite although "Lateness of Dancers" may be about to trump this.

Taylor and Scott Hirsch his key partner, plough an electric folk furrow and his songs are well crafted and immaculately constructed. They fall easily into that category of compositions which sneak up on you, until there comes a point when they lodge in he brain and refuse to budge. On this… Read more