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Silent Hill [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Radha Mitchell
Silent Hill [DVD] DVD ~ Radha Mitchell
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This is probably just a 2 star film, but because I'm a huge fan of the 1st three Silent Hill video games, I've given it an extra star for recreating the look of the games so faithfully. There are some great set-pieces in this, particularly where the cult members get what coming to them near the end but, equally, there is a lot of camp sillyness. When the cult members are screaming "A witch! Burn them! Burn them!", you keep expecting Eric Idle to pop up and complain about being turned into a newt. Daft and not exactly thought provoking but it's a decent ride.
Wincing The Night Away ~ The Shins
Listening to the first half of this album, it's hard to get away from The Smiths comparisons. Especially on Phantom Limb which owes alot to the classic Smith track, Half a Person. This, of course, is no bad thing, and many people who were put off The Smiths by Morrissey's downbeat vocal style won't have the same problems with James Mercer's vocals.
All in all, a very good album full of great tracks, and still one which i listen to regularly today, despite owning it for a good few years. Recommended.
The Suburbs ~ Arcade Fire
The Suburbs ~ Arcade Fire
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I wouldn't normally review an album after less than a week of listenening to it, I normally like to live with an album for at least 6 months before I make my mind up about it's merits, but I haven't felt this way about a new album since Kid A, by Radiohead. Like Kid A, this album will take 6 or 7 spins before it starts to sink in properly, once it does the songs will be going round in your head as you go about your daily routines, and when you get home or into your car, you'll be itching to listen to your new "favourite" track from the album which will change each time you listen to it.
Will I still feel the same about it in 5 years time? Well, I love Kid A even more now than I did… Read more