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Contemporary American Poultry <b>Amazon Instant Video</b> ~ Joel Mchale
Contemporary American Poultry Amazon Instant Video ~ Joel Mchale
i just wanted to kill some time, and didn't expect to like this sitcom. I will say, i don't like it,,,,i love it! i was hooked from episode one, and i am ashamed to say i watched the entire 24 episodes of season one in 2 days ( yes i neglected about 1000 things, chores and people...and couldn't get the kids into bed fast enough so i can't sit down to watch this!)

As a few people have mentioned, sitcoms tend to have some funny moments every few episodes, but this series has so many LOL moments in each episode. I love the characters, all unique and little stereo typical but in a way that is pretty realistic and true to life rather than a parody. I also like that some jokes are a… Read more
PILOT <b>Amazon Instant Video</b> ~ Ron Perlman
PILOT Amazon Instant Video ~ Ron Perlman
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Compelling, thought provoking and unexpectedly deep. I didn't expect to love this, but it was close enough from the plot synopsis to a british drama that was cancelled called 'Apparitions'.
The lead character is kind of a love-hate type of guy in this episode, i can't decide if i like him or not but his purpose is still there and the storyline is actually quite dark at some points but refreshingly so.
Its not often that dramas with religious notes are focused upon because in reality people/TV/'They etc don't want anyone to focus on anything other that the materialistic world they live in. ...I don't agree with some of the methods or behaviours of the characters but the plot has to… Read more
Men In Black 3 <b>Amazon Instant Video</b> ~ Tommy Lee Jones
Men In Black 3 Amazon Instant Video ~ Tommy Lee Jones
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I didn't expect to enjoy this and the first few scenes in - the breakout of the Boris were so hammy, contrived, awkward with the 'actress' Nicole Scherzinger (thankfully she was in it for less than 5 mins..) I was contemplating switching off.
I can say I am glad I didn't. I think in hindsight i was expecting to be disappointed really because i thought the plot would be the the same run of the mill set up as MIB 1 and 2 which were ok but third time round gets tiring.

The plot was a more of an insight into the relationship between agent K and J and how / why they are the way they are and that their pasts are intertwined, including a time travel venture and old nemesis thrown… Read more