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The Testament of Marcellus by Marius Gabriel
The Testament of Marcellus by Marius Gabriel
Marius Gabriel wrote to me several months ago suggesting I might like to read his book. I finally had time to read it over the summer, and I'm pleased to say I really enjoyed it.

There's a fair bit in common between The Testament of Marcellus and the real letters between Pliny the Younger and the Emperor Trajan. Pliny, as Governor of a large part of what is now Turkey, was troubled by accusations against Christians. He asked Trajan for advice. They seem harmless enough, he said, but they won't worship the Emperor. If they wouldn't recant their superstitions, he was reluctantly having them put to death. To a Roman such as Pliny, Christianity was hard to understand - it didn't seem… Read more
Aukey Amzdeal Portable Power Bank Charger External&hellip by Aukey
Unlike many other rechargeable power-packs, this one doesn't have a selection of USB charging ports for different device types (iPad, Samsung Tab, etc). It has one USB port only, so you don't need to worry about which one to use. This also means that not all devices will charge as fast as they possibly could, but they will charge fast enough to keep going.

The power-pack comes with a short, flat, rubbery micro-USB charging cable. You can plug this into a wall-charger (not supplied) or a computer USB port to charge the battery in the power-pack (it takes a good few hours to charge it fully) and then either use the same cable or the one that came with your phone/tablet to keep your… Read more
ORICO Aluminum hard drive mounting bracket/ adapte&hellip by ORICO
My desktop computer has brackets for two 3.5" hard disk drives, but after recent expansion I found myself needing somewhere to fit a third drive. Thankfully, I had a vacant 5.25" CD/DVD/BluRay drive bay, and the addition of this bracket meant I could fit the extra drive properly into that space.

You need to make sure you have spare SATA data and power cables (or a means of adding them), but if your case has two spaces for CD drives, there will probably be suitable cables, or at least a spare data socket (4-pin SATA data cables are cheap if you need one - search for "Serial ATA Cable").

The kit consists of the mounting bracket, four long screws and rubber washers for… Read more