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Top Reviewer Ranking: 6,849 - Total Helpful Votes: 265 of 341
Texas Chainsaw 2013 [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Alexandra Daddario
Texas Chainsaw 2013 [DVD] DVD ~ Alexandra Daddario
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Just to set the record straight, 'Texas Chainsaw' is intended as a sequel to the 1970's original and I quite liked the way this was established at the start of the film (by means of a montage of clips). From then on though, the whole thing feels a bit forced and VERY silly.

If you try and forget comparing it to the original by taking 'Texas Chainsaw' on it's own merits you basically have the usual Hollywood fodder of good looking teenagers, bad decision making, plot holes a plenty and some gore. Some examples of the dumbness follow...

Spoiler Alert!

- You've just realised you're adopted? calmly did she take that!
- You've just realised you're… Read more
A Blood Pledge [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Eun-seo Son
A Blood Pledge [DVD] DVD ~ Eun-seo Son
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Being a Korean horror fan, I grabbed this off the shelf with little thought and it's only subsequently I've learned that this is actually 'Whispering Corridors 5'. Don't worry about that though, as a bit like the Vengeance Trilogy they are all stand alone films that simply follow a similar theme.

'A Blood Pledge' tells of a suicide pact between a group of high school friends in which only one of them goes through with it. I'm not spoiling anything here as this context is established after just a couple of minutes.

What follows is the investigation of the dead girl's sister, who tries to find answers against a brick wall of silence from the rest of the group. As the… Read more
Dark Skies [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Keri Russell
Dark Skies [DVD] DVD ~ Keri Russell
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Having recently watched 'The Conjuring' some of the scares in 'Dark Skies' looked and 'BOOM'....sounded familiar! This aside I really enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone.

My personal 'rule number one' for any horror/sci-fi (this is a cross between the two) is that I have to care for the characters. We've all been there..."Oh just kill 'em will you"! The Barret family at the heart of 'Dark Skies' however, are very likable and a little deeper/more 'real' than most.

The father is excellently played by Josh Hamilton and what works is his vulnerabilities - he is jobless and trying his best to provide despite falling on hard times. In a nutshell 'a goodun' who you… Read more