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Concerto for Harpsichord and String Orchestra No. &hellip <a href="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Concerto-Harpsichord-String-Orchestra-Siciliano/dp/artist-redirect/B004ZBU4DS">Václav Neumann, Prague Chamber Soloists Zuzana R??i?ková</a><span class="byLinePipe"> | </span><span class="byLinePipe">Format:</span> MP3 Download
Finally, a scratch, crackle and pop free version of arguably the best Bach Harpsichord concerto-BWV 1053- to replace my dog-eared and well worn vinyl copy.

Champions of classical music-and I use the term to encompass baroque, classical, romantic and so on-often go on about how deep, meaningful, emotional and profound it is without mentioning the obvious: that it has all the great tunes; an endless supplyof great tunes, and; great tunes that not only get developed, linked and built upon, but also come free of all the teenage angst, rebellion and narcissistic marketing hype that surrounds so much of the popular music that dominates society today.

I say the above because,… Read more
Magnum Pi: The Complete Third Season [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Tom Selleck
It would be easy, and correct, to say that 'Magnum PI' is a merger of 'The Rockford Files' and 'Hawaii Five-0'. The dramatic set up and flavour is the same as 'The Rockford Files' and the extensive use of Hawaii as the 'set'-as opposed to the use of sound stages and nondescript locations that could be anywhere-is the same as the production values one associates with 'Hawaii Five-0'.

As Thomas Magnum, Tom Selleck plays it very much in the manner of James Garner's Jim Rockford. He's a little world weary, often on the receiving end and-here through voice over pearls of wisdom-quite philosophical about the follies and predicaments human nature is all too often prone to getting itself… Read more
NYPD Blue Complete Season 11 [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Dennis Franz
Let me explain the somewhat cryptic title. At this stage, after ten seasons, one would normally expect a show to be running out of steam-unless, of course, that show has the solid values combined with an ability to renew and update itself found in, say, one the likes of 'Law And Order'.

As with 'Law And Order', 'NYPD Blue' consistently delivers superbly written, acted and directed detective drama that, unlike the glamorized criminal world too often depicted on the big screen-where charismatic star actors invariably make crime, violence and criminal activiy seem exciting and cool while the police are either absent or bumbling dullards always playing catch up-depicts the real… Read more

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Mozart: Symphonies Nos 11-14 ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart: Symphonies Nos 11-14 ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart - Symphonies ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart - Symphonies ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart - Symphonies Nos. 1 - 5 ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart - Symphonies Nos. 1 - 5 ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart