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Didaskalex Eusebius, a dedicated AmeriCopt, an Alexandrine intellect, with genuine interest in exploring, restoring and propagating the authentic Coptic tradition of genuine Alexandrine culture, thought & faith.
Starting with the Septuagint, Philo, the Therapeutae, the Catechetical school, Didaskaleon and late antiquity Academy of Alexandria, delving into contemporary Orthodoxy, shared with all … Read more

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The Middle East: 2000 Years Of History From The Bi&hellip by Bernard Lewis
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In a sweeping and vivid survey, renowned historian Bernard Lewis reviews and analyses the history of the Middle East since the birth of Christianity through our modern era, focusing on the successive transfigurations that have configured it. A rather concise but comprehensive overall examination of the last two millennia of the Middle East history. This work is one of the best single volume history of the region, written by a non local authority, like Horani, on the Middle East in Historiography. While the rich tradition, the broader cultural, and linguistic developments that shaped the center of the ancient world, could be elaborated and read by by other specialists in the… Read more
The Jesus Papyrus by Matthew D'Ancona
The Jesus Papyrus by Matthew D'Ancona
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"Suffice it to say that the most respected and experienced scholars who have examined the evidence are not convinced that the comparative texts which Thiede claims lead to his early dating actually do support his conclusions." J. K. Elliott, University of Leeds

The Jesus Papyrus:
In a science fiction book written by German scholar Carsten Thiede and Matthew d'Ancona, a Times of London journalist, who originally broke the story, the public could satisfy their religious curiosity. Indeed, the Magdalen Papyrus corroborates three traditions: Saint Matthew actually wrote the Gospel bearing his name; he wrote it within a generation of Jesus' death; and the Gospel stories about… Read more
The Secrets of Judas: The Story of the Misundersto&hellip by James M. Robinson
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"Step away from the others and I shall tell you the mysteries of the Kingdom. It is possible for you to reach it, but you will grieve a great deal. For someone else will replace you, in order that the twelve disciples may again come to completion with their God." The Gospel of Judas

Gnostic Gospel Surfaces:
The rediscovery of a long lost Gospel, of Judas Iscariot, has agitated the Church and Christian scholarship. What the Synoptic Gospels and that of John inform us on Judas, as the disciple who betrayed Jesus, is here debated as inconsistent and biased. Therefore, the revelation of an ancient gospel that portrays this despised man as someone who saw his role in the Passion… Read more