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Location: London
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I am a graduate of the University of London (King's College). I gained a first class BA degree in Philosophy and after a years break returned to undertake the MPhil, also in Philosophy. I converted to PhD status after a year but deferred shortly after for financial reasons. Since leaving King's I've had a variety of jobs, including a stint as a freelance journalist and, most recently, a cycle cour… Read more

Literature, poetry, some films (brevity of favourites due largely to ignorance of a large part of the genre), and of course music. Fave genres include classical, jazz, blues and new-wave (nouvelle vague). All time fave artists include Tricky, Aphex T… Read more

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Strictly Personal <a href="">Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band</a><span class="byLinePipe"> | </span><span class="byLinePipe">Format:</span> MP3 Download
VU ~ Velvet Underground
VU ~ Velvet Underground
The Smiths ~ The Smiths
The Smiths ~ The Smiths
The Very Best Of The Pogues ~ The Pogues
The Best of Chuck Berry ~ Chuck Berry