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Palestine by Joe Sacco
Palestine by Joe Sacco
I've read many books regarding the Palistine/Isreal conflict & I've got to say this is the most important piece of work done on the subject,highy praise for what started as a comic strip you might think but it's true,it's also the most entetaining,with it humorous moments on a par with it's tragic moments.It deals with the years of 1991-'92 & in that period(which continues to this day unfortunatley)the Palistinians were getting the short end of the stick so it's easy to see why there is a slight bias towards the palastianians plight,but in no means does it make the Israily people out as anything but another people who the majority of just want to live in peace.I recommend this book to… Read more
George R.R. Martin's Fevre Dream by George R R Martin
George R.R. Martin's Fevre Dream by George R R Martin
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1st off,regarding the review that was written by the woman who seemed to be disgusted at the fact that this book is a comic book/graphic novel & for that reason alone gave it 1 star,eventhough she wouldn't have read it because she bought it for her husband,this woman clearly is ignorant to the fact that some of the most mature & thoughtprovoking books ever written have been graphic novels,books such as PALASTINE,Maus,V for Vendetta & many many more.
As for Fevre Dream,this is a great book for fans of the vampire genre but by no means do you have to be a vamp' fan to love & appreciate this book.The art is really good for the most part & the actual story had me gripped from the 1st page… Read more
Absolute V For Vendetta HC by David Lloyd
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I only really bought the absolute V because of problems I found with the colouring & letting print of the 'normal' edition,I found the words & images quite hard to make out & wasn't fond of the muted tones used for the colouring and even though it's the same couling in the absolute edition it really does look superb on the bigger panels,nice & crisp & alot clearer,the lettering is also far clearer.As for the actual story,this is arguably the best of 'Moores work & in my mind he's unarguably the finest writer in the medium of comics/GNs.IT'S A MUST HAVE FOR EVERY COMIC/'MOORE FAN!LONG LIVE 'V'!!